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French fries News

French fries may be in short supply after poor potato harvest

Cold, wet weather and the impact of Hurricane Dorian have damaged potato crops in the United States and Canada. That means smaller and fewer potatoes, and smaller spuds are harder for french fry processors.

You can now grow your own 'Ketchup n' Fries' on one plant

A seed company in Oregon has something new in its 2015 seed catalogue. To add a new dimension to home gardening in a limited space, they have introduced the "TomTato" or "Ketchup and Fries." It's a hybrid plant that grows tomatoes and potatoes.

McDonald's calls off fry rationing in Japan

New York - Large and extra-large orders of McDonald's french fries will be back next month on restaurant menus in Japan, the company announced Friday.

Ports gridlock forces McDonald's to 'hold the fries' in Japan

McDonald's restaurants in Japan have suffered another blow to a business already trying to make a comeback after being hit with a vendor scandal earlier this year. Now, it's a slow-down at West Coast ports cutting the flow of goods, like french fries.

McDonald's launches seasoned french fries

Stockton - A McDonald's restaurant in Northern California was selected as one of the first locations in the world to sell the fast-food chain's newest offering -- seasoned french fries.

Girl, 9, confronts McDonald's CEO on childhood obesity

At the McDonald's annual shareholder meeting on Thursday, a 9 year-old girl faced the company's CEO in objection to the fast food giant's poor nutrition - just days after the return of the "mega potato" in Japan.

French fries: Where did they originate — France or Belgium?

A popular snack or meal accompaniment worldwide, French fries have always been considered to be, well, French. However, it seems Belgium might have come up with the idea first.

Will McDonald's introduce its 'Twister Fries' to the U.S.?

McDonald's has announced on its Facebook page that it has brought back one of its popular seasonal items ─ curly fries, but chances are your local McDonald's won't be carrying this menu item.

Burger King changes fries to boost sales

Burger King has announced that they will be launching their new french fries in over 7,000 North American locations beginning December 5. The new fries will be thicker with an added crisp.

Woman finds blood on sandwich, fries at Cracker Barrel

Houston - A diner at a Texas Cracker Barrel restaurant is concerned for her health after consuming part of a BLT and fries that were accidentally smeared with the blood from a kitchen employee who had cut himself earlier that day.

Speed Painting with Ketchup and French Fries

French Fries....I love French Fries....

McDonald’s Changing its Oil

Fast food giant McDonald's has finally decided to change to a trans-fat-free cooking oil.

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Fast Food
A plate of food from TGI Fridays
dbasulto (CC BY-SA 2.0)
McDonald s began rationing french fries. It is only offering small sized french fries to customers a...
McDonald's began rationing french fries. It is only offering small sized french fries to customers as the labor dispute has contributed to long delays of imports.
Bloomberg/screen grab
A McDonald s Happy Meal
A McDonald's Happy Meal
Calgary Review (CC BY 2.0)

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