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Mads Mikkelsen lends steely star power to Denmark's hunt for Oscar

Danish drama "The Hunt" has at least one advantage over its rivals in its bid to win the best foreign-language picture Oscar: the familiar face of Mads Mikkelsen.

A nod to past glory, Italy's 'The Great Beauty' vies for Oscar

As Oscar voting enters the homestretch, "The Great Beauty" gives an historical nod to the Italian films that have made the nation the most successful winner of best foreign-language film.

Op-Ed: Mexico opens state-controlled oil sector to foreign investors

For the first time in 75 years, foreign investors will be allowed to join with Pemex, Mexico's state-run energy giant, to explore and extract oil and gas, taking a share of the profits, as well. With the opening of relations with Russia, is this all?

Taliban kidnap 11 foreign nationals

Officials say 11 foreign nationals, thought to be Turks, Russians and one from Kyrgyzstan have been captured by the Taliban, when their helicopter was forced to land due to bad weather on Sunday.

Markets optimistic on Feds announcement

S&P and the Dow are up 4.48 and 69.07 respectively, but the US Dollar is just not picking up. Optimistic or not, Feds are announcing action plans to combat the poor economic situation.

Israel's launch of high-tech spy satellite caught on video

Israel's Minister of Defense said last night's launch of the IDF's Ofek-9 Spy Satellite was "a technological and operational achievement.” Israel is using the satellite to monitor activities in foreign countries including Iran and Syria, said Al-Jazeera

China to draft immigration law

Beijing - China is planning to draft the nation's first immigration law as the number of foreigners moving to the country has grown intensely in the recent years.

Shanghai may allow foreign publications into World Expo

An authority of Shanghai World Expo said yesterday that foreign publications may get permission to be sold in the city during the six-month event.

Chinese to import fewer online games

Chinese game firms are seeking domestic options as the government will implement a five-year program promoting clean online games.

U.S. State Department Says Entire Globe is Obsessed With Presidential Election

More than 4,000 foreign journalists were granted credentials to cover the campaign finale by the U.S. State Department.

Canada Day OP/ED: The Pride of our Products and the Spectre of Foreign Ownership

With Canada Day Just one day away, it's time to celebrate the heritage of our country, but with so many of our companies and home grown products now owned by foreign companies. Just what is there that we can truly call Canadian anymore?

Canada's prime minister knew Russian spy was to be arrested

"A "Top Secret" memo obtained by the National Post shows Stephen Harper was briefed about the discovery of the spy in advance of the arrest but told to keep quiet to avoid compromising the operation."

Cable thieves shafted in toxic mine

Two electric cable-stealing thieves in northeast China were rescued from a mine full of poisonous gas after spending 23 hours underground in a bid to evade police.

Nixon vowed to 'ruin Foreign Service'

Embittered by career diplomats during his first term, President Nixon said he wanted to "ruin the Foreign Service" before leaving office, according to newly released State Department documents.

Photographer Journalist Missing Still, Foreigners Warned to Leave Gaza

With no word coming on the whereabouts of a photographer kidnapped this week, and increasing concern that more kidnappings are in the planning, foreigners have been asked to evacuate.

North Korea's foreign minister dies

North Korea's foreign minister has died. He was 78.

Tax leads Americans abroad to renounce U.S. citizenship

Talk about people outside America going against it. Americans living in foreign countries are choosing to renounce their citizenship rather than pay higher taxes. The US is the only developed country that taxes it citizens while they live overseas.

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