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Essential Science: The invention of universal computer memory

Technologists have created an alternative form of computer memory, designed to solve the digital technology energy crisis. This discovery turns decade old computer science theory into something practical.

Microsoft Edge prepares to block Flash content by default

Microsoft Edge's next public release will disable all Flash media on webpages by default. You'll need to explicitly allow Flash content to play by clicking on a prompt before it starts running. Microsoft said it'll improve security and performance.

Google Chrome to start blocking even more Flash content

Google is preparing for the next step in its journey towards completely banishing Adobe Flash from its Chrome web browser. It has announced that Chrome will soon block the Flash plugin entirely, preventing any content from running.

Safari joins Chrome and Edge in blocking Flash content by default

Apple has announced it is joining other major browsers in blocking Adobe Flash content by default in Safari. The change will be made with the next release of Safari and is designed to accelerate the rate of adoption of newer technologies.

Google Chrome to start blocking Flash content on every website

Google has outlined a proposal to start blocking Flash content altogether in its Chrome web browser. It already disables Flash content by default and is now planning to take this further. It wants to completely block Flash media, excluding only 10 sites.

Microsoft Edge joins Google Chrome, to block Flash automatically

Microsoft has announced that a future version of its Edge web browser will disable non-essential Flash content by default. The move will speed up web browsing and increase security. Flash is regularly hit by critical exploits, including one this week.

Adobe: Patch Flash now to prevent hackers accessing your PC

Adobe has released a critical security update for its Flash media player across all supported platforms. It includes a patch for a gaping security hole being actively exploited by hackers, the latest in a long line of problems with the aging plugin.

Google to ban Flash adverts next year, remove them from the web

Google has announced its plans to phase out Flash in the AdWords advertisements displayed on websites. Ads using the old and outdated technology will not be accepted for submission from July 2016 and Flash will be banned entirely next year.

Adobe's Flash expected to be dead and gone by 2018

Adobe Flash, the once popular technology used to create a plethora of interactive videos, games and animations for websites, is expected to be gone entirely within the next two years. The insecure and outdated Flash has been dying a slow death.

Adobe begins to kill Flash, renames developer software to Animate

Adobe has announced it is renaming its Flash Professional software used to produce Flash content to Animate CC. The change reflects the steady decline in usage of Flash and the rise of technologies like HTML5, already supported by the program.

Google Chrome is going on a diet today

Google has updated its Chrome web browser with several new features designed to make the browsing experience feel much faster, especially on low-end devices. There are also some major improvements to battery life, another traditional issue in Chrome.

Google to kill Adobe Flash in Chrome from next month

Google has said that it is going to continue contributing to the slow death of Adobe Flash next month by updating Chrome so that it freezes all Flash media by default. The company says performance and battery life will be improved as a result.

Samsung unveils world's largest hard drive — 16TB super-fast SSD

Samsung has created the world's highest-capacity hard drive, cramming 16TB of file storage space into a unit that fits into a 2.5-inch bay. Even more significant is that the drive is actually an SSD based around 3D NAND chips and not a hard drive at all.

Mozilla blocks Flash in Firefox, calls for Adobe to kill it

Mozilla, creators of the Firefox web browser, have announced that they are now disabling all versions of Adobe's Flash plugin by default. Flash is known to be insecure and a haven for vulnerabilities that let attackers hack computers.

Flash vulnerability letting hackers steal confidential data

Hackers are using a mysterious, as yet undiscovered, Flash vulnerability, to steal sensetive business data from Macbook and Windows users, according to researchers at Kaspersky Lab.

Here is Microsoft's response to bricked Lumia 520s on Windows 10

Microsoft has responded to claims from several users that their Nokia Lumia 52x-series was bricked when rolling back to Windows Phone 8.1 from Windows 10 and explained what has caused the issue. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of a fix for owners.

The new Raspberry Pi is 'camera shy'; reboots after flash shot

Users of the new Raspberry Pi 2 credit-card sized computer launched earlier this week are discovering that the device appears to be "camera shy" with several owners noting that using flash to take a photo of the device causes it to freeze and then reboot.

Alan Becker releases long-anticipated Animator vs. Animation IV

In 2007, Alan Becker, 17, uploaded a video to YouTube that instantly went viral. Today, this fourth sequel to that stick-figure animation, at 13 minutes long, has already racked up 275,000 views mere hours after its release.

Euro zone business recovery eases despite price cutting

An expected acceleration in euro zone business activity failed to materialize this month and firms cut prices again to drum up trade, which may further stoke fears of deflation in the currency bloc, sur...

Stripper flashes boobs to increase her followers on Twitter

A stripper who wanted to increase her following on Twitter ended up amassing a lot of followers by regulary posting pictures of her boobs.

TopFinds: Tightrope-walking over Niagara Falls, stem cell update

Nik Wallenda will tightrope-walk over the Falls Friday night. Researchers say they can grow bones from stem cells. What are 'pink collar' jobs and why are some men clamoring towards them? These are the top stories from across the world.

Op-Ed: Forget hype about Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, it’s on subscription

If you’ve been watching with a very cynical eye the various battles around Adobe, the Flash issues, Adobe CS 5.5 and its business model will at least get a smile. Adobe has come up with a game changer.

New App allows iPhone to view Flash

For those of us that use the iPhone, ipod touch, or iPad, one of the biggest complaints may be its inability to see Flash videos. As usual with technology, however, things change.

Adobe Flash Player coming to Android this October

Just one day after the new Android phone, the myTouch 3G, was announced, reports have surfaced across the web that the long-awaited feature of Adobe Flash on Android could soon be with us.

Adobe Helps Google, Yahoo Find 'Invisible' Flash Web Content

Adobe Systems is sharing its Flash Player technology with Google and Yahoo to help find invisible and dynamic flash content through Web searches.

Watch Apple TV without Apple TV device

Apple TV can be watched offline only, but the website NotAppleTV wants to recreate this Apple TV experience for users who don’t own an Apple TV via their Web browser. NotAppleTV uses a Flash-based interface.

New Flash Video Player Allows Media Companies To Embed Advertisements

Adobe has created the first way for media companies to release video content, secure in the knowledge that advertising goes with it

Newest Flash Tools on Display at Photobucket adds Video, Pictures, Audio mashups free for all users.


Some wacky interactive Flash animation by this Dutch artist.

The Flash Movie - Goyer Out, Levy In

David Goyer has quit, and Shawn Levy has stepped on board to direct Warner Brothers' The Flash.
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Flash Image

Microsoft Edge blocked Flash content override prompt
Microsoft Edge blocked Flash content override prompt
Adobe Animate CC will replace Flash Professional from 2016
Adobe Animate CC will replace Flash Professional from 2016
One of the  bangs and crashes  referred to. Photo courtesy of Janet Szabo.
One of the "bangs and crashes" referred to. Photo courtesy of Janet Szabo.

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