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Fisherman News

Abandoned fishing gear harms wildlife

A new report examines the effects of "ghost fishing" on marine life. This is where fish, crabs and other marine life are drawn into nets and traps by the dead and decomposing bodies of other creatures.

Fisherman reels in 65-lb striped bass, new Missouri state record

Springfield - Lawrence Dillman, an angler from Rockaway Beach, N.Y., set a new pole-and-line Missouri state record on Thursday, 21 May, after reeling in a record-setting 65-pound, 2-ounce striped bass at Bull Shoals Lake in Missouri.

Video: Swordfish boards boat, chases fisherman into the ocean

A video has surface and it shows a swordfish boarding a boat, and then chasing one of the fishermen right into the ocean.

Video: 'Spying' stork captured in Egypt

Cairo - An Egyptian fisherman found a stork with an electronic device attached to its feathers. Sure that the stork was an international spy, the man made a citizen's arrest.

Fisherman wrestles a Shark in Nantucket, MA

Nantucket - A surfer fisherman in Nantucket, MA wrestled a shark off-shore after catching it in his fishing line this week. He released it, but only did so after capturing the fight on YouTube.

Beaver kills fisherman in Belarus

Beavers were once being hunted by humans, now it seems the tables have turned. No one in Belarus has been killed by a beaver before, until now.

Video: Lifeguards rescue fisherman, chase his escaping boat

Bude - A local fisherman got washed overboard in Bude Bay in Cornwall, England. His boat then made a daring escape, but was captured by lifeguards in a dramatic chase.

21 Seal pups clubbed to death

There is a strong possibility that a fisherman could face jail after the bodies of 21 grey seal pups were discovered on a beach on the island of East Linga, Shetland Islands.

Fishermen Suspected of Killing California Coastal Sea Lions

Shooting sea lions. It’s a crime. It’s cruel. It's senseless to the extreme. And any century now, humans are going to have to learn how to get along with the creatures with whom they share this planet.

Bear in Boat Mauls Fisherman in British Columbia

Fire Chief Dan Tennant from Port Renfrew, British Columbia got a call about a bear mauling. A mauling which took place on a boat. The fisherman will live.

Thai Fishermen Catch 256-lb. Carp

The catch of the day was a huge one for a pair of fishermen in Thailand. They only estimate it at 256, which is 36 pounds more then his scale can handle. The world record for a carp is 88lb.

Indonesian fisherman nets ancient fish

Indonesian fisherman catches a rare ancient fish, Coelacanth.

Rescue turns to tragedy

Stranded sperm whale kills rescuer

Fisherman rescued from Arctic ice floe

Emergency crews aboard a helicopter rescued a fisherman and two members of a parachute squadron from an ice floe in the Arctic Ocean Saturday night. Bill Wolki and members of the Winnipeg-based search and rescue team spent the night on ice huddled ins...

Colombian Fisherman Returns Home in Time for His Funeral

After spending five days at sea, an exhausted and weakened fisherman staggered home just in time for his own funeral.

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Fisherman Image

A lone fisherman in Dartmouth  NS. Citadel Hill in background.
A lone fisherman in Dartmouth, NS. Citadel Hill in background.
A modernist interpretation of a fisherman casting his rod out to sea.
A modernist interpretation of a fisherman casting his rod out to sea.
Green Bay NS
Green Bay NS
A river running alongside Kingston University  with a man fishing.
A river running alongside Kingston University, with a man fishing.
Video screen capture
A lone fisherman on the Volga River
A lone fisherman on the Volga River
Visitors view what could be the world s largest pearl on display at the Puerto Princesa City Hall in...
Visitors view what could be the world's largest pearl on display at the Puerto Princesa City Hall in the Philippines.
Puerto Princesa City Government

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