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Fish oil News

Essential Science: Fish-oil can assist with reducing heart risk

People are generally told to cut down on the amount of fat in their diets. However, there are some types of fats regarded as essential, such as Omega-3 fatty acids. New research considers how Omega-3 can benefit the heart.

Taking fish oil pills does not help with type 2 diabetes

A new medical study finds no benefits from taking omega-3 fish oil supplements where someone has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This follows concerns that taking omega-3might actually be harmful for those with this form of diabetes.

Omega-3 levels drop by half in farmed salmon

Stirling - A new report indicates that farmed salmon have considerably lower levels of omega-3s compared with wild salmon. Omega-3 oils are considered beneficial to many diets.

Bacteria help deliver fish-oil diet benefits

Diets rich in fish oil compared with diets where lard is the predominant fat lead to very different types of bacteria being found in the guts. The bacteria appear to help with the health benefits of fish oil and the harmful effects of lard.

Fish oils linked to brain health

New research suggests that fish oil helps with brain development, not just at childhood but through adult life. The latest study charts improvements in the brain function of post-menopausal women.

Study: Fish oil fights prostate cancer

A new study shows that supplementing a low fat diet with fish oil can help fight prostate cancer. Eating lots of fish also produced a 63 percent reduction in prostate cancer-specific mortality.

Excess Omega-3 fatty acids can trigger bad health

Omega-3 fatty acids taken in excess could have unintended health consequences in certain situations. A research team has called upon governments to issue better guidance.

Study: Fish oil linked to increased prostate cancer risk

After all the hype about fish oil and how omega-3 fatty acids work for everything from heart disease to Alzheimer's, findings of a new study linking fish oil to increased risk of prostate cancer will come as a jolt.

Fish oil could lower breast cancer risk

New research into fish oils suggests that consuming fish could help lower the risks for some women of contracting breast cancer.

Omega-3 'may help to protect against type 2 diabetes'

Scientists in the U.S. have run a study that indicates that omega-3 fatty acid capsules could help to deliver lower risks of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Could Omega 3 help prevent skin cancer?

Omega-3 oils are known to be beneficial when it comes to joint and cardiovascular health, and now scientists from the University of Manchester say that the oil could also play a role in helping to prevent skin cancer.

Murky water surrounds benefits of fish oil supplement Special

A recent review of 20 studies regarding the effectiveness of fish oil suggests that there is no evidence eating extra helpings of certain fish or taking fish oil supplements reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack or death.

Fish oil could guard against chemotherapy weight loss

Patients undergoing chemotherapy could benefit from fish oil supplements, found in a small study. Omega-3 fatty acids in the supplements allowed cancer patients to maintain muscle mass that could help fight malnutrition and weight loss.

Fish oils do not make you smarter or happier

A diet with lots of fish fatty acids has no effect on memory and concentration in the elderly. It also does not improve their wellbeing. This is the conclusion of research by Ondine van de Rest at the Dept. of Human Nutrition of the Wageningen University.

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Fish oil supplements
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