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Finger News

Indian man amputates finger after voting for wrong party

New Delhi - An Indian man chopped off his index finger in desperation after voting for the wrong party in the country's national election.

German vice-chancellor gives neo-Nazi protesters the finger

Berlin - Germany's Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel raised eyebrows Wednesday over a video of him showing the middle finger to a group of far-right protesters.

Graco recalls 5 million strollers after baby finger amputations

Manufacturer of baby products, Graco, has recalled nearly 5 million strollers after reports of 11 full or partial finger tip amputations in toddlers.

Lion bites off woman's finger at zoo

A woman in Michigan was visiting a private zoo in northern Michigan when part of her finger was bitten off by a lion. State police are now investigating the report.

Czech sculptor gives the country's president the finger (video)

Prague - David Černý is a controversial Czech artist, known for his anti-communist stance. Just ahead of the parliamentary polls, he has made a statement by installing a huge purple hand with a raised middle finger, right in the middle of Prague's main river.

HTC One Max takes on Apple's fingerprint scanner

The much anticipated HTC One Max is finally here and it adds a nice surprise, which leaked rumors about this upcoming device failed to capture.

Photo of air hostess giving finger to passengers leads to firing

A photo posted to Vkontakte, the popular Russian social network, showed a Russian air hostess raising the middle finger to passengers on an airplane. The girl was sacked by Aeroflot, even though she says it is not her hand, nor was it their airplane.

Photo: Saucy celebrity gorilla gives paparazzo the finger

Colorado Springs - A 19-year-old western lowland gorilla named Kwisha, at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, appears to react to a paparazzo snapping her picture by giving the finger.

Michigan teenager finds human finger in Arby's beef sandwich

Jackson - A 14-year-old-boy, Ryan Hart, was eating the last bit of his beef sandwich at an Arby's restaurant in Jackson, Michigan, when his teeth sank into something "rubbery." He spat the thing out, examined it, and to his horror it was part of a human finger.

Horse bites off girl's finger

A four-year-old girl, who is from London, went on a field trip to a farm and ended up losing part of her finger when a horse bit it.

Toronto mayor's office denies woman's claims Ford 'flipped the bird'

Toronto - A Toronto resident is alleging on Facebook that Mayor Rob Ford gave her and her daughter the 'finger' while he was talking on his cell phone Friday night.

BBC weatherman caught on air giving the finger to news anchors

A weatherman for the BBC News channel was caught on air as he gave the finger to a couple of news anchors. His attempt to cover up the act was unsuccessful.

Boy's 11 extra toes, fingers removed

Shenyang - A Chinese boy, who was born with six extra toes and five extra fingers, has undergone a five-hour long surgery to remove the unwanted digits.

Warning: rude gestures made at police will get their attention

With a bit of bravado, a young man allegedly gave an Ontario Provincial Police cruiser the middle finger as it was passing him on a highway near Kenora, Ontario.

High school students can now pay with their finger

As many high schools across the United States begin the new school year, students can for their lunches with their fingers instead of cash or a student card.

Man Regrows Finger Using 'Pixie Dust' From Pig's Bladder

The experimental powder made from a pig's bladder regrew the man's severed finger to full length in just four weeks, including a finger print and fingernail.

False finger: Biometrics is no guarantee for secure data

Fingerprint sensors are by no means foolproof - but still better than a passport for security checks. Police are not the only ones taking fingerprints these days. Starting on November 1, fingerprint data will even be stored in the passports.

Ala. man gives car the finger

It takes a very special kind of person to get their finger stuck in the gas tank. Ahh. What happens in Alabama seldom stays in Alabama. Anyone hearing banjos yet? Or is that just me?

Chimp Returns Finger Other Chimp Bit Off

A trainer at the San Diego Zoo lost part of his finger to a chimp Wednesday.

Logisys Optical Finger Mouse makes the world your mouse pad

Logisys’ Optical Finger Mouse is an interesting departure from the regular mouse/mousepad dynamic in that it turns your finger into a mouse and virtually any surface into a mousepad.

Suspect Almost Chomps Off Cop's Finger During Search

Ironically two narcotics agents were conducting a routine traffic stop when it unexpectedly turned into a drug bust that nearly cost one agent his trigger finger.

U.K. Police to Begin Using Finger Scans

Taking it a step further than RFID cards, U.K. police can now scan fingerprints to help prevent people from giving them false info on the streets.

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A person pointing a finger
A person pointing a finger
Tomasz Schafernaker  a weatherman for BBC News  flips the bird while on air
Tomasz Schafernaker, a weatherman for BBC News, flips the bird while on air
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Gesture thumb up then down forefinger out like gun
Gesture thumb up then down forefinger out like gun
Finger guns: a punishable offense?
Finger guns: a punishable offense?
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A wax finger
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