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Finance News

Mnuchin pushes for EU, China concessions amid trade stalemate

Buenos Aires - The United States and its European Union allies were locked in a trade stalemate on Saturday after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin refused to budge on demands for concessions.

French minister implores US to 'see sense' over trade war

Buenos Aires - France's finance minister Bruno Le Maire told AFP on Saturday that the United States must avoid pushing the world into a "survival of the fittest" scenario through tit-for-tat trade sanctions.

Trump ups ante ahead of G20 discussions on global trade tensions

Buenos Aires - US President Donald Trump's latest attacks on China and the European Union will shape the discourse on global trade conflicts and competitive devaluation as Group of 20 finance ministers meet in Buenos Aires this weekend.

Insurtech startups disrupting the financial landscape

Insurance is in a deep wave of change and a considerable part of this transformative process is coming from new, aggressive insurtech startups. We profile three leading examples.

Wealthy Qatar clubs fined for not paying players

Lausanne - Two clubs from gas-rich Qatar, the 2022 World Cup hosts, were amongst six fined by FIFA on Thursday for non-payment of salaries to players and were warned they face a transfer ban as a consequence.

AC Milan's Europa League ban appeal set for Thursday

Lausanne - AC Milan's appeal against a European ban for breaking UEFA's financial fair play rules will be heard Thursday by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the court announced.

UK's Brexit plan called 'real blow' to City

London - The British government's new blueprint for Brexit on Thursday drew a firm thumbs-down from the City, which warned it would damage both the all-important finance sector and the wider economy, but industry appeared happier.

UK's Brexit plan is 'real blow' to City

London - The British government's new blueprint for Brexit is a "real blow" to London's all-important finance sector as it will damage jobs, tax revenues and growth, a City official said Thursday.

Indian banks turning to artificial intelligence

Several Indian banks, including state-owned SBI and Bank of BarodaNSE, have begun deploying artificial intelligence in order to improve efficiency and predict customer behavior.

Blockchain can assist banks with consumer lending

Many industries gaze at blockchain and scratch their heads in puzzlement. However, for the finance sector Ripple is in use for cross-continental transactions and the next area for reform is consumer lending.

Three startups looking to make managing your finances easier

It's easy to get off track when it comes to managing personal finances, and founders recognize that. Gone are the days when you have to go to a bank to create a financial plan: here are three startups that make managing your personal finances easier.

Anti-corruption group seeks probe of Macron's campaign accounts

Paris - An anti-corruption association said Friday it will file a complaint with the Paris prosecutor's office to open an inquiry into the campaign accounts of President Emmanuel Macron.

Pressure mounts on Macron as campaign spending draws scrutiny

Paris - French opposition parties called Thursday for a review of Emmanuel Macron's campaign spending after reports showed he obtained huge discounts from venues and service providers during last year's presidential race.

Five emerging InsurTechs to take notice of

London - Insurance companies have been slow to embrace digital technology; however, signs are emerging that the industry is gradually opening up to the idea of alternative ways of providing insurance services. We look at five startups.

Britain turning 'blind eye' to corrupt Russian cash: MPs

London - British MPs urged the government Monday to clamp down on corrupt Russian money flowing through London, warning that turning a "blind eye" risked undermining its tough approach to Moscow.

Peso crisis is over, says Argentina's Macri

Buenos Aires - Argentine President Mauricio Macri said a crisis that saw the country's currency plummet in recent weeks had ended, adding that reducing the budget deficit was a priority for his administration.

Argentina braces for investor flight amid bid to save peso

Buenos Aires - Argentina appeared Tuesday to have halted the slide in the peso after the Central Bank introduced desperate measures to prop up the currency and staunch the flight of capital.The peso had clawed back 0.

Argentine peso takes fresh hit amid uncertainty

Buenos Aires - Argentina's peso plummeted to a new low Monday despite government attempts to curb losses in recent weeks by hiking interest rates and shedding billions in foreign reserves.

Blockchain is a 'pixie dust' fad

The British Parliament's Treasury Committee heard evidence on cryptocurrencies and blockchain on Tuesday. Martin Walker from the Center for Evidence-Based Management spoke before the committee.

416 donors to IS identified in France: prosecutor

Paris - French authorities have identified 416 people who gave money to the Islamic State (IS) group, France's top anti-terror prosecutor said Thursday, as dozens of ministers met to discuss how to cut off funds for extremists.

Bankers says AI will be your newest coworker

A new report looking at trends in banking has found that 84 percent of respondents stated they are increasingly using data for automated decision-making. However, a sizable number recognize that this expansion comes with risks.

Top Japan finance official quits after harassment claims

Apo - The top bureaucrat at Japan's finance minister quit Wednesday following allegations he sexually harassed female reporters, saying he wanted to clear his name.

How blockchain is transforming banking

Blockchain is transforming a number of sectors, and this includes financial intuitions like banks. What major banks need to weigh is the extent to which they embrace blockchain and the threats that the technology poses to the industry.

Vice or virtue? Exhibition charts Germans' mania for saving

Berlin - While the European Union gears up for another of its endless post-crisis bouts over spending, debt and deficits, Berlin's German Historical Museum has turned a microscope onto the mania for saving in Europe's largest economy.

Most financial institutions report digital will change banking

Four out of five financial institutions believe that digital will fundamentally change banking yet around half state they do not have digital strategy, according to a new report.

Interview: Blockchain transforms distribution in emerging markets Special

Hong Kong - OpenPort is a Hong-Kong based digital logistics platform that uses blockchain technology to transform domestic distribution in emerging markets. To discover the advantages of this technology, Digital Journal spoke with CEO Max Ward.

Regulation and apathy hit bitcoin market

London - Wild fluctuations within the bitcoin market have once again sparked debate between investors who believe it is merely undergoing a "correction" and those who see it as a costly fad.

Women face uphill wage battle in British finance sector

London - There had never been much doubt that in London's testosterone-fuelled financial sector female workers' salaries lagged far behind those of their mostly male colleagues.

Real estate turning to technological solutions: Interview Special

New York - The real estate company Ideal was founded in 2007 by Aleksandra Scepanovic and partner Erik Serras. The duo identified a need to build a technologically innovative infrastructure for sales and rentals in key neighborhoods.

Goldman Sachs banker to join German finance ministry

Berlin - A top Goldman Sachs executive is set to join Chancellor Angela Merkel's new government as a deputy finance minister, a spokesman said, an appointment that drew immediate scorn from the opposition.
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John Swinney MSP
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The Euro sign outside the European Central Bank in Frankfurt  Germany
The Euro sign outside the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany
Whether crowdfunding is a  new and powerful arrow  or  still in the hype phase  depends on who you a...
Whether crowdfunding is a "new and powerful arrow" or "still in the hype phase" depends on who you ask
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Toronto s finance district by Tim Sandle.
Toronto's finance district by Tim Sandle.
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Comparison of disposable incomes
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PayU Chief Commercial Officer Matthias Setzer
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Federal Reserve G20 Data Display in Ratio Line Chart
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Photograph of Toronto at night.
The G20 Deputy’s Meeting and Financial Market Conference in Berlin on May 19-20.
The G20 Deputy’s Meeting and Financial Market Conference in Berlin on May 19-20.
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Interior of NatWest Castle Street, Liverpool
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Couple on couch, working through their budget.
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A sign outside the headquarters of JP Morgan Chase & Co in New York
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The G20 Deputy’s Meeting and Financial Market Conference in Berlin on May 19-20.
The G20 Deputy’s Meeting and Financial Market Conference in Berlin on May 19-20.