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Fighting News

Palestinian supporters storm pitch, fight with Israeli players

Bischofshofen - As the conflict in the Middle East rages on, its effects seem to be felt everywhere. Hatred between both pro-Israel and pro-Palestine supporters is becoming more apparent throughout the world.
In the Media by Dan Pelberg - 1 comment

Ukraine civilians flee deadly fighting on edge of Donetsk

Donetsk - Terrified civilians fled as intense clashes Monday between Ukrainian government troops and pro-Russian rebels left at least four people dead on the outskirts of the insurgent bastion of Donetsk.
In the Media by Stephane Orjollet (AFP) - 1 comment

Rebels attack Ukraine military compound despite truce

Donetsk - Pro-Russian rebels launched an attack on Thursday on a Ukrainian irregular troops unit in the heart of the eastern industrial city of Donetsk, an AFP reporter at the scene said.
In the Media by AFP

Did facial bones 'evolve' for fighting?

Salt Lake City - University of Utah evolutionary biologists have proposed a new theory: hominin facial bones evolved for protection against the powerful blows of combat.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Blood and gunfire in Ukraine army attack on rebel checkpoint

- Blood flowing from a bullet wound, the grey-haired man lies in the middle of the roadblock waving weakly for help as shots ring out nearby and thick black smoke from burning tyres curls into the sky."I've called an ambulance.
In the Media by Max Delany (AFP)

South Sudan battles rage in key oil town

Malakal - South Sudan's military battled rebels in the streets of the key northern oil town of Malakal Wednesday, the army said, as conflict in the world's newest nation entered its second month.
In the Media by AFP

Op-Ed: If Brooks Orpik fights, he doesn't end up unconscious

I have watched the replays a million times. And I'm convinced that what happened between Boston and Pittsburgh Saturday night could have been prevented if the National Hockey League (NHL) stopped messing with "The Code."
In the Media by Rocco Pendola - 1 comment

Fighting intensifies in Darfur

The UNAMID peacekeeping force claims that rebels have seized the towns of Golo and Rockero in the Jebel Marra region, as fighting rages in several parts of Darfur.
In the Media by Raluca Besliu - 1 comment

Video: Man gets royally PWNED by 2 girls on a transit bus

Baltimore - The "golden rule" is something that can be applied anywhere you go. This includes taking public transportation such as the bus. A person didn't understand the meaning of the golden rule when harassing two female passengers.
In the Media by Can Tran

2 high school students hold hands as punishment for fighting

Mesa - After getting into a fight at PE class, two U.S. high school students were given the choice of being suspended or be publicly humiliated in the school courtyard.
In the Media by Can Tran - 1 comment

Cinematic-MRI captures twins 'fighting' in womb, live birth

London - A fascinating video shows a pair of twins "fighting" inside the womb before they were born. The remarkable footage, captured by the Imperial College London's fetal care center, is the raw unprocessed movie image taken by the cinematic-MRI machine.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 2 comments

Video: 'Superhero' knocks out guy on street, cops watch

Seattle - In Seattle, Washington, there is a "mutual combat law" in effect. "Superhero" Phoenix Jones took advantage of this law to deliver his own brand of justice.
In the Media by Can Tran - 1 comment

Israeli citizen killed — Fighting breaks out on Egyptian border

An Israeli construction worker, part of a team building the security border fence between Israel and Egypt, was killed this morning by terrorists who have crossed into Israel through the southern border.
In the Media by Lesley Lanir - 6 comments

Mother accused of encouraging teen daughter to fight

Elgin - An Elgin, IL mother stands accused of not only encouraging her teen-aged daughter to fight, but also of driving her to the scene to do so.
In the Media by Jimmy Reilly

Dana White says Cain Velasquez will fight Frank Mir at UFC 146

The president of the UFC responded to a fan on Twitter on Saturday and said that the match between Cain Velasquez and Frank Mir at UFC 146 will happen.
In the Media by Owen Weldon

Heavy Fighting Breaks in Daynile District Northwest of Mogadishu

Mogadishu - Heavy battle between Al-Shabaab and government troops backed by AMISOM broke in Daynile which is one of the last strongholds of Al-Shabaab in Mogadishu’s surrounding area.
In the Media by Ali Ghedi

Op-Ed: NHL: Does fighting belong in hockey?

It's an age-old part of the game of hockey that can put fans on their feet in seconds, but with the recent crackdown on head shots and after a summer of tragedy, is it time to take fighting out of the game?
In the Media by Tyler Hunt

Op-Ed: How Libya was won, by NATO and special forces

Last week NATO shamelessly weighed-in on the side of the rebels with the help of special forces on the ground. Without it, the rebels would never have won. There is now talk that NATO has broken international law. So what role did they really play?
In the Media by Stephen Morgan - 7 comments

Rebel Militias Battle in Benghazi (UPDATED)

(UPDATED) - Heavy firing was heard around 3am last night as rebel militias did battle in Benghazi. It is now said to involve undercover pro-Gaddafi units. This is will be updated as more information comes in.
In the Media by Stephen Morgan

Rampage is next, according to UFC Champion Jon Jones

The hand injury Quinton “Rampage” Jackson revealed after his win over Matt Hamill, won’t keep him from challenging for the UFC Light Heavyweight title according to champion Jon Jones.
In the Media by Ustad Khaira

55,000 at UFC 129 in Toronto as GSP wins match Special

Toronto - A huge crowd at Toronto's Rogers Centre was not disappointed at the first ever UFC match in Ontario. The main bout between Georges St. Pierre (GSP) and Jake Shields, however, was a bit of a letdown. Shields was on the defense the whole match.
Digital Journal Report by Daniel Boyington

Man convicted after graphic dog fighting footage seized

London - A north London man was convicted of dog fighting offences after graphic footage of dog fighting was found in his home by the RSPCA.
In the Media by Lynn Curwin - 3 comments

Renewed fighting in Darfur, Sudan: 'Thousands displaced'

Khartoum - Thousands of people from more than 700 households have fled from their homes to a refugee camp in Darfur after fighting between local armed groups intensified.
In the Media by Christopher Szabo

Fighting flares up between Senegalese forces and rebels

Dakar - Fighting has flared up between a separatist movement and Senegalese government forces. Two days after two rebel fighters were captured; the army is reported to be shelling rebel positions in the province of Casamance.
In the Media by Christopher Szabo

Worst violence in years over Peruvian land-use results in 30 dead

Tensions in Peru's Amazon came to the boiling point Friday over government development plans for a region of the Amazon jungle. 30 people were reported killed, mainly indigenous people who live in the region.
In the Media by Stephanie Dearing

Sri Lanka Fighting Continues: Locals Comment Special

Fighting between Sri Lankan government forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) continues in the northern part of the island nation. The army has squeezed the rebels into a narrow swath of land of only seven square kilometres.
Digital Journal Report by Christopher Szabo - 21 comments

Sri Lanka Fighting Continues Amid Accusations and Denials

The situation on the northern Sri Lankan Jaffna peninsula, the base of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is unclear. Tamil sources accuse the Sri Lankan army of using heavy weapons, a claim which cannot now be independently confirmed.
In the Media by Christopher Szabo

Op-Ed: What’s really killing hockey, and it’s not fighting?

Much has been said lately about taking fighting out of hockey. Replies to this effect mainly stated that this would be impossible due to the “fabric” of the game. To understand this, lets attend what I call “Hockey History 101”.
In the Media by Denis Lacelle

Op-Ed: The Hockey Fight Manifesto

Debate has been raging over fighting in hockey, but what this all really comes down to is another example of Canadians having their game, as they like it, taken away from them
In the Media by Noam Sugarman - 14 comments

Israel Launches Quick Air Raid On Gaza

Israel is back to air attacks in Gaza. Tanks are once more moving on the Gaza Strip. The new offense comes after a Palestinian attack by militants killed an Israeli soldier.
In the Media by KJ Mullins - 6 comments
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