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'Insurgent' to surge past 'Cinderella' with ease

As "Insurgent" opens, it looks like females will drive the box office again this weekend. That was very evident last weekend and a repeat will happen once more.

Excess milk drinking may increase female mortality

Uppsala - A new study suggests that a high consumption of milk by women is associated with an increased risk of cancer and bone damage.

Lab mice have 'lost' traits through domestication

A study of laboratory bred mice has revealed that some behavioral traits, like female aggression, have been lost with domestication.

Average Americans think they're smarter than average Americans

Most Americans have no problem bragging about their intelligence compared to other Americans and most believe they are smarter than average.

Lack of female scientists in the U.K.

In the U.K., the number of women pursuing careers in science, technology or engineering continues to decline. This has been subject to a parliamentary report.

'Monsters' win but 'The Heat' is a solid, sizzling surprise

It was another win for "Monsters University." But it was the solid outing for female leads in "The Heat" that should take notice.

Women-only beaches coming to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi is due to complete two women-only-beaches by early 2013, in response to demand from Emirati women. The beaches will be open to ladies of all nationalities.

Hunter Valentine — Lessons From the Late Night Special

I interviewed Hunter Valentine's Kiyomi to talk about their latest album, Lessons From the Late Night and the creative process in putting together such an intense record.

Study: White males live longer than black males by 7 yrs in U.S.

A new study says that in the U.S. white males outlive black males by seven years and white females outlive black females by five years. The researchers concluded from the results that the U.S. still needs to improve on the health of African-Americans.

Study: Certain male dance moves attract women

Researchers from Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK have discovered what moves women find attractive while watching men dance.

Female-to-Male HIV Transmission Risk Doubles During Pregnancy

A new research study shows that men in a relationship with HIV-positive women doubles their infection risk for the disease.

Could sleeping around stop extinction?

The key to species survival may lay in the arms of promiscuous females according to new research out of the Universities of Exeter and Liverpool.

What people lie about the most and how we do it

Most studies conclude that men and women lie equally but how, why and what they lie about is quite different from the two genders.

Female Plant 'Communicates' Rejection or Acceptance of Male

University of Missouri researchers have identified pollen proteins that may contribute to the signaling processes that determine if a plant accepts or rejects individual pollen grains for reproduction.

Poll: Clinton's Presidential Bid Helps Female Candidates In Future

While Senator Hillary Clinton of New York has conceded the delegate race to Senator Barack Obama of Illinois for the Democratic nomination, Clinton has managed to pull something else off.

More Women Online Than Men, Changing the Face of Web Culture

Say goodbye to the stereotypical male Netizen. More women than men are online, according to several studies, and the rise of female Net culture will continue to escalate. How will the Web rules be rewritten in light of these wired women?

Why Males Die Before Females

British scientists claim, that in humans and animal species, males age faster and die earlier than females because of intense competition over sex. They found this characteristic in 20 different vertebrate species.

Is The Housewife Making A Comeback In Battle Of The Sexes?

HAMBURG (dpa) - Jeanine has decided to be more diplomatic in the future and to have sex with her husband at least once a week - whether she's in the mood for it or not. She says sex is like doing the laundry or cleaning house. "I'm not always in the...

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