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Feds News

Feds stop telemarketing scheme that pitched money-making schemes

Phoenix - Federal regulators in the United States say telemarketers tricked people out of their money with get-rich-quick schemes.

California: Six arrested in latest DMV bribery scandal

Sacramento - Federal authorities have charged six people, including three employees for the California Department of Motor Vehicles with allegedly conspiring in a bribery scheme to distribute driving licenses to truckers without requiring them to pass mandatory tests.

New laws being developed for three-wheeled autocycles

If David Vitter, a senator from the USA, gets his way, then new rules for vehicles with three wheels will be on the way from Congress.

Music blog downed for a year by the Feds with no charge made

Who needs SOPA and PIPA when the government can take down a music website for a whole year with no charge and no copyright infringement?

Coalition demands probe on Dow & Monsanto GMOs & pesticides

Farmers and food industry representatives are demanding a probe into the potential outcome of a new genetically modified crop in combination with the usage of the 2,4-D pesticide.

If he’s elected, Perry says feds ‘won’t know what hit ‘em’

Columbia - Texas Governor Rick Perry once again has his sights set on federal agencies, and speaking on Monday in South Carolina told a town hall crowd that, if elected president, federal agencies “won’t know what hit ‘em.”

Dow Drops Even Lower After The Feds Start Stepping In

The Dow has slide even further down as the federal government and the world's central banks cut rates. After the Feds cut the half point there was a slight surge in trade.

Feds say steroid use among police is a growing problem

Although there are no reliable studies out there that prove there is steroid use in law enforcement the fact is there are signs that cops are using steroids, according to experts.

Feds Probe Doctors in Heath Ledger's Death

Doctors in California and Texas are under investigation by federal drug authorities for possibly providing painkillers illegally to Heath Ledger. The autopsy results of Ledger showed a combination of drugs in his system.

Muslim Charity And Feds Must Split Cost To Copy Records

A federal judge just ruled today that the U.S. government must split the cost of photocopying records that were seized last September from the Muslim charity, Life for Relief and Development.

Feds Seize $92,843 From Nigerian Woman

A 44-year-old Nigerian woman from Texas got a very painful lesson in a US District Court in Detroit about federal currency law and American citizenship.

Feds arrest 12 criminal aliens in Boston

10 of 12 already had citizenship

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SEPARATION: A Camel-sponsored Isolation booth for smokers is seen at Munich Airport in 2009.
SEPARATION: A Camel-sponsored Isolation booth for smokers is seen at Munich Airport in 2009.
Politikaner / Wikimedia