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Farms News

Illegal logging in Brazil turns Amazon into a powder keg

Altamira - A rifle resting on his shoulder, Tatji Arara looks despondent as he steps over the trunks of huge trees felled by timber traffickers in the heart of Brazil's Amazon rainforest, now the scene of numerous land conflicts.

Zimbabwe to pay partial compensation to white ex-farmers

Harare - Zimbabwe next month will start paying partial compensation to white commercial farmers whose properties were seized nearly 20 years ago under Robert Mugabe's land reforms, the government said Monday.

'Hundreds of thousands' of cattle feared dead after Australia floods

Townsville - Hundreds of thousands of cattle weakened from a severe drought are feared to have died in record-breaking floods in northeastern Australia, authorities said Friday, as they stepped up efforts to feed surviving livestock.

Desperate Indian farmers march on parliament

New Delhi - Tens of thousands of farmers and agricultural workers marched towards the Indian parliament Friday demanding debt waivers and higher crop prices, putting pressure on Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of 2019 elections.

Desperate Indian farmers march on parliament

New Delhi - Tens of thousands of farmers and agricultural workers marched towards the Indian parliament Friday demanding debt waivers and higher crop prices, putting pressure on Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of 2019 elections.

Farm herbicide Roundup could increase antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance is causing significant medical problems and while a key factor is over-prescription of antibiotic medications, there are other factors. Once factor, according to new research, could be common agricultural herbicides.

US farmers caught in trade war with China

Terry Davidson expects to be farming long after the US-China trade tariffs that took effect Friday become a distant memory.

Canada farmers asked to skip the manure at G7

Ottawa - Canadian farmers in the Quebec region of Charlevoix, where G7 leaders are scheduled to meet next week, have been asked to avoid spreading manure on their fields ahead of the summit.

Macron eyes action against Chinese farm buyers

Paris - President Emmanuel Macron promised measures Thursday to help prevent foreign investors buying French farms amid concern that Chinese businesses are taking advantage of low land prices and distressed rural communities.

Automating agriculture with light weight robots

Across agriculture automation systems are superseding strenuous manual labor. A new dual-arm robot for the automated harvesting of cucumbers has been successfully tested.

The digital farm and the impact of ‘green’ eggs

Okanagan - Scientists have been tracking the environmental footprint of Canadian egg products and looking at the optimal models of farming to reduce environmental impacts. The model has utilized digital technology.

Artificial intelligence is aiding dairy farming

Suita - Cow gait is a problem for dairy farm productivity. A new artificial intelligence tool uses images allow to allow for the early detection of the serious diseases and enable dairy farmers to take action more quickly.

Wounded author Kuki Gallmann vows return to Kenyan ranch

Nairobi - Blood was already pooling in the seat of her car when a second bullet tore through the driver's door and thumped into Kuki Gallmann's abdomen.

Are farming super-mergers affecting food security?

According to one environmentalist, proposed deals could put the majority of seeds, chemicals and genetically modified traits into the hands of just three companies. The effect would deepen poverty for small-scale farmers.

Robotic shepherds operating on farms

In Australia, autonomous robots have been used to examine crops, count yields and remove weeds. The latest development is with robotic shepherds, to guide and protect sheep.

Pregnant women advised to avoid birthing animals

Manchester - Pregnant women have been advised to keep clear of animals on farms that are giving birth. This is due to the risk of infection of the mother and hence her unborn child.

Heavy pesticide use in Scotland revealed

Edinburgh - Some parts of the world are pushing ahead with organic farming and eschewing the use of pesticides. Not so in Scotland, it seems. Three new reports reveal the extent of pesticide use in the country.

Bangladeshi farmer named national rat-killing champion

Dhaka - Bangladesh has crowned a new national champion rat killer after his team eradicated more than 160,000 rodents in the past 12 months, officials said Thursday.

First U.K. farmed truffles grown

Leicester - The first truffle to be cultivated on British soil has been harvested from a field from a farm in the county of Leicestershire.

Mugabe admits land reform blunder

Harare - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has admitted he blundered by giving ill-equipped black farmers vast tracts of farmland seized from whites under his controversial land reforms."I think the farms we gave to people are too large.

New way to detect porcine epidemic diarrhea virus

Researchers have developed a new test for porcine epidemic diarrhea virus. This virus has been spreading throughout the pig population within the U.S. The test differentiates the genetic material of the virus from that of other viruses.

Antibiotic sales for farms are rising

Despite concerns that the use of antibiotics may contribute to drug resistance, sales for the use of antibiotics in livestock have increased in recent years.

Farm workers take drug resistant bacteria home

A new study has found that over half of farm workers who look after animals in industrial hog farms carry home hog-related bacteria in their noses. This is potentially harmful for the farm workers and their families.

Costa Rican forests have greater bird diversity than farms

Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley have shown that Costa Rican forests support more phylogenetically diverse bird populations than do farms in the country.

Proposal to restrict antibiotic use on farms

A measure being taken through the California legislature requires farmers to obtain a prescription to administer antibiotics to livestock.

Expropriate 50% of all farms, plans ANC government

In a leftist move some have called phantoms of Zimbabwe, the South African ANC government has proposed a plan to expropriate half of every commercial farm and handing it over to farm workers.

Reducing E. coli in cows is key to food safety

Miami - A new treatment, using microparticles made from chitosan, may help dairy cattle resist uterine diseases and could help improve food safety for people. New research suggests chitosan microparticles kill bacteria.

Norwegian farmers worried about 'sheep fishing'

Norwegian sheep farmers are concerned about a brutal new practice, after a farmer found several sheep with lures attached to their wool. It is thought that the sheep are captured and stolen for slaughtering.

U.S. aims to limit antibiotics for farm animals

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has laid out a plan so that farmers will no longer use antibiotics to fatten up animals.

UN issues report recommending insects for human consumption

Responding to global hunger concerns, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is recommending the incorporation of insects into human diets.
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