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Facial recognition News

Op-Ed: Facial recognition is now a real threat and a real weapon

New York - People have known for some time that facial recognition can be used as a weapon. Now, a company called Clearview has made it easy to invade privacy, and worse is to come.

Op-Ed: Yes, your phone is a risk to your security and your rights

Sydney - The Surveillance Society is having a great time tracking and demonstrations and individual protestors. So much data collection is instant, too, in real time. It’s called “location collection”, and it’s a real risk to personal rights and safety.

Q&A: Using AI to fool facial recognition systems Special

As more organizations use facial recognition technology, concerns continue to persist around privacy, anonymity and regulation. For some, 'de-identification' is the answer, as Gil Perry, the CEO/co-founder of D-ID discusses.

Op-Ed: Chinese super camera can identify ‘tens of thousands’ of people

Beijing - In what is definitely a major breakthrough in high-resolution photography, but a horror story for privacy, China has unveiled a super-camera capable of identifying thousands of people. This is a new level of surveillance which has many people worried.

Amazon says its facial recognition technology can detect 'fear'

The latest development with Amazon's facial recognition technology is an ability to detect 'fear' in people's faces, which the company are presenting as a tool to detect suspect criminals.

Google confirmed two new features in its upcoming Pixel 4 phone

Google teased some new features coming to the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone that's expected to be announced in October. In a blog post, the company said the phone will use the Soli radar technology that Google has been working on for the last five years.

Major concerns with facial recognition used by police

London - Several police forces around the world are using facial recognition technology. But how accurate is this imaging analysis? To what extent is this based on how the assessment is made?

If you want 'surveillance as a service', Amazon's offering it

Amazon may not yet be using delivery drones, however this has not prevented the e-commerce giant from continuing to develop and to enhance drone technology and with it a new offering: surveillance-as-a-service.

Thousands of images are stolen in U.S. border hack

Tens of thousands of images have been stolen in U.S. border hack. The images are of people who have crossed the U.S. border with Mexico. as well as images of people, the data also related to vehicle license plates.

Time to ban facial recognition technology, says Liberty

Civil liberties campaign group Liberty has described facial recognition technology as "arsenic in the water of democracy" and has called on law enforcement agencies to stop using controversial imaging platforms.

Microsoft removes a database of millions of facial images

Earlier in the week Microsoft removed a database of more than ten million faces. The database was used to test and train facial recognition algorithms. The database was known as MS Celeb.

Amazon holds off Rekognition revolt

Amazon, and supporters of facial recognition software, have succeeded in defeating a shareholder-led Rekognition revolt by a large margin. Rekognition is Amazon's proprietary facial recognition technology.

Is that a bobcat? Only AI can truly tell

Here’s a conundrum: when is a bobcat not a bobcat? Here’s a second: when is a bobcat in fact a copycat, like a lynx? From a distance and in the wild interpreting such observations is not easy. AI can help with this.

Is there racial and gender bias in Amazon Rekognition AI?

A new study using algorithmic auditing, which is a key strategy to expose systematic biases embedded in software platforms, has raised concerns with Amazon's Rekognition AI in terms of racial and gender bias.

Q&A: Vibrational biometric system for identity recognition Special

Neurophysiologist Martin Zizi has invented a new form of biometric technology that is almost impossible to crack or hack. The system uses the human nervous system as its method of authentication.

Q&A: Where is biometric technology heading next? Special

Facial recognition has its supporters and detractors. Is facial recognition as force for good in solving crimes or a violation of human rights? Are other types of biometrics better suited? Martin Zizi of NeuroPrint weighs in.

Amazon facial recognition software may be racially biased

The use of facial recognition technology is becoming more common, ostensibly used by security firms for security purposes. There are concerns that some forms of software contain biases, a charge leveled against Amazon's version - Rekognition.

Singapore to test facial recognition on lampposts

Singapore is considering fixing surveillance cameras to the top of over 100,000 lampposts. The aim is to assist authorities with picking out and recognizing faces in crowds across the island-state. Not all are happy about the situation.

Facial recognition adopted for Rugby World Cup

NEC facial recognition is to be adopted for the ninth Rugby World Cup, which takes place from 20 September to 2 November 2019 in Japan.

New consumer app to control biometric information: Q&A Special have developed a consumer app to help people control how others can use their biometric information - particularly for facial recognition technologies. Arturo Falck, the co-founder and CEO of explains more.

Campaign group puts case against facial recognition

London - Facial recognition technologies are growing in sophistication and are becoming increasingly used by governments and companies to identify individuals. While some support the enhanced security, others, like Liberty, express concerns.

New facial recognition tool finds all your social media profiles

Researchers have created a new facial recognition tool that tracks targets across social media networks to create a comprehensive list of all available online profiles.

Facial recognition is set to disrupt agriculture

Biometrics and facial recognition are not just for recognizing and interpreting human characteristics. Technology is becoming available for agriculture, allowing farmers to differentiate animals and to study crop patterns.

Video-based facial recognition for businesses: Interview Special

Facial recognition technology is making headlines as the debate on privacy vs. security grows. How advanced is the technology and what is it being used for? A leading expert provides some answers.

Canadian researchers develop privacy filter for photos

Toronto - Researchers have developed an algorithm that protects users' privacy through a process that dynamically disrupts the types of facial recognition tools designed to identify faces in photographs.

Researchers create photo filter that disables facial recognition

AI researchers from University of Toronto Engineering have created a 'privacy filter' that "disrupts" facial recognition software.

Orlando begins testing Amazon's facial recognition in public

Orlando - Orlando's police have started using Amazon's controversial Rekognition facial detection system. Initially the police service said the trial was confined to its headquarters; it's not admitted the technology is in use on the streets.

Facial recognition to be used by Sky News at Prince Harry wedding

Sky News has announced that it will use facial recognition to identify celebrities and other luminaries at the forthcoming royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Face recognition technology works at night

A new type of facial recognition technology has been developed to works in the dark, allowing night-time recognition and identification of a people.

Growth of facial recognition software in China

Of all the counties in the word, China appears to be making the greatest use of facial recognition software, both in the public and private spheres. A new report charts the growth of image scanning systems that aim to improve security.
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Facial recognition

Facial recognition Image

Facial recognition technology continues to advance.
Facial recognition technology continues to advance.
PHOTO: Zeng Xiaoyang of Fudan University was one of the scientists who developed the new technology....
PHOTO: Zeng Xiaoyang of Fudan University was one of the scientists who developed the new technology. (Supplied: Weibo: Light world OPTICSKY ).
Weibo/Optic Sky
File photo: Facial-recognition screens analysing candid shots of conference attendees are scattered ...
File photo: Facial-recognition screens analysing candid shots of conference attendees are scattered around an exhibition hall.
High-fashion mannequins.
High-fashion mannequins.
Researchers in U of T Engineering have designed a  privacy filter  that disrupts facial recognition ...
Researchers in U of T Engineering have designed a 'privacy filter' that disrupts facial recognition algorithms. The system relies on two AI-created algorithms: one performing continuous face detection, and another designed to disrupt the first.
Avishek Bose
Computer system with pre-prorgammed operators  recognizable by their faces  on show at Pharmig  Slov...
Computer system with pre-prorgammed operators, recognizable by their faces, on show at Pharmig, Slovenia, March 2019.
A conceptual illustration for thermal-to-visible synthesis for interoperability with existing visibl...
A conceptual illustration for thermal-to-visible synthesis for interoperability with existing visible-based facial recognition systems.
Eric Proctor, William Parks and Benjamin S. Riggan
The big debate with facial recognition technology is how biased it is and how biases can be eliminat...
The big debate with facial recognition technology is how biased it is and how biases can be eliminated.
AVG Technologies created a prototype of “invisibility” glasses concept:  Through a mixture of te...
AVG Technologies created a prototype of “invisibility” glasses concept: "Through a mixture of technology and specialist materials, privacy wearables such as invisibility glasses can make it difficult for cameras or other facial recognition technologies to get a clear view of your identity," AVG said.
© AVG Technologies
The exhibition explores how artificial intelligence can help us improve aspects of our lives such as...
The exhibition explores how artificial intelligence can help us improve aspects of our lives such as road safety, medical diagnostics and city planning.
Facial recognition technology  from a contamination control event in Slovenia.
Facial recognition technology, from a contamination control event in Slovenia.

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