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New French film raises ghosts of Nazi medical horrors

Paris - A new documentary about the scale of Nazi medical experiments has reopened old wounds in France as one of the country's leading universities investigates whether its stores still contain the remains of some Jewish victims.

Do psychological studies have an inherent problem?

Scientific studies are often well-designed and the results stand the test of time. But not always. One area with a great deal of uncertainty is psychology and a new review has found many studies are not reproducible.

Attrition: The big problem in experiments using mice and rats

Mice and rats are essential for experiments in a wide variety of scientific disciplines. However, a new study shows how deaths of lab rodents can skew results.

Johns Hopkins University in trouble over experiments

Johns Hopkins University is among defendants listed on a lawsuit filed by the surviving participants of controversial experiments conducted in Guatemala during the 1940s.

Large Hadron Collider begins restart process

The restart of the Large Hadron Collider has begun as particles begin to travel around the 27km tunnel again for the first time since 2013. The LHC has been shut down so that substantial upgrade and maintenance work can be completed.

Ebola vaccines trials accelerated

Bethesda - The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) has accelerated human trials of multiple Ebola vaccines. This follows new reports concerning the mounting death toll from the virus.

Study: Evidence for the sentience of rats

Lab rats have been instrumental in many scientific discoveries. However new evidence suggests that lab rats are sentient.

Report: Bush administration ran experiments on terrorist suspects

Washington - A new report released this week by the Physicians for Human Rights suggests that officials from the Bush administration had conducted human research and experiments against terrorist suspects that were detained.

Biologists are reporting that their experiments are being ruined by plastic

Since Andrew Holt published a paper on how his experiments were being ruined by contamination from plastic laboratory equipment, more and more biologists are coming forward with similar stories.

Op-Ed: Experiments from 1950s to duplicate start of life on early Earth redeveloped

In the days when science wasn’t an ideological freak show for intellectual and spiritual cowards groveling to lobby and industry groups, experiments were conducted attempting to duplicate the original forces that created life on Earth.

Watch what you are thinking

This is an opinion piece written by me and relates to an earlier item I posted about a mind -reading machine.

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2011 map showing locations of requested GMO experiments in Spain.
2011 map showing locations of requested GMO experiments in Spain.
Screen capture
Initial experiments were conducted using mice and fruit flies.
Initial experiments were conducted using mice and fruit flies.

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