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Euthanasia News

104-yr-old Australian commits assisted suicide in Switzerland

Geneva - A 104-year-old Australian scientist who travelled to Switzerland to end his life committed assisted suicide on Thursday, a Swiss foundation said.

104-year-old Australian breaks into joyful song as he awaits death

Basel - A 104-year-old Australian scientist burst into song Wednesday as he told a roomful of journalists that he was looking forward to finally being allowed to end his life.

Australian scientist, 104, to speak publicly before planned death

Basel - A 104-year-old Australian scientist, resentful that he was forced overseas to die, is set to address the media in Switzerland on Wednesday, a day before he is due to end his life.

Australia scientist, 104, heads to Switzerland for assisted dying

Sydney - Australia's oldest scientist, who caused a stir when his university tried to vacate his office aged 102, will fly to Switzerland in early May to end his life, reigniting a national euthanasia debate.

Australia's 'compassionate' Victoria first to legalise euthanasia

Melbourne - An Australian state Wednesday became the first in the country to legalise assisted dying, or euthanasia, with lawmakers voting to allow terminally ill patients the right to request a lethal drug to end their lives.

Doctors at Vatican to debate ethics of euthanasia

Vatican City - "We don't carry out euthanasia as often as it is asked for," says Dutch GP Carin Littooji, advocating for assisted dying on a bench usually reserved for bishops in the Vatican.

Pope warns Belgian charity to stop offering euthanasia

Rome - A Belgian Catholic charity said Thursday it has been warned by Pope Francis to stop offering euthanasia in its psychiatric hospitals by the end of the month or face expulsion.

Dutch doctors against 'life complete' assisted suicide

Den Haag - Dutch doctors have come out against a controversial proposed law that would allow assisted suicide for those who feel their lives are complete, and not just for people in unbearable suffering.

Dutch alcoholic chose euthanasia to end 'unbearable' life

Den Haag - A Dutch long-term alcoholic chose to end his life this year by lethal injection saying he could no longer go on, his brother has revealed in a moving tribute.

Dutch mull assisted suicide for those whose 'life is complete'

Den Haag - Almost 15 years after legalising euthanasia, the Dutch government may broaden the law to give elderly people who are not sick the legal right to assisted suicide if they feel their lives are "complete".

First mercy killing of minor in Belgium: report

Brussels - A terminally ill 17-year-old has become the first minor to be euthanised in Belgium since age restrictions on such mercy killings in the country were lifted in 2014, it was learned Saturday.

French court orders doctors to rule in right-to-die case

Nancy - A French court ordered doctors Thursday to decide whether a patient in a vegetative state should be allowed to die after years of legal battles that have torn his family apart.

Killer of Dutch euthanasia minister sent to psychiatric unit

Den Haag - A Dutch man found guilty of murdering former health minister Els Borst because she helped to legalise euthanasia was Wednesday sentenced to detention in a psychiatric unit, judges said.The man, only known as Bart U.

Dutch man killed ex-minister 'over euthanasia,' court told

Den Haag - A Dutch man accused of murdering a former health minister has admitted to the killing, saying he was on a "divine mission" because of her role in legalising euthanasia, Dutch media said Thursday.

French euthanasia doctor responsive after suicide attempt: Sources

Dax - A former emergency room doctor in France who was convicted of poisoning a terminally ill patient has "opened his eyes" after being hospitalised following a suicide attempt, medical sources said Sunday.

French euthanasia doctor attempts suicide: Sources

Dax - An emergency room doctor in France who was convicted of poisoning a terminally ill patient has attempted to kill himself, sources close to the case said Saturday.

Appeals court convicts French euthanasia doctor

Angers - A French appeals court on Saturday partially overturned the acquittal of a French emergency room doctor for the poison deaths of seven terminally ill patients, handing him a suspended two-year sentence.

Court upholds decision to keep brain-damaged Frenchman alive

Reims - A French court on Friday upheld a hospital's decision to keep a brain-damaged man alive in a case that has divided his family.

Singapore's Lee mulled euthanasia in final years: Daughter

Singapore - Singapore's founding leader Lee Kuan Yew, shattered by the death of his wife, asked his doctors about the possibility of euthanasia in his final years, his daughter revealed Monday.

French doctors dodge decision on vegetative man over 'threats'

Reims - The tortuous legal battle over the life or death of a severely brain-damaged Frenchman took a surprising turn Thursday as doctors refrained from taking a decision on his fate, citing security fears.

Dutch paediatricians back right to die for under 12s

Den Haag - Terminally ill children in unbearable suffering should be given the right to die, the Dutch Paediatricians Association said on Friday, urging the suppression of the current 12-year age limit.

New 'interaction' video deepens row in French right-to-die case

Reims - A video of severely brain-damaged Frenchman Vincent Lambert was published online on Wednesday by relatives and friends campaigning to stop doctors from withdrawing life support.

Europe court backs France in quadriplegic right-to-die ruling

Strasbourg - Europe's rights court on Friday backed the decision of a French court to allow a man in a vegetative state to be taken off life support, in a ruling that could become a benchmark on the continent.

European court to rule on right-to-die case

Strasbourg - Europe's human rights court will on June 5 rule on whether a man in a vegetative state can be taken off life support, a case that has ignited a fierce euthanasia debate in France, a spokesman said Thursday.

Indian nurse dies after 42 years in coma following rape

New Delhi - A nurse died Monday after 42 years in a coma following a brutal rape, in a case that led India to ease some restrictions on euthanasia.

Canada's Supreme Court allows doctor-assisted suicide

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Friday that patients with serious and incurable diseases have the right to doctor-assisted suicide.

Canada top court allows doctor-assisted suicide

Ottawa - Canada's supreme court on Friday unanimously struck down a ban on doctor-assisted suicide for mentally competent adults suffering from an incurable disease, reversing a decision on the books since 1993.

Call for submissions to Huntington's Disease documentary was founded in 2011 to create awareness of Huntington's Disease, a hereditary, degenerative, and terminal brain disease caused by a genetic defect on chromosome 4.

Europe rights court mulls whether to let French quadriplegic die

Strasbourg - Europe's human rights court on Wednesday heard arguments on whether a man in a vegetative state should be taken off life support, in a case that has torn his family apart and ignited a fierce euthanasia debate in France.

Belgian serial rapist 'will not be euthanized'

Brussels - A serial rapist and murderer who had won the right to die under Belgium's controversial euthanasia laws will not now be put to death following fresh medical advice, authorities said Tuesday.
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