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Canada's Supreme Court allows doctor-assisted suicide

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Friday that patients with serious and incurable diseases have the right to doctor-assisted suicide.

Canada top court allows doctor-assisted suicide

Ottawa - Canada's supreme court on Friday unanimously struck down a ban on doctor-assisted suicide for mentally competent adults suffering from an incurable disease, reversing a decision on the books since 1993.

Call for submissions to Huntington's Disease documentary was founded in 2011 to create awareness of Huntington's Disease, a hereditary, degenerative, and terminal brain disease caused by a genetic defect on chromosome 4.

Europe rights court mulls whether to let French quadriplegic die

Strasbourg - Europe's human rights court on Wednesday heard arguments on whether a man in a vegetative state should be taken off life support, in a case that has torn his family apart and ignited a fierce euthanasia debate in France.

Belgian serial rapist 'will not be euthanized'

Brussels - A serial rapist and murderer who had won the right to die under Belgium's controversial euthanasia laws will not now be put to death following fresh medical advice, authorities said Tuesday.

Rapist 'to be euthanised in Belgian jail on January 11'

Bruges - A convicted serial rapist who had long asked to be allowed to die on psychological grounds will be euthanised in Belgium on January 11, a newspaper said Saturday.

Can animal euthanasia be made more humane?

In light of new research about more humane ways to kill laboratory animals, some institutions have said that they will change their protocols for rodent euthanasia.

Belgium agrees to sex offender's request for mercy killing

Brussels - Belgium, one of only a few countries to allow euthanasia, has accepted a serial rapist's request that he be allowed to die, his lawyer said on Monday.

European court tells France to keep paraplegic on life-support

Strasbourg - The European Court of Human Rights has told France not to remove life support from a man in a vegetative state for the past six years, blocking a landmark French court ruling.

Top French court authorises ending life of quadriplegic

Paris - France's top administrative court on Tuesday gave the green light to cutting life support for a 38-year-old in a vegetative state, going against his parents' wish to keep him alive.

Trial of mercy killing doctor revives euthanasia debate in France

Pau - The trial of a doctor accused of having poisoned seven terminally-ill patients opened in France Wednesday, reviving the debate on euthanasia in a country where the practice is illegal.

Spanish petition asks Belgian king to stop euthanasia law

Brussels - A Spanish conservative lobby group on Thursday delivered more than 200,000 signatures to Belgian King Philippe in Brussels, urging him not to sign controversial child euthanasia legislation passed by parliament.CitizenGo, a pro-family and anti-abortion...

Op-Ed: Reflections on zoos and euthanasia

The slaughter of giraffe Marius at a Copenhagen zoo has prompted interest in just how many healthy animals are actually slaughtered by zoos in Europe and worldwide. It seems numbers are unknown, however scientific thought is that slaughters are necessary

'Aid in Dying' movement gains momentum in U.S.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a pathologist, was satirized by media pundits who dubbed him “Dr. Death.” He was both assailed and respected for the “assisted-suicide” movement he championed in the U.S.

Quebec ready to legalize very restrictive euthanasia law

Next week, Quebec's National Assembly will begin the final journey in legalizing euthanasia in the province. Doing so will put Quebec first in North America to allow a physician to purposely end a patient's life.

French court orders tests in quadriplegic euthanasia case

Paris - France's highest civil court Friday ordered more medical tests in the case of a battle between family members over ending the life of a 38-year-old quadriplegic in a vegetative state.The State Council said it would decide before the summer in the case ...

Belgium gives ill children of any age right-to-die

Brussels - Twelve years after legalising euthanasia for adults, Belgium's parliament extended the right to die to terminally ill children of any age Thursday, despite opposition from the Church and some pediatricians.After months of heated debate, the lower House...

Family battle over euthanasia for quadriplegic in French court

Paris - France's highest civil court on Thursday began hearing the case of a battle between family members over ending the life of a 38-year-old quadriplegic in a vegetative state.The State Council's 17 judges started considering the case of Vincent Lambert on...

Belgian MPs set to vote on euthanasia for children

Brussels - Terminally ill children are set to win the right to die in Belgium when lawmakers vote Thursday to extend a decade-old law allowing euthanasia for adults after months of often heated public debate.Despite strong opposition from the Church and some pedi...

Right-to-die with dignity to be extended to Belgium's children

Brussels - This week, Belgium is taking an unprecedented step in abolishing age restrictions for its euthanasia law, extending the right to children. This would amend the law that requires someone to be 18 or older to include minors, but with certain restrictions.

Belgium set to allow euthanasia for children

Brussels - More than a decade after legalising euthanasia for adults, Belgium is set this week to extend mercy-killing to terminally-ill children after lengthy public debate over the ethical issues at stake.Despite strong opposition from the Church and even some ...

Belgium to vote on child euthanasia Feb 13

Brussels - Belgian lawmakers will vote on whether to extend the right to euthanasia to terminally-ill children next week, parliament announced Thursday, with the measure expected to be approved.

French court rules out euthanasia for quadriplegic

Reims - A French court Thursday ruled against ending the life of a 38-year-old quadriplegic who has been in a vegetative state for years and whose family have been divided about his fate.

Belgian Senate approves euthanasia for terminally ill children

Brussels - Belgium's Senate has voted overwhelmingly to extend euthanasia rights to allow terminally ill children to ask for and receive permission to end their lives under certain circumstances.

Dog scheduled to be euthanized because 'he is gay'

Jackson - A dog in Jackson, Tennessee is scheduled to be euthanized on Thursday after the owner surrendered the animal because it was "gay".

Quebec will prepare assisted suicide legislation

Quebec - After receiving a report from an expert panel, the Parti Quebecois government announced they will prepare legislation that will allow people in certain limited circumstances to have doctors assist them in taking their own lives.

Belgium doctors euthanize twin brothers who were going blind

Brussel - A case involving two identical twin brothers who requested to be euthanized by doctors in Brussels prompted officials with the Belgium government to postpone a proposed amendment to the country's euthanasia laws.

France to legalize euthanasia

Paris - Fulfilling a campaign pledge, French President Francois Hollande commissioned a report, now complete, which recommends doctors be permitted to “accelerate death” for the terminally ill. Draft legislation is expected by June 2013.

Cat goes to vet for flea bath, is accidentally euthanized

Gardner - A cat was recently brought to a Massachusetts veterinarian for a scheduled flea bath, and instead was accidentally euthanized.

L'Osservatore: Abortion, euthanasia supporters use Nazi arguments

An article published in the semi-official Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano, has caused angry reactions after it argued that proponents of euthanasia and abortion use the same arguments as the Nazi used to justify their criminal eugenics program.
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 The 9th Amendment is the most important of all amendments to the US Constitution   said Jack Kevork...
"The 9th Amendment is the most important of all amendments to the US Constitution," said Jack Kevorkian in 2009. "It reserves all rights for the people that are not specifically granted to the government."
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