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Euthanasia News

New Zealanders reject pot reform in reefer-endum

Wellington - New Zealanders have narrowly rejected a proposal to legalise recreational marijuana, according to official referendum results released on Friday.The "no" vote gained 50.7 percent support, compared to 48.

New Zealanders back euthanasia - early poll results

Wellington - New Zealanders have voted overwhelmingly to legalise euthanasia in what supporters said was a victory for "choice" and "dignity", preliminary referendum results released Friday showed.

New Zealanders back euthanasia, cannabis vote still hazy

Wellington - New Zealanders have voted overwhelmingly to legalise euthanasia, preliminary referendum results released Friday showed, with another vote on allowing recreational cannabis appearing set to fail.

Terminally ill Frenchman calls off right-to-die strike

Dijon - A Frenchman who planned to refuse all food and medicine in his fight to secure right-to-die laws for terminally ill patients has called off his strike after being hospitalised, his supporters said Friday.

Vatican thunder over wider access to euthanasia

Vatican City - The Vatican on Tuesday underscored its unyielding opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide, calling it an "act of homicide", as more and more countries consider legal reforms on the controversial issue.

German court scraps ban on professional assisted suicide

Karlsruhe - Germany's highest court on Wednesday ruled that a 2015 law banning professional assisted suicide was unconstitutional, saying in a landmark decision that people have "the right to a self-determined death".

Portuguese MPs take first step to decriminalising euthanasia

Lisbon - Portugal took a major step towards the decriminalisation of euthanasia on Thursday when lawmakers voted in favour of the first reading of five proposals aimed at changing the law.

Portuguese MPs debate euthanasia decriminalisation

Lisbon - Portuguese lawmakers on Thursday began considering decriminalising euthanasia, a move narrowly rejected two years ago but with a good chance of passing this time around thanks to a parliamentary majority.

Spanish government wins first step to advance euthanasia law

Madrid - Spain's ruling Socialists on Tuesday won support from lawmakers to discuss a bill legalising euthanasia, despite fierce opposition from the Catholic church and rightwing groups.

Three doctors on trial in Belgium euthanasia case

Apo - Three doctors went on trial Tueday in Belgium accused of not respecting the conditions for euthanasia, a first in a country that legalised assisted suicide nearly two decades ago.

New Zealand's euthanasia bill passes, referendum to be held

Wellington - New Zealand lawmakers voted Wednesday in favour of making euthanasia legal, paving the way for the issue to be put to voters in a referendum next year.

New Zealand parliament backs euthanasia referendum

Wellington - New Zealand lawmakers narrowly backed a plan Wednesday to hold a referendum on legalising euthanasia alongside next year's general election.The proposal to put the issue to a public vote passed 63-57 during a heated late-night debate in parliament.

Italy court rules assisted suicide not always a crime

Rome - Italy's Constitutional Court on Wednesday ruled it was not always a crime to help someone in "intolerable suffering" commit suicide, opening the way for a change of law in the Catholic country.

Dutch euthanasia doctor acquitted in landmark case

Den Haag - A Dutch court on Wednesday acquitted a doctor over euthanising a woman with severe dementia in a landmark case for the Netherlands, the first country in the world to legalise euthanasia.

Brain-damaged French patient dies after doctors remove life support: family

Reims - A French man at the centre of a bitter row over right-to-die legislation passed away in hospital on Thursday more than a week after doctors removed his hydration and nutrition tubes, his family told AFP.

Vincent Lambert: French quadriplegic at heart of life-support debate

Paris - Vincent Lambert, the man at the centre of a years-long life-support battle that played out right up until his death on Thursday, was the silent witness to the wrenching public feud between his parents and wife.

Father in French right-to-die case says son being 'murdered'

Reims - The father of Vincent Lambert, a severely brain-damaged patient at the heart of a bitter right-to-die case, on Sunday denounced his son's "murder" after a French hospital began removing him from life support.

Vincent Lambert: the man at centre of French right-to-die case

Paris - Before, he was a rebellious teenager who became a psychiatric nurse in France, but then suffered brain damage in a road accident.

French doctors to end life support in right-to-die case

Lille - French doctors are set to begin removing life support from paralysed road accident victim Vincent Lambert on Tuesday, in what could be the final act in a hugely controversial right-to-die case that has drawn in Pope Francis.

Mother of Frenchman caught in 'life support' battle appeals to UN

Geneva - The mother of a Frenchman in a vegetative state for over a decade pleaded for UN help Monday to stop her son's "murder", after a court ruled his life-support could be turned off.

Top French court says life support can be ended in landmark right-to-die case

Paris - France's highest appeals court said Friday that the life support mechanisms keeping a severely brain-damaged man alive can be turned off "from now", a lawyer for his wife said, in the latest legal twist in a landmark right-to-die case.

French right-to-die case lands in top appeals court

Paris - France's highest appeals court on Monday began examining whether the man at the centre of a wrenching right-to-die case should have been put back on life support after doctors halted treatment.

Euthanasia now legal in Australian state

Melbourne - Terminally ill Australians can for the first time apply to end their own life, after new laws went into effect in the state of Victoria Wednesday.

French govt appeals court ruling on vegetative man's life support

Paris - The French government said Friday it had filed an appeal against a Paris court ruling ordering that life support be resumed for a man in a vegetative state for over a decade, the latest move in a long legal fight over his fate.

Life support resumes for Frenchman in vegetative state as Vatican steps in

Reims - The Vatican on Tuesday urged that a Frenchman who has been in a vegetative state for over a decade be kept alive, as doctors switched his support systems back on following a surprise court order.

Pope prays as Frenchman's life support switched off

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Monday said "those who live with severe illness" should have life protected until "its natural end", as doctors in France began turning off the life support of a man in a vegetative state.

Doctors start halting support for vegetative Frenchman

Reims - French doctors Monday began switching off the life support of a quadriplegic man who has been in a vegetative state for the last decade, in a hugely controversial case that has divided France.

Parents try to remove doctor in French right-to-die case

Lille - The parents of a Frenchman kept alive in a vegetative state for a decade will on Monday try to have the doctor caring for their son removed before he halts life-sustaining treatment the same day, their lawyers said.

Parents appeal to French president in right-to-die case

Lille - The parents of a Frenchman kept alive in a vegetative state for a decade appealed to President Emmanuel Macron Saturday to ensure his treatment continues, two days before his doctor plans to stop all medication.

Germany reopens painful debate on assisted suicide

Berlin - Germany's highest court will begin hearing on Tuesday a case brought by terminally ill patients and doctors against a law banning professional assisted suicide services, reopening a bitter debate.
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