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The quantum computing test revealed

Zurich - There are technological definitions of what a quantum computer is, but how can the power of such a machine be fully tested? The answer lies with unraveling a complex chemical reaction.

Tweaking fungi to boost biofuel enzyme production

Researchers have used mutant variants of a fungus to double the production of endoxylanase enzymes. These enzymes are used to bleach wood in chlorine free processes and for biofuels.

Making roses smell good again, enzymes at play

In the summer, the smell of roses, especially as the evening draw in, is one of the highlights. Once the smell fades, the aroma is gone forever. However, a key enzyme may be able to kick-start the distinctive scent.

Scientists create artificial enzymes

London - Researchers have created artificial enzymes in the laboratory. These enzymes are encoded by artificial genetic material and can function as biological catalysts.

Body's own enzymes unleashed to combat parasites

A common type of enzyme, found in the human body, has the potential to fight parasitic diseases like sleeping sickness. In a new study, scientists found that by blocking the activity of the enzyme kills a range of parasites.

Enzymes that help fix cancer discovered

An important enzyme pathway that helps prevent new cells from receiving too many or too few chromosomes, a condition that has been directly linked to cancer and other diseases, has been discovered by researchers.

Enzymes from horse feces may help with biofuel production

Finding the magic catalyst for biofuel production is a major industrial aim. Scientists have outlined the discovery of a potential range of suitable enzymes in fungi thriving in the feces and intestinal tracts of horses.

Blood Shortage Solution by Converting Donated Blood

You're rushed into hospital and need a blood transfusion – but what is your blood group? In future, it may not matter, thanks to enzymes that scrub antigens from red blood cells, turning all donated blood into group O – which can be given safely to al

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