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Environmentally friendly News

Technology to make environmentally friendly batteries developed

With a new process for creating 'green' batteries coming from Sweden, the anode and cathode are made of aluminium and an anthraquinone-based organic material respectively.

World's largest travel company installs green tech on liners

World's largest leisure travel company, Carnival Corporation, is expanding its pioneering environmental technology to more than 85 vessels across its global fleet through 2020.

Peacock feathers inspire 'greener' fashion

The problem with mass-produced, low-cost fashion items is that clothes are often dyed with chemicals that harm the environment. Inspired by peacock feathers, scientists have come up with an alternative.

Eco-friendly burials — Decomposing gently into that good night

New York Fashion Week always has the latest and most outrageous creations for the fall season, and this year, one garment is sure to be a show-stopper. Coeio's Infinity Burial Suit is described as a breakthrough in eco-friendly, green funeral options.

Green infrastructure saving major cities water, money and time Commissioned

As governments across the globe struggle to react to the growing multitude of threats posed by climate change, smart cities are taking the lead and acting on their own to stave off potential disaster.

Mali turns to environmentally friendly mud homes to save trees

In Mali's poorest villages, building a house can be a costly venture. It often involves cutting already depleted forests for wood and saving enough money to have corrugated sheetmetal shipped in for a roof.

China reaches for the sky in building world's tallest tower

Wuhan - What's green and pink and sits in a lake? The answer may surprise you. China is planning to build the world's tallest towers, beating out Dubai's Burj Khalifa. China's Phoenix Towers will also be the most environmentally friendly towers in the world.

Ted's Montana Grill restaurant chain rapidly expanding Special

The first Ted's Montana Grill was opened in Columbus, Ohio in January 2002 by Ted Turner and restaurateur George McKerrow, Jr. Since that time, the chain has expanded to 44 restaurants in 16 states with bison as the centerpiece of the menu.

Israeli inventor builds a cardboard bicycle for $9

Just like any bicycle it can withstand water and humidity even though it's made of recycled cardboard, but this bike costs next to nothing and is the ultimate in "environmentally friendly."

University of Southern California Develops Printable Solar Cells

Los Angeles - The path for cheap solar energy has been paved, but we can't walk it just yet. Scientists at the University of Southern California (USC) have developed a liquid solar cell which they say can essentially be printed onto surfaces of any shape.

Is enhanced geothermal risky or an excellent energy alternate?

Using earth's geothermal resources appears, on the surface, to be a really good idea. Touted as being "green" energy, the earth's superheated waters are the latest resource receiving the attention of governments around the world.

Neighbors Fighting Over Attempt at Clean Power

Curt Mann is remodeling his 1920s home to appeal to the environmentally friendly trend. His neighbors, however, feel that his attempt with a forty-five-foot tall wind turbine is unattractive and a nuisance.

Walking On My Grassy Roof

Generally when one thinks about their roof it's in shades of asphalt, black tar and gravel-ballasted rooftops. All that darkness adding additional heat into the city. A better way could be the use of green roofs, a garden oasis at the top of the city.

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Here you have your house and garage, all in one place.
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