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What lessons can be learned from the Snowflake IPO? Special

Snowflake’s huge IPO is a huge lesson for entrepreneurs, given the huge success associated with the company flotation and as an example of how a digital-led business got it right.

Benin tech innovation hub sees bright future

Cotonou - With crimson walls and violet, yellow and red awnings, it's a building that few people in Cotonou, the tranquil economic capital of Benin, are likely to miss.And that's the point.

Q&A: Business vs Family: How to find balance Special

Most entrepreneurs work at least 50 hours a week and think this pace of working will improve the chances for business success. But what about having a life beyond the business? Expert Peter J. Strauss provides some advice.

Mark Evans looks to conjure marketing spark in entrepreneurs

A new book from B2B consultant Mark Evans wants to take the dread out of marketing for entrepreneurs with everyday, practical advice.

Canada challenges women to lead the Cleantech future

Toronto - Women are underrepresented in the innovation economy, and the Government of Canada plans to change that. Only five percent of Canadian tech companies have a sole woman founder or CEO, and only 13 percent of companies have a woman co-founder.

How to anticipate if technologies will be used maliciously

The Institute for the Future and Omidyar Network have put together tools technology entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs can use to anticipate how their technologies could be used for malicious purposes in the future.

Amazon unveils plan for entrepreneurs to take over from UPS

E-commerce giant Amazon, wanting more control over how its packages are delivered is rolling out a program Thursday that lets entrepreneurs around the country launch businesses that deliver Amazon packages.

University of Waterloo creates Canada's first problem lab

Waterloo - The University of Waterloo is launching a new program to help students with the first step of entrepreneurial innovation - finding a real-world problem that can be solved with new technology.

Kelowna on track to become Canadian hub for high-tech industry

Kelowna - Kelowna, British Columbia is becoming a Canadian hub for the high-tech industry. Not only are local entrepreneurs launching start-ups, but established companies are moving to the Okanagan Lake city.

Entrepreneurs and volunteers step up to get solar to Puerto Rico

San Juan - On September 20, powerful Category 4 Hurricane Maria made a direct landfall on the U.S. island territory of Puerto Rico. Two weeks later, 90 percent of the island is without power and few have clean drinking water. But the world is responding with help.

Rover comes out on top at culmination of the INFINITI Lab program

Eight Toronto startups pitched at the culmination of INFINITI's Lab accelerator program. After a rigorous four-week program, the innovators were ready to show why their products represent the best in IoT and smart city technology.

5 items every entrepreneur needs, says CEO of Provident Loan Special

New York - Many creative people have a business idea, but where do you begin and how do you turn that idea into a business? New York CEO elaborates on the biggest mistakes he sees rookie entrepreneurs make.

CEO Matt Keezer: Momentum Ventures launching $500K challenge Commissioned

Starting a business can be a costly, risky, and life-altering investment. One Montreal, Quebec-based technology company is looking to put in the heavy lifting for you, if you are up for the challenge.

Eventa survey says 80% of people have an office romance

For many of us model professionals, office romances are a divisive subject. On the one hand, it’s the perfect way to clear up that awkward sexual tension hovering over the workroom.

ZenDay platform passes 250,000 downloads — iOS testing to begin Special

ZenDay CEO and co-founder Richard Phan has disclosed that ZenDay will launch private beta testing of the iOS version of their time management platform next week.

How Poker Skills Help Entrepreneurs

Texas Hold’em has gained the reputation as one of the most complex games in the world. Why? Because humans, endowed with logic, emotions, and irrationality, are themselves sophisticated and sentient beings.

New York brothers create ads on toilet paper

Look before you wipe! That’s exactly what two young brothers, Jordan and Bryan Silverman, are hoping you will do. The entrepreneurs, 22 and 18-years-old, respectively, began a start-up that allows advertisers to place ads on their rolls of toilet paper.

Why every entrepreneur should do '48 Hours in Silicon Valley' Special

San Francisco - If you’ve ever worked in a startup, you know what it’s like to attack one of the most exciting and uncertain beasts you’ll ever encounter.

Bamidele Onibalusi succeeds as a teenage Nigerian entrepreneur Special

Bamidele Onibalusi inspires writers and bloggers all around the world through his amazing success story, helping them reach their potential to the fullest with his recently released free guide: “How to Write for Traffic and Money.”

Startup 2012 NYC: Entrepreneurial Advice and Silicon Alley Spirit Special

New York - On May 3, 2012, entrepreneurial advice and Silicon Alley spirit took center stage at Business Insider's Startup 2012 event in New York.

Going green will create a better bottom line

Going green is probably the best method for all businesses to enhance their bottom lines. It creates jobs, fosters innovation, and provides long term savings strategy.

New Canadian TV Show Advises Small Biz Entrepreneurs, Uses Web To Gain Popularity

Entrepreneurs in Canada now have a TV show to advise them on big business trends. Find out why Fortune Hunters is the next step for Dragon’s Den host Diane Buckner, and learn how the Web plays a major role in this new CBC show.

15 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Didn’t Need College

The following entrepreneurs became successful without having a college degree, while in many homes parents insisted a college degree was needed to get ahead. Some of the big names are Richard Branson, Mary Kay Ash, Bill Gates and Simon Cowell.

Entrepreneurs profit from free Web names

Entrepreneurs have been taking advantage of a five-day grace period to sample millions of domain names, keeping the relative few that might generate advertising revenues and dropping the rest before paying.

Show Me the Money

Everywhere we turn, we see ads for free money, bad credit loans, business startup loans, and many other forms of money that are said to be available. When it comes down to it, is it as easy to receive this money as they say on the ads?

Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25

"The success of the entrepreneurs behind Digg, YouTube, and Facebook will undoubtedly inspire a growing breed of the young, energetic, and self-reliant who are more than willing to gamble that their startups will fly."

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Kate Dwyer  left  and Penelope Gazin are the cofounders of art marketplace Witchsy.
Kate Dwyer, left, and Penelope Gazin are the cofounders of art marketplace Witchsy.
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