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What do employees really think about remote working?

Working from home presents many challenges and there are scores of articles looking into the technical aspects. But what do employees themselves really think about the process and the impact on work-life balance?

Changing work: Increased cloud adoption is happening Special

The refocusing of the workforce is leading to many changes, from a step change in cloud computing adoption to a rise in insider threats. Our third feature is based around commentary from Anurag Kahol.

Op-Ed: Reinventing the job interview as something useful

New York - Anyone who’s ever had anything to do with the employment sector will tell you the hiring process is way beyond absurd these days. Arcane rituals, meaningless interview questions, astonishing time frames, it all needs to go.

Q&A: For Stress Awareness Day, how can managers help? Special

Data suggests the leading causes of stress for adults are money and work. Adults are consumed by work and it impacts their emotional wellness. What can managers do about this? Business guru Shane Metcalf offers some answers.

Canadian military publishes strict rules for pot consumption

Ottawa - The Canadian Department of Defense has issued new guidelines dealing with the consumption and possession of cannabis by its military members, severely restricting, and in some cases, prohibiting its use once it becomes legal in October.

Watch out, your employer may be watching you

In many businesses if you think that your employer isn’t monitoring your slack activity, then it’s time for a rethink. A new survey charts how and through which types of technologies employee surveillance is taking place.

Why Businesses need to assess impact of Industry 4.0

London - The disruption causes by digital technologies is making many C-level executives nervous. To ride this out, a PwC report recommends businesses need to get the right people with the right skills to apply the necessary digital changes.

How voluntary benefits outsourcing helps businesses: Interview Special

Technology, through the application of voluntary benefits outsourcing, can increase efficiency and accessibility for HR professionals during open enrollment season. To find out more we spoke with Peter Marcia, the CEO of YouDecide.

New technology aims to test for recent marijuana use

Now that marijuana has been legalized is so many states, and is about to become legal across Canada, new concerns have been raised over people driving or being on the job while impaired by recent marijuana use. Well, those concerns are being addressed.

The company that asks employees to start work at 9:06 a.m.

What is the ideal company to work for? What types of benefits have the greatest effect? How about a later starting time or a free breakfast? One company has been pioneering different work practices to apparent success.

Op-Ed: Texas Supreme Court wrong to allow employers to lie to workers

Austin - In an erroneous decision that should provoke outrage, the Texas Supreme Court has ruled that employers may lie to their workers. It turns out that an employer is not obligated to be truthful about whether workers' jobs are in jeopardy.

That work and life balance thing just got easier Special

These days finding the time for everything seems like a challenge, especially for those who have children, or are in need of adult or elder care. An interview with Imagine That Family Care Service reveals details on this trend.

Op-Ed: The Federal Government's impact on 'The 12 Days of Christmas'

If you are thinking of following "The 12 Days of Christmas" gift buying model for your true love, think again, because you may be subjecting your significant other to additional government oversight.

Free Speech: Devout Christian wins Facebook post ruling in court

A devout Christian who expressed opposition to legalising gay marriage on his Facebook page has won a court case brought for breach of contract against his employers after losing his post as a housing manager and being forced to take a 40% pay cut.

California bans employers and colleges from social media snooping

This week California became the most recent state to ban the social media snooping conducted by many employers and universities.

Op-Ed: Does staying off Facebook make you a suspicious person?

A psychologist in Germany has suggested people that do not have Facebook accounts are "suspicious" individuals. And the psychologist may not be alone in his thinking.

Bill proposed to ban bosses from asking for Facebook passwords

There has been much concern about potential employers requesting Facebook passwords from job applicants at interviews. Now gradually bills are being introduced to put an end to this idea.

Teacher aide suspended, refused to show employer Facebook account

Cassopolis - An employee recently found herself suspended after she refused to allow an employer to see her Facebook account upon demand.

Congress says 'no' to protecting your Facebook privacy

There has been much hype in the news lately about potential employers demanding Facebook passwords from interviewees. Much concern has been voiced against this invasion of privacy - two representatives took this concern to Congress without success.

Facebook warns employers about asking users for passwords

Facebook has issued a post today that warns employers not to ask applicants or employees for passwords. This practice, which has come increasingly under fire in recent months, violates Facebook's terms of service.

Op-Ed: Do employment laws matter in the era of Facebook?

In the United States, there are laws that clearly outline questions that employers are not supposed to ask job applicants during the hiring process.

Op-Ed: Will using passwords and privacy settings matter in the future?

Social networks provide privacy settings as a means for users to have some level of control of what they want to share, but recent trends appear to indicate these settings may be useless in the long-term.

Job Ads; the unemployed need not apply

New York - The 14 million Americans still out of work, some of them for up to five years, are being hit with job ads on huge websites like Monster and Career-Builder and even Craigslist that state clearly that unemployed workers are not wanted.

Health plans give employers additional benefits business wise

When employers take an active role in their employees overall health they make a serious investment for their companies, according to the thirteenth edition of The sanofi-aventis Healthcare Survey.

Survey: 45% of employers using Facebook to screen new hires

Social networking is increasingly becoming a way to obtain a new job. It's also a way for your new boss to see who you really are. A new survey shows almost half of all employers are checking Facebook profiles during the hiring process.

'Dead Peasants Insurance' - insure your employees, cash in when they die

If you’ve never had bulimia, but have always wanted to try, this is the news you’ve been waiting for. Dead peasants insurance is an $8 billion a year industry in America, and comprises 20% of insurance sold per year. It’s a real cottage industry.

Op-Ed: Post a photo, wear a pirate hat on myspace, and say goodbye to your career

If a stranger enters your premises, it’s trespassing. If someone swipes your mail, it’s an actual crime. If an employer does a surveillance operation, finds a myspace photo of you wearing a pirate hat, and fires you, it’s fine, according to someone.

Employers Discover Troubling Racial Split in 401(k) Plans

Employers have begun to find troubling racial differences within their 401(k) plans, a gap they say could leave black workers far less financially prepared for retirement than whites.

Employers’ paranoia could annoy ya: the job destroyer?

Obviously tired of waiting for their uniforms, whips and jackboots, employers are now trawling around Google and myspace, looking for things to dislike about their job applicants.

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