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Embryo News

Japan set to undertake human-animal embryo experiments

Japan has approved the first ever human-animal embryo experiments. This research could produce an alternative sources of organs for transplant. However, there are an array of ethical and technical hurdles to be addressed.

Scientist who genetically engineered human babies, detained

In November 2018 it was widely reported that Professor He Jiankui had genetically edited human babies, which brought widespread condemnation. Now the researcher has been, reportedly, detained by Chinese authorities.

NIH joins in on embryo research revelation

As Digital Journal has reported, scientists in China have used new technology to edit human embryos. In the wake of this, and public concerns, the U.S. National Institutes of Health has declared that it will not fund this type of study.

Hidden virus in human genome may protect embryos

A newly discovered retrovirus embedded in the human genome may help protect embryos from other viruses, and influence fetal development.

New concerns over three person IVF Special

London - The U.K. Department of Health announced today that it will continue with efforts to gain Parliamentary approval for the experimental technique known as three-person IVF. This move trajectory has raised concerns with a campaign group.

Japanese scientists to grow human organs in animals

Japanese scientists have developed a process for forming a chimeric embryo by planting a human stem cell into an animal embryo, usually a pig. The organs would then mature inside the animal until scientists harvest and transplant them into a human body.

Breakthrough: Cloning human skin cell to produce embryonic cells

Scientists have for the first time produced human embryonic stem cells from adult cells through a cloning process, an experiment that may revive the controversy over human cloning.

Stem cells can 'self-destruct' to protect the developing embryo

New findings indicate that embryonic stem cells, at the early stage of development, can shut-down if there is a risk that genetic damage may occur which could harm the development of the embryo.

Scientists turn fat into stem cells

There has been a lot of controversy over producing stem cells from human embryos. Now, after skin cells have become an optional source, scientists from Stanford University are demonstrating another convenient, fast way to get stem cells: our fat.

Céline Dion Pregnant with Embryo Frozen for 8 Years

According to reports, Céline Dion's doctor, Dr. Zev Rosenwaks, says 41-year-old singer is pregnant due to in vitro fertilization of an embryo that was frozen eight years ago.

Couples last embryo aborted following hospital blunder

A husband and wife who had fertility treatment in 2000 were shocked to find that their last viable embryo was mistakenly given to another woman, who then took a morning after pill.

Research Finds Evidence of Why Mothers Get Morning Sickness

Early pregnancy is often known for morning sickness. While women who experience it may disagree, doctors like hearing that their patients are undergoing the condition. It turns out that it serves an important purpose in protecting an unborn child.

Hybrid Embryo's So Vital For Research Even Animal Rights Can Sleep At Night

We have already learned of the next scientific phenomena to astound the rest of us mere mortals. Cloning may have been enough to swallow like a raw steak, so how is this next shift in science so vital?

Natallie Evans loses her appeal to save her embryos

Natallie won the fight with cancer but lost an almost six year fight to save her embryos today.

Who Laid The First Egg? Scientists Closer to Linking Embryos of Earth's First Animals and Their Adult Form

"In 2000, Xiao's team reported the discovery of a tubular coral-like animal that might be a candidate for parenthood."

Embryo Survived From Hurricane Katrina Is Now A Baby

Noah Benton Markham is the first ever baby boy born on Tuesday by a frozen embryo rescued from floods at Hurricane Katrina. Noah’s embryo was frozen in liquid nitrogen at the time floods hit New Orleans' Lakeland Hospital.

Woman making final embryo appeal

A woman left infertile after cancer treatment is making a final appeal to a court for permission to use frozen embryos fertilized by a former partner.

Frozen embryos have no right to life

An Irish judge ruled against a woman who wanted to have a child without the consent of her estranged husband.The Judge ruled frozen embryos did not enjoy the same right to life as those carried in the womb.

Outcry as clinic offers 'designer baby' embryo screening for 200 diseases

Critics warn the ground-breaking technique is another step towards the creation of the 'designer baby'.

Plan to create human-cow embryos

UK scientists have applied for permission to create embryos by fusing human DNA with cow eggs.

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