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Unexpected bachelor party guest crashes event after mistaken email

After weeks of watching an email exchange between friends getting ready for a Philadelphia-based bachelor party, Joey DiJulio came clean and admitted he didn’t know the groom. The Seattle man had been added to the email list by mistake.

A public affair over Clinton's private emails

Washington D.c. - On March 2, 2015 The New York Times reported that Hillary Rodham Clinton used her personal email account for all government communications during her entire four-year-long tenure as the United States Secretary of State.

Email marketing in 2015 set to grow, become more complicated

Sometimes seen as an antiquated digital marketing medium, email marketing spend will increase in 2015.Email marketing has been a debated marketing strategy for the last several years

Microsoft's Outlook email app nears top of iOS charts

Yesterday Microsoft released a new version of Outlook for iOS and Android phones that seems to be going down well with consumers, now sitting in the "Best New Apps" list and climbing rapidly.

SmartWatches are so yesterday — Introducing the SmartRing

As Samsung, Apple and Co. are all launching their own takes on the SmartWatches, MOTA, a US company based in the Silicon Valley with its award-winning design team, has designed the next step in the high-tech consumer electronics: the SmartRing!

This 16-year-old has a genius way to make your email more secure

San Francisco - In the next two weeks, Abe Storey is aiming to launch his latest startup, an email product called Lock Up Mail. He's on a self-imposed time crunch, because after that, he's starting his junior year of high school.

Anonymous email app tells reporters that they are 'really mean'

Paris - Leak is a new service which provides anonymous e-mail for anyone who needs it. Now they are facing criticism in the media after sending out strange e-mails that claim to detail personal information in their lives.

Gmail flaw means hackers could have email address of every user

A gaping but now patched security flaw in Google's Gmail email service has been revealed that could have allowed hackers to extract the email address of every single user from Google's database.

Why Microsoft execs read content from a private Hotmail account

Microsoft has admitted it read the Hotmail inbox of a blogger while pursuing a software leak investigation. The admission has created intense blowback, with users of Microsoft's email service worried about their privacy.

Op-Ed: Dissecting Marco Rubio’s email on the NSA Special

An email from Senator Marco Rubio lays out his feelings on the NSA’s domestic spying program. The email is full of the same doublespeak that every defender of the program uses because they can’t find an actual justification for the program.

Facebook throws in towel on email

San Francisco - Facebook, after unsuccessfully trying to get its users on its own email system, has thrown in the towel. The social networking giant told AFP by email that it was giving up on email "because most people haven't been using their Facebook email address.

Artist turns strangers' emails into handwritten letters

Back in the way people used to write each other messages not by email, but by hand. Artist Ivan Cash is on a mission to bring that lost art form back.

Op-Ed: Dissecting the President's email on Syria

In emails that were delivered around 1:00AM on September 11th, President Obama tried to make his case for war in Syria to his supporters who had signed up for emails from the White House.

Doug Engelbart dies at 88: Mouse inventor, early email developer

San Francisco - Douglas C. Engelbart died at 88 after his health deteriorated over the weekend. Engelbart invented the computer mouse, helped develop early email and word processing programs, and contributed to the invention of the Internet, among other technologies.

Op-Ed: Will Outlook stay valid?

Everyone knows the frustration of hitting the wrong email link and having outlook pop open. However, will this stalwart in the world of email providers become obsolete? Or is the best still yet to come?

Google to allow users to send money with Gmail

Gmail users will soon see a dollar-sign icon among Gmail attachment options. Just hover over the attachment paperclip, click the $ icon to attach money, enter the amount and press send.

540,000 detainee-lawyer e-mails mishandled at Guantanamo Bay

Some 540,000 emails between Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detainees and their lawyers were mistakenly turned over to prosecutors, prompting more questions on a justice system some see as unjust.

IRS says it can read your email without a warrant

According to new information received by the ACLU, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not feel that it needs to obtain a warrant before reading Americans' emails.

Op-Ed: How Facebook could potentially replace e-mails altogether

Communication is becoming more and more convenient by the second. Perhaps not by the second, but as time progresses, so does the efficiency when it comes to communication.

Teacher sends students email containing faculty insults of them

A student protest was triggered after a teacher accidentally sent out a mass email containing a document that included insulting comments about students made by teachers.

Opposition to U.S. postal service ending Saturday deliveries

Opposition to the plan announced by the U.S. postal service to end Saturday deliveries has come from businesses, households and unions.

Email from 'bitterly disappointed' dad to his children goes viral

A blatantly honest email typed out by a father and mailed to his three adult children has gone viral. The message is being widely referred to as "bitterly disappointed dad" email.

Taliban spokesman accidentally reveals his full mailing list

Kabul - A Taliban spokesman, Qari Yousuf Ahmedi, committed a blunder while sending out routine press release email on Saturday. He unintentionally revealed the names of about 400 people on his mailing list.

From where do you get the maximum spam emails?

Guess the original destination of most of the spam emails in your inbox? Russia? Canada? Holland? Nigeria? India? Pakistan? Wrong! It’s none of these.

Op-Ed: Is email obsolete and outdated?

Internet space is increasingly turning into a turf where diverse activities compete for users’ attention. Email and social media have emerged as the two great contenders for our Internet time.

What Americans do most online?

Americans are probably the most addicted internet users. However, how they spend their time online can be an interesting study. According to a Nielson survey, Americans spend nearly “a quarter of their time online on social networking sites and blogs…

Microsoft scraps Hotmail with relaunch of Outlook

In the late 1990's Hotmail was the largest free email service in the world, but now 16 years later, Microsoft has decided to ditch Hotmail and relaunch Outlook.

Massive spam botnet Grum destroyed by security researchers

Computer experts and security researchers took down one of the biggest spam hubs in the world. The botnet, known as Grum, was reportedly responsible for 18 percent of the world's junk email.

Has Facebook changed your email yet?

Facebook has had a habit of making changes in their product with little or no fanfare. They've done it again, this time to your email.

Jason Kenney says in email Alberta Deputy Premier is an 'a--hole'

Edmonton - Another incident shows a bitter divide between the federal Conservatives and the Alberta Progressive Conservatives. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney wrote in an email to a provincial chairman that Alberta Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk is an "a--hole"
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Facebook Messenger
Cleaning out the inbox  putting spam in the trash
Cleaning out the inbox, putting spam in the trash
Rapportive is a Gmail extension that shows you links related to the people who email you.
Rapportive is a Gmail extension that shows you links related to the people who email you.
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A new e-mail app stunt left some journalists a bit unnerved.
A new e-mail app stunt left some journalists a bit unnerved.
Ben Grey
Users complained on the Microsoft support forums
Users complained on the Microsoft support forums
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email I received
Someone s inbox when Hotmail didn t load all his emails
Someone's inbox when Hotmail didn't load all his emails
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