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Election 2008 News

CTV guilty of unethical conduct towards Stephane Dion

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) has found that a CTV interview from the 2008 Canadian Federal Election between anchor Steve Murphy and then Canadian Liberal leader Stephane Dion breached ethical standards.

Jammu & Kashmir Youths upbeat after Omar Abdullah's win

After Omar Abdullah's historic win in Jammu & Kashmir's last concluded election, the youths of the state are in a real high and much enthused state of mind.

Op-Ed: Huffington Post Says It's Bill Clinton's Fault if Obama Loses U.S. Election

There are two themes of going around the Internet of what the reason will be, preemptively, if Barack Obama loses the election for presidency in November 2008 despite his lead in polls. Racism or the fall back of "It is all the Clinton's fault."

The Green Party Nominates Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney To Run As President

The Green Party had their nominating convention on Saturday, July 12, 2008, at the Chicago Symphony Center and Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was nominated as their party's presidential choice.

Op-Ed: The Bushelvik Revolution?

A cursory knowledge of World History shows how the now defunct Soviet Union was born out of the Bolshevik Revolution, plunging that country and several others ‘annexed’ by the Soviets into decades of darkness and oppression.

Op-Ed: What Choice In 2008?

With Party conventions approaching, Republicans have thrown their lot behind John McCain while Democrats are still locked in a bitter struggle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. What choice is there for the country?

The Growing List Of Barack Obama's Questionable Associations

When someone jumps headfirst into the American political arena it opens the door for journalists, opponents and US citizens to start probing into every aspect of their lives.

Will it be a Clinton-Obama ticket in 2008?

Former President Bill Clinton is out stumping for his wife in her bid for the White House. In a town hall meeting in Mississippi, where the focus was mostly about all things Bill, he forwarded the notion of Obama as Vice-President.

Op-Ed: You'll Have to Earn the Votes, Senator McCain

There is no simple easy answer of who conservatives should vote for. We surely do not want Hillary or Obama in, but are we so sure a McCain presidency would really be that much better? Are conservative votes once again being taken for granted?


Senator John McCain, former POW and one of the most liberal Senators sporting the ignominious “R” behind his name, cruised to an easy victory in the Florida Primaries, prompting many to presume he will be the party’s nominee in November.

Digital Journal Welcomes U.S. Presidential Candidates in Exclusive News Section

With the U.S. election approaching, we're happy to announce a new exclusive section on where presidential candidates can engage directly with journalists and citizen journalists, debate issues and talk about the future of America.

My First Journal: Notes from a Presidential Candidate

With Independence Day only a few days behind us, I'd like to offer a tribute to America's men and women in uniform who serve our nation with bravery, vigilance, courage and professionalism.

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