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eBay fitness sales data reveals lockdown spending habits

An eBay study has been released which analyses sales volume of at-home fitness equipment during the lockdown period. The findings indicate that for some, at least, the closure of gyms has triggered a fitness spending spree.

Shares of eBay fall on disappointing revenue forecast

San Jose - Even though eBay Inc. did well in the fourth quarter and also introduced its first ever dividend this was overshadowed by the forecast for the March quarter which was below estimates and disappointing growth in revenues during the holiday quarter.

eBay uses augmented reality to make online selling simpler

eBay has launched a new feature that uses augmented reality to help sellers package items. Available in the company's official Android app, it uses motion tracking and environmental understanding to assess product dimensions and preview different boxes.

eBay climbs 15 percent on decision to abandon PayPal

eBay has announced it will abandon its long-serving payments partner PayPal. The company is bringing its payment systems in-house and will directly mediate between merchants and buyers. eBay said the change will improve the customer experience.

Internet giant eBay buys Canadian data analysis firm Terapeak

San Jose - The on line giant eBay announced that it will acquire Terapeak based in Toronto, Canada. Terapeak uses supply, demand, and pricing data to aid sellers to know what to sell, when to sell it and at what price in different marketplaces such as eBay.

Unannounced 'Google Glass Enterprise Edition' spotted on eBay

A development version of an unannounced Google Glass headset has appeared on eBay and is currently fetching in excess of $8,000. The device is believed to be an example of the 'Enterprise Edition,' a Glass variant that Google has yet to reveal.

Portrait of Donald Trump with tiny penis pulled from Facebook

While it is seemingly okay to joke about the possible size of Donald Trump's penis, drawing a nude portrait of The Donald with a small penis is a no-no with Facebook. And Facebook is not the only Internet site to not allow the drawing to be shown.

Heartbroken husband saws couple's belongings in half

When marriages end, couples will divide their belongings. A heartbroken husband took matters in his own hands and literally divided the communal property with electric tools and mailed them to his estranged wife.

'The Walking Dead' town is being sold

Grantville - The town that was featured in season 3 the show 'The Walking Dead,' is on the market, and you can buy it for $680,000 on eBay.

Man buys laptop off eBay, and receives photo of it

Ilfracombe - A man in England ordered a laptop off eBay, but when the package arrived and he opened it up, it was just a photocopied photo of a laptop.

Charlie Hebdo issue offered on eBay for thousands of euros

Paris - Copies of the latest edition of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, which sold out within hours across France on Wednesday, are being offered on eBay for thousands of euros, prompting a media watchdog to blast sellers for "indecent" profiteering.

Atari games found in landfill now for sale on eBay

Alamogordo - Several Atari games were unearthed at a landfill in New Mexico, and the city of Alamogordo have put the games up for sale on eBay.

Woman tries to sell her imaginary friend on eBay

A young woman from England is trying to sell her imaginary friend on eBay on the advice that was given to her by her psychiatrist.

Can PayPal survive splitting from eBay?

Plans have been approved for PayPal to separate from eBay and form its own independent business. PayPal is currently responsible for handling one of every six dollars spent online and are looking to increase that figure.

PayPal to separate from eBay

E-commerce site eBay is is to split away its payments division PayPal. This will mean that the e-bank will be run as a separate company, with eBay's relationship being that of an "arm's length" owner.

Serious eBay flaw exposes customers to malicious website risk

A dangerous flaw that has exposed eBay customers to malicious websites has been affecting the site since at February 2014.

Surviving Migration: IntuitSolutions and best practices for life after ProStores Commissioned

Two eBay e-commerce platforms are shutting down and almost 10,000 online merchants must migrate their stores. What are the next best options?

Sotheby's and eBay form partnership for streaming auction

Online retail giant eBay and luxury item dealer Sotheby's are teaming up to deliver a joint online auction. Bids will be placed in real time with the stream so that viewers can watch each piece as it is bought.

iBerry launches Auxus Linea L1 Smartphone and Auxus AX04 Tablet

Hong Kong based iBerry launches two more KitKat-based devices set to gain a greater presence in the Indian markets. The Auxus Linea L1 smartphone and Auxus AX04 tablet are set to be sold online on June, 25.

eBay login details being sold online in wake of hack attack

An investigation set up by UK newspaper, The Sun on Sunday, claims to have found scammers selling credentials of affected eBay users in the wake of the recent attack against the company where details of over 233 million customers were stolen.

eBay under investigation for data loss

Trading site eBay is facing investigations in the U.S. and the U.K. over its huge data breach which led it to ask 145 million customers to reset their passwords.

eBay suffers cyberattack, forces password change

Internet trading giant eBay announced on Wednesday that it had been hit by a cyber attack, prompting the company to issue a statement requesting their clients change their account password for security reasons.

EBay hacked, tells users to change passwords

Online auction giant eBay was hacked recently, compromising the passwords of their millions of customers. They found out two weeks ago, and claim no other personal info was stolen.

Inside the rise of online shopping Commissioned

Over the last three decades, the world has seen a major shift in how it shops. As home computers have become more affordable and access to the Internet simplified, more people have discovered the convenience of online shopping.

Icahn changes course, urges eBay to sell 20 percent of PayPal

Activist investor Carl Icahn on Wednesday called on eBay Inc to sell 20 percent of its PayPal payments unit in an initial public offering, a change in tack from his previous call for a complete spinoff.

Op-Ed: Online exchanges in Lehman terms, eBay to the rescue?

2014 has kind of sucked for Bitcoin but that doesn’t mean that the digital currency is dead in the cyber-water. No, Bitcoin is just fine. And thanks to eBay, the most pressing problem with digital currencies may soon be solved.

EBay CEO says top shareholders agree PayPal should stay put

EBay Inc CEO John Donahoe said on Wednesday that several of the online retailer's most active shareholders have assured him they support his efforts to resist demands by activist investo...

Icahn says eBay corporate governance worst ever: CNBC

Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn said Wednesday that corporate governance at e-commerce giant eBay Inc., in which he is a shareholder, was the worst he had ever seen.

Icahn says demanding review of eBay records

Activist investor Carl Icahn is demanding a review of eBay Inc's records on its sale of Skype, reiterating his view that eBay board member Marc Andreessen had conflicts of interest, while eBay called Ic...

EBay CEO sees Icahn getting louder, tells employees not to listen

Carl Icahn's campaign to convince eBay Inc to spin off its PayPal payments service will intensify in the run-up to eBay's shareholders' meeting in May, eBay's chief executive said on Thursday, warning employees to ignore the "...
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Ebay Image

Along with the closeout merchandise and surplus merchandise markets  the returned merchandise and li...
Along with the closeout merchandise and surplus merchandise markets, the returned merchandise and liquidation industry generates over $100 billion dollars in revenue annually.
Some sellers are placing Twinkie items  such as these lunch boxes  at high prices.
Some sellers are placing Twinkie items, such as these lunch boxes, at high prices.
Google Glass Enterprise Edition appeared for sale on eBay
Google Glass Enterprise Edition appeared for sale on eBay
eBay augmented reality packaging assistant
eBay augmented reality packaging assistant
eBay s Berlin office
eBay's Berlin office
Work by Cecilia Giménez   restorer  of Ecce Homo  on eBay
Work by Cecilia Giménez, "restorer" of Ecce Homo, on eBay
Cecilia Giménez
eBay / PayPal office campus
eBay / PayPal office campus
File photo
Bidding riot on Ebay Nike Foamposite Galaxy 99 000
Bidding riot on Ebay Nike Foamposite Galaxy 99,000
eBay website
Screen grab taken on eBay of Twinkie Bake Set auctions; as you can see a few bids have been made alr...
Screen grab taken on eBay of Twinkie Bake Set auctions; as you can see a few bids have been made already.
Bidding riot on Ebay Nike Foamposite Galaxy 99 000
Bidding riot on Ebay Nike Foamposite Galaxy 99,000
eBay ARCore packaging assistant
eBay ARCore packaging assistant
Screen grab of a Hostess  Twinkie the Kid  vintage child s t-shirt placed on eBay.
Screen grab of a Hostess 'Twinkie the Kid' vintage child's t-shirt placed on eBay.
However some sellers are opting to go the bid route  staring at lower prices  which as you can see h...
However some sellers are opting to go the bid route, staring at lower prices, which as you can see has numerous bids. By the time this auction ends, the ending bid could possibly change drastically.
Screen grab taken of auctions listed on eBay the day after Hostess announced it was ceasing operatio...
Screen grab taken of auctions listed on eBay the day after Hostess announced it was ceasing operations. Some listings, like these, were ridiculously high while others ranged more in the $15-$45 range or less.

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