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White House changing internal email policy

An Aug. 13 e-mail sent on behalf of David Axelrod, Senior Adviser to the President, has created a controversy. Evidently, some recipients questioned why they were on the e-mail distribution list. In response, the White House will change its policy.

Comey Warned In 2005 That Torture Was Not The Way To Go

James Comey, the second highest official at the Justice Department in 2005 tried to convince the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales that interrogation methods that the US was using against terror suspects were out of limits. He was over ruled.

Sarah Palin's Email Compromised by Hackers

The infamous hacker group "Anonymous" has broken into Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account and posted screen shots of her private conversations as well as family pictures on the Internet for all to see.

AOL Email Scam Steals Personal Information From a Tennessee Woman

Email scams are nothing new to the Internet. As some scammers use threats as a way to extort personal information from vulnerable customers, one woman in Tennesse found out that an email she received on Labour Day would be more work than she expected. Forwards Your Emails Later

Are you tired of managing your incoming emails? Then you should try “Hit Me Later”, a free email service that will forward your emails hours or days later than when you received them.

Microsoft bans the word 'Tibet’ in Hotmail, Live, MSN e-mail accounts

New York Times reports Microsoft is not allowing users to have the word “Tibet” as their usernames either as a whole word or part of a another word.

Email scam involving 'hired killers' spreading across Internet

Attorney general Larry Long says that an email scam involving "hired killers" is making rounds on the Internet. Investigators have already received more than five complaints about the email in the past week.

95 percent of all e-mail sent in 2007 was spam

In 2001, the amount of spam in e-mail boxes accounted for a mere 5 per cent, but in 2007 that number has climbed dramatically. Spam e-mail accounts for more than 95 per cent of all e-mails received in 2007 according to a survey.

Fuser solves the multi-account e-mail juggling in one site, slowly

Fuser is an e-mail aggregation service, in which you can access all your e-mail accounts, social networking, and forum accounts in one place. It is a free account, no invitation is necessary to join.

E-mail outage strikes BlackBerrys

A software glitch shut down e-mail service for some BlackBerry users on Friday, and delays were still being felt many hours after the problem was fixed. They said no e-mails were lost in the shutdown

Man described as a top Spammer Arrested

Robert Alan Soloway, Internet's top spammer arrested and is in federal detention.

Holocaust Is Still On The Curriculum Says The UK

A rumour is going around and if anything is going to corrupt the reputation of the UK, it will be this

Yahoo to offer unlimited e-mail storage

Yahoo Inc. plans to offer unlimited e-mail storage to its roughly quarter of a billion users, starting in May, it said on Tuesday.

No 10 e-mail basis of injunction

An internal Downing Street e-mail between two members of Tony Blair's inner circle is at the centre of an injunction against the BBC.

Revenge of the spam

Man sends thousands of SPAM e-mails after being fined for driving without a license.

Laundry's Done E-mail Alerts

Students at the University of Iowa can now get e-mail alerts when it's time to put their clothes in the dryer.

Spam Made Up 94% Of All E-Mail In December

Spam e-mails account 94% of all e-mail sent in December 2006, only 6% are regular e-mails.

'I find women more fascinating than men' - Sidney Sheldon Interview

Sidney Sheldon says he finds women more fascinating than men.

Fraud E-Mail Alert

The Fifth Third Bank has posted an email fraud alert on it's site.

'Image Spam' Could Bring the Internet to a Standstill

In order to slip by anti-spam protection, hackers are creating spam using images in place of text.

Loneliness and Technology

Are new advances in technology bringing us closer together or pushing us apart?

Order of Canada medal auction to proceed by e-mail

The anonymous owner of one of the first Order of Canada medals ever awarded is auctioning off the rare insignia via e-mail after Internet auctioneer eBay refused to let it be sold on their site.

Mobile e-mail heading for the masses

Accesing e-mail from a cell phone is no longer just for corporate bigwigs

Teens Use E-Mail Less Than Anyone Else

A new survey by Parks Associates shows that teenagers are less likely to communicate via e-mail than any other demographic.

One-Third Of Business E-Mail Is Junk

NEW YORK - If you are searching for quick ways to increase your company’s efficiency, cutting back on e-mail communication by your workers is one good candidate. According to Gartner Inc., a business-research company, more than a third of all the e-mai.

President Bush Refuses To Use E-Mail, Bush Claims E-Mails Aren't Private

WASHINGTON - President Bush has apparently decided that e-mail and the Oval Office don't mix. The president told a group of newspaper editors that he used to be an "avid e-mailer" and would correspond regularly with his father, former President Bus...

E-mails From Beyond The Grave

LOS ANGELES (dpa) - Those who have enjoyed sending out e-mail during their time on this planet now have the chance to make sure that their electronic messages will keep on being sent, even after they die.The Website (www.finalthoughts...

The hazards of e-mail: Don't let the message ruin your life

Washington - You don't have to tell Marvin Merchant about the hazards of e-mail. The Maryland-based plumbing supplies employee found out the hard way when he typed an insulting e-mail message about his boss and sent it - by accident - to his bos...

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