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Experts in literacy, poverty testify in NC voting law trial Special

Winston-salem - Experts in poverty and adult literacy took the stand Wednesday as a trio of lawsuits seeking to overturn North Carolina's controversial Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA) entered their third day.

Duke scientists create 'brain-to-brain' networks

Scientists at Duke University are working a revolutionary, and perhaps disturbing technological development: a network paradigm that would allow multiple brains to be linked together to work on tasks.

Duke University settles research lawsuit

Participants in some problematic cancer trials have now settled their lawsuit against Duke University. This related to a series of cancer trials that took place in 2011.

How the mantis shrimp evolved many shapes but kept knockout punch

The mantis shrimp is the pint-sized Muhammad Ali of the world's oceans. The cigar-sized pugilist can deliver an explosive 60 mph punch that's the equivalent of a bullet leaving the barrel of a gun.

Duke University cancels planned Muslim call to prayer

Durham - Duke University has cancelled a planned weekly Muslim call to prayer over security concerns and after one of the nation's most powerful Evangelical Christian leaders called on alumni and donors to withhold financial and other support.

Fungus that is deadly to AIDS patients found to live in trees

Los Angeles - It may be small, but for people with AIDS it can be deadly. Researchers have narrowed down the source of fungal infections that have been making people with HIV/AIDS in southern California sick for decades.

Why some species are going extinct at an alarming rate

The news is worse than previously thought. The sad fact is that the planet is teetering on the precipice of a sixth extinction and species are becoming extinct at a rate of 1,000 times faster than before humans arrived on the scene, a new study reports.

Bioengineering breakthrough: Self-healing muscles grown in lab

Duke University scientists have successfully grown mouse muscle tissue in a petri dish just as strong as native tissue and with the ability to heal itself even after suffering serious damage.

Duke University builds first ever invisibility cloak

Duke University has built a 3D omnidirectional acoustic invisibility cloak, which is the first one that has ever been built.

Hazards of 6000 gas leaks in aging pipes under Washington D.C.

Washington - Teams of researchers from Boston University and North Carolina’s Duke University have discovered almost 6,000 potentially hazardous gas leaks in aging pipeline infrastructure below the streets of Washington, D.C.

Microwave harvesters could pluck electricity out of thin air

Durham - Researchers recently perfected a prototype device to produce electricity. It scavenges microwaves in the atmosphere that would otherwise be dispersed. Its function could be compared to harvesting energy out of thin air.

Playing action video games heightens visual sensitivity

Research suggests people who spend time playing action video games develop visual skills that help them process what they are seeing and track objects, contrast and movement more quickly than non-gamers.

'Perfect invisibility' cloak developed by scientists

The idea of an invisibility cloaking device has been around for decades, perhaps made most popular by the late 1960's science fiction TV show, Star Trek.

New Gaga fern genus named after mega pop star

Durham - When a scientist discovered a new genus of ferns, which is described as having a “somewhat fluid definitions of gender", she decided to name her new discovery "Gaga".

Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans, Duke heir, passes away at age 91

Durham - Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans passed away at age 91 last week on Wednesday, January 25, 2012. She was the great-granddaughter of industrialist-philanthropist Washington Duke, for whom Duke University is named.

Duke Univ. Hosp. does first multiple live donor transplants in NC Special

Durham - Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC performed their first live kidney donor multiple patient transplant, becoming the first hospital in North Carolina to successfully master this medical technique, opening the door of possibilities for patients.

Duke's Coach K hits milestone

Duke University's Coach K hit yet another coaching milestone last night as he surpassed his mentor Bobby Knight for most wins by a college coach.

Duke researcher suspended, accused of lying about credentials

Durham - Duke University's School of Medicine has suspended a researcher and three cancer studies he was supervising after administrators learned that he had overstated his academic credentials.

Duke Lacrosse Players To Sue Duke University and Durham, North Carolina

On Thursday, February 21, an attorney has announced that 38 members that made up the 2006 lacrosse team at Duke University are planning to file a suit against both the school itself and the city of Durham, North Carolina.

Surprise, Surprise The Appendix Has A Purpose

For years we have been told that the appendix has no purpose. It appears that thinking may have been just a little off base. In September a team from Duke University gave the world a reason that the tiny organ exists and it's actually important.

Scientists Map Imprinted Genes

Scientists at Duke University have created the first map of imprinted genes throughout the human genome, and they say a modern-day Rosetta stone – a form of artificial intelligence called machine learning – was the key to their success.

Address by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to Duke University

DURHAM, North Carolina (December 3, 2000) -- I am honoured by your warm welcome. And delighted to pay a return visit to Governor Hunt and Dr. Keohane. And to see a very great friend of Canada, Ambassador Giffin. I am especially pleased to be here b...

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This five-cell metamaterial array developed at Duke University produces power comparable to a conven...
This five-cell metamaterial array developed at Duke University produces power comparable to a conventional USB charger and has the potential to be developed for use in materials that continually charge small electronic devices.
Duke University, Durham, N.C.
Map of the District of Columbia showing where researchers found natural gas leaks under city streets...
Map of the District of Columbia showing where researchers found natural gas leaks under city streets, with colors indicating the concentration in parts per million of methane at each location.
Duke University
Duke University s Kathleen Pryer discusses the resemblance of the Gaga fern to the greeting Lady Gag...
Duke University's Kathleen Pryer discusses the resemblance of the Gaga fern to the greeting Lady Gaga gives her fans.
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