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Drug smuggling News

Australia offers to cover imprisonment costs for Bali 9 duo

Jakarta - The Australian government has offered to cover the cost of life imprisonment for the two convicted Australians, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, of the Bali Nine gang.

Drug smuggling: U.S.customs finds cocaine in packages of custard

Drug smuggling doesn't usually get this sweet: a woman was caught trying to smuggle cocaine into the U.S., okay, allegedly, in packets of custard and milk powder. She was trying to do after arriving on a flight in New York.

King of Morocco mistaken for people smuggler off Ceuta shores

Ceuta - In a rather embarrassing incident, Spain's Civil Guard apprehended King Mohammed VI of Morocco while he was enjoying a summer boat trip in waters more commonly used by drug smugglers and human traffickers. Faces were red and apologies have been made.

Woman busted in Madrid with cocaine in breast implants

Madrid - A Venezuelan woman was arrested at Madrid airport Friday with 1.7 kilos (3.74 pounds) of cocaine concealed in her breast implants. Due to her suspicious behavior, officials searched her baggage but found nothing. Then they performed a body search.

Spanish Navy finds 127 Kg of cocaine on board training tall ship

Cadiz - The Spanish training ship "Juan Sebastián Elcano" is at the center of a messy controversy after authorities found on board a cargo of 127 kilos of cocaine. Three crew members were arrested and are being investigated for drug trafficking.

Op-Ed: Not your average bake sale — Sweet desserts used to smuggle drugs

Drug smugglers use cookies, chocolates and other tasty treats to hide and transport narcotics. Are smugglers becoming more creative or more desperate?

Guatemalan man tries to smuggle cocaine in freshly baked cookies

Newark - Mauricio Isidro Rivera Hernandez wasn't bringing back his grandmother's home baked cookies to share with friends. These freshly baked cookies contain a secret ingredient - 118 pellets of cocaine - and are worth $50,000.

French authorities seize record $270 million cocaine haul

Paris - Venezuelan authorities moved swiftly to make a number of arrests associated with a seizure by French police of a huge illicit stash of cocaine aboard an Air France flight from the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, bound for a Paris airport.

Asian crime groups smuggle people into Mexico border towns

Tijuana - Organized crime groups from China, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand are quietly moving drugs, exotic animals and other contraband across the U.S. Mexico border. But their main products are human beings forced into prostitution.

To die by fire or ice: North Korea’s crystal meth epidemic

North Korea’s rulers originally sought to use methamphetamine manufacturing and smuggling to fund desperately needed hard currency, but this may have only let unexpected genies out of the bottle.

Russian surgeon steals heroin from drug mule's stomach

Russian police recently arrested a Siberian surgeon who is suspected of stealing heroin he removed from the stomach of a drug smuggler in Krasnoyarsk.

Fake nuns carrying cocaine arrested

Three women dressed like nuns have been arrested at a Colombian airport allegedly smuggling drugs. Police said the women, aged 20, 32 and 37 had two kilos of cocaine each strapped to their bodies.

Traffic stop yields 100 bags of heroin hidden in man's rectum

Trenton - A routine traffic stop along New Jersey's Palisades International Parkway resulted in law enforcement officers finding 100 bags of heroin hidden in a man's rectum.

Watch cocky drug smugglers jack up fence, casually enter U.S.

Members of an unknown Mexican drug cartel are so confident in their ability to avoid United States Boarder Patrol and Drug Enforcement agents, they film themselves easily jacking up a portion of "security fencing" and smuggling drugs into the US.

Op-Ed: Death Penalty for drug courier Lindsay Sandiford

Bali - Last month, Lindsay Sandiford was convicted by a Bali court of smuggling nearly 5kg of cocaine into the country. Today, the surprise sentence was announced.

Indonesia sentences British woman to death for drug smuggling

Bali - Lindsay Sandiford, a 56-year-old British grandmother, has been sentenced to death by firing squad in Bali, Indonesia for drug smuggling. Sandiford of Gloucestershire was arrested in May last year in Denpasar airport with $2.5 million worth of cocaine.

Op-Ed: Lindsay Sandiford — Reprieve's latest damsel in distress

Bali - As Lindy Carty languishes on death row waiting for the Governor of Texas to sign her death warrant, Clive Stafford Smith has found another innocent victim in desperate need of help.

Cannon propulsion, the new method to smuggle drugs into the US

Drug smugglers, getting more inventive, are using pneumatic-powered cannons to shoot drug canisters to transport drugs across US borders.

France: Paris Deputy Mayor arrested for money laundering

Paris - French police have cracked a huge money laundering network linked to drug dealing. Seventeen people have been indicted and will appear in court later. One of the accused is Florence Lamblin, a Paris Deputy Mayor and leading member of France's Green Party.

Lack of resources forces border agents to overlook drug exports

Canadian border agents have been told to stop looking for illegal drugs being smuggled out of the country, instead, focusing on illicit nuclear materials and stolen cars leaving the country.

Man accused of smuggling meth disguised as Snickers candy bars

Los Angeles - A California man allegedly tried to smuggle over four pounds of methamphetamine out of the U.S. into Japan by disguising it in chocolate coating and Snickers candy bar wrappers.

Drugs are in the mail? Ontario man charged with importing opium

London - A London, Ontario, man has been charged with several drug-related offences after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Drug Section intercepted a package mailed from Turkey.

Customs uses x-rays to find Meth hidden in cheese sauce cans

San Diego - U.S. Customs and Border Patrol used an x-ray machine to stop an alleged smuggling attempt this week at the San Ysidro port of entry. Agents reported finding methamphetamine hidden inside sealed cans of jalapenos and cheese sauce at the border crossing.

Mexican - American drug tunnels discovered

U.S. authorities announced that they have discovered a second drug tunnel that links Mexico to the United States, reputed to be the route used to smuggle tons of marijuana betweent the two countries.

Underground drug smuggling tunnel discovered in US-Mexico border

San Diego - U.S. law enforcement agents, working with their Mexican counterparts, say they have discovered a cross-border drug smuggling tunnel on the US-Mexico border. The tunnel links warehouses in Tijuana, Mexico, with warehouses in Otay Mesa, California.

Dozens arrested in Arizona in massive drug smuggling bust

Phoenix - A massive drug smuggling bust that began with a traffic stop in 2010 has resulted in the shutdown of the largest drug smuggling operation ever identified in the state of Arizona.

US Border Patrol seizes more than two tons of marijuana

Ajo - Customs and Border Patrol agents arrested three drug smugglers, recovered two vehicles, and seized more then two million dollars worth of marijuana in three separate incidents in the Tucson Sector of Arizona over the weekend.

Man arrested after swallowing 72 capsules of cocaine

The police in Brazil say they have arrested a man traveling from Sao Paolo to Lisbon and charged him with international drug trafficking after it was found he had swallowed 72 capsules filled with cocaine.

U.S. Customs finds marijuana in hot sauce shipment, coke in clams

San Diego - US Customs and Border Patrol agents intercepted a shipment of marijuana found inside a tractor-trailer load of hot sauce bound for the US from Mexico, they also discovered 5 ounces of cocaine inside clam shells packed in the luggage of an El Salvadoran.

Gun smuggling ring stopped by law enforcement's Project OB

Toronto - Yesterday a gun and drug smuggling operation between Canada and the United States was stopped by Canadian and United States law enforcement resulting in 192 charges.
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These criminals are baking up a storm  but you won t find these goodies at your local bake sale.
These criminals are baking up a storm, but you won't find these goodies at your local bake sale.
Photo Courtesy Andrew Mager
Drugs recovered from elderly Australian couple who were duped into being drug mules
Drugs recovered from elderly Australian couple who were duped into being drug mules
Australian Federal Police
Smugglers jack up a security fence and casually smuggle drugs into the United States
Smugglers jack up a security fence and casually smuggle drugs into the United States
Screen Capture
File photo
File photo
Photo Courtesy Greater Manchester Police (GMP)