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Discrimination News

Anonymous Twitter troll convicted of abuse in Belgium

Apo - A Belgian court has convicted an anonymous Twitter user of harassment after the social media giant supplied his identity, in the country's first case of its kind, officials said Thursday.

Japan PM Abe pledges zero tolerance on sexual harassment

Apo - Japan's prime minister on Tuesday pledged zero tolerance on sexual harassment, ordering senior officials to undergo training to prevent abuse after a scandal involving a top government bureaucrat."Sexual harassment is a clear violation of human rights....

In conservative Haiti, couple fights for transgender tolerance

Port-au-prince - Three days before their marriage, Yaisah Val of Haiti revealed to her fiance that she was transgender and had completed reassignment surgery -- no small act for anyone, let alone in a country dominated by patriarchy and homophobia.

Sex bias kills 240,000 infant girls in India yearly: study

Paris - Almost a quarter-of-a-million girls younger than five die in India every year due to neglect resulting from society's preference for sons, a gender discrimination study found on Tuesday.

French Muslims blast anti-Semitism letter as attack on Islam

Paris - A French manifesto calling for certain passages of the Koran to be removed on the grounds of rising anti-Semitism sparked anger Monday from Muslims who said their religion was being unfairly "put on trial".

North Korea refugees find new pressures in South

Seoul - When elite North Korean soldier Joo Seung-hyeon made his way through the Demilitarized Zone, avoiding minefields and watchtowers to defect to the South, he thought he was going to a prosperous new life.The reality was more complicated than that.

Japan female mayor battles men-only sumo rule

Apo - A female mayor at the centre of a fierce debate over allowing women into the sumo ring vowed Thursday never to back down as she lodged a formal protest."I won't give up this time around...

Japan female mayor battles men-only sumo rule

Apo - A female mayor at the centre of a fierce debate over allowing women into the sumo ring vowed Thursday never to back down as she prepared to lodge a formal protest."I won't give up this time around ...

Australian firm seeks 'Anglo Saxon' job applicants

Sydney - One of Australia's largest telecommunication providers Optus apologised Friday after posting a job advertisement seeking candidates who were preferably "Anglo Saxon".

Sumo chief sorry after women attempting CPR ordered out of ring

Apo - The head of Japan's sumo association has apologised after women attempting to perform CPR during a medical emergency Wednesday were repeatedly asked to leave a sumo ring.

French railway loses discrimination appeal against Moroccan workers

Paris - France's national rail operator on Wednesday lost its appeal against a finding that it discriminated against hundreds of Moroccan workers arriving in the post-colonial era, damaging their careers.

Israel to allow graves of 'stolen babies' to be opened

Jerusalem - Israel will allow the opening of graves believed to hold remains of children who died in the 1950s, for DNA tests to help determine whether they were stolen from their parents, officials said Wednesday.

Mark Wahlberg donates $1.5 million after pay gap controversy

New York - American actor Mark Wahlberg announced Saturday he would donate $1.5 million (1.2 million euros) to a legal fund for victims of sexual harassment following a controversy over the massive pay gap between him and a female co-star.

High cost of pink: German watchdog slams gendered pricing

Frankfurt Am Main - From pink razor blades to salon haircuts, women regularly pay more for items and services that are nearly identical to those for men but marketed differently, a German watchdog said Tuesday.

Dutch anti-Islam MP lodges 'discrimination' case against PM

Den Haag - Dutch far-right MP Geert Wilders on Thursday sought to take legal action against Prime Minister Mark Rutte, accusing him of discrimination against the Dutch people."We are treated like second class citizens in our own country.

'Dope n dreads' stereotypes as Germany mulls 'Jamaica' coalition

Frankfurt - A German news weekly illustrated the outcome of September's election with a picture of Chancellor Angela Merkel wearing a Rastafarian hat and passing a joint to stoned fellow leaders sporting dreadlocks.

Rights groups sue Trump administration over travel ban

Washington - Human rights organizations announced Friday they are suing the Trump administration over the latest version of the president's controversial travel ban, continuing a long-running legal battle over the restrictions.

Muslims 'attached' to Europe despite discrimination: study

Vienna - A large majority of Muslims in Europe feel closely connected to the country they live in and trust public institutions despite facing "widespread discrimination", a study suggested Thursday.

Muslims caught in Austrian election crossfire

Vienna - As Austrians grow more openly hostile towards Muslims, major political parties are deliberately brandishing Islamophobia in the Catholic majority country ahead of next month's parliamentary election.

Top US general condemns racism after Charlottesville violence

Bejing - The United States' top general condemned "racism and bigotry" on Thursday, joining other military leaders in their denunciation of deadly violence in Charlottesville.

Outrage as Swiss hotel orders 'Jewish guests' to shower before swimming

Geneva - A Swiss hotel that posted signs telling Jewish clients to shower before using the pool and restricting their access to the facility's freezer has unleashed outrage and official complaints from Israel.

Google cancels diversity debate Town Hall

San Francisco - Google Thursday canceled a Town Hall intended to air viewpoints on diversity, sexism and free speech, citing worker safety concerns.

Row over Google employee's defense of tech gender gap

New York - Google found itself at the center of controversy Sunday after an employee in a leaked internal document claimed "biological causes" explained the lack of women in tech industry leadership roles.

Israeli woman wins discrimination case over airline seat

Jerusalem - An 83-year-old woman has won a lawsuit against Israel's national airline after being asked to move seats on a transatlantic flight because an ultra-Orthodox man did not want to sit next to her.

University students walk out of Pence speech

Washington - Dozens of students at Indiana's Notre Dame University protested White House policies on Sunday by walking out of a commencement speech by Vice President Mike Pence, who criticized political correctness at American colleges.

Trump administration insists travel ban not anti-Muslim

Washington - Did Donald Trump's contested travel ban deliberately single out Muslims? The US administration fiercely denied it during an appeals court hearing Monday -- despite the president's campaign call for a blanket Muslim ban.

Korean man sues American Airlines for discrimination in bumping

After a 69-year-old doctor forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight because the airlines needed his seat for a crew member, a Korean pastor has launched a lawsuit against American Airlines alleging discrimination in being bumped from a flight.

NY headstones overturned amid anti-Semitism rise

New York - Five tombstones were overturned in an historic Jewish cemetery in New York, police said Sunday, the latest in rising number of apparent anti-Semitic incidents across the United States.

Israel says global anti-Semitism on the rise

Jerusalem - The Israeli government on Sunday reported a global increase in anti-Semitic incidents in 2016, citing sharp rises in Germany, Britain and the United States compared with the previous year.

India ban on foreign funds shuts down Dalit charity

Ahmedabad - An Indian charity running schools for Dalit children will close down after the government banned it from receiving foreign funds over alleged threats to national unity, officials said Friday.
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The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow - these signs were common throughout the south even after laws made th...
The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow - these signs were common throughout the south even after laws made them illegal.
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In the United States  atheists face discrimination in their daily lives.
In the United States, atheists face discrimination in their daily lives.
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Gay marriage is a hot-button issue in many countries
Gay marriage is a hot-button issue in many countries
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