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In an era of team science, are Nobels out of step?

Paris - With the 2020 Nobel prizes this week comes a recurrent question: has the world's most prestigious awards for physics, chemistry and medicine -- first conferred in 1901 -- lost touch with the way modern science is conducted?

Meet T-Rex's older cousin: The Reaper of Death

Paris - Scientists said Monday they had discovered a new species of dinosaur closely related to Tyrannosaurus rex that strode the plain of North America some 80 million years ago.

Potentially habitable planet found in new solar system

Madrid - An international team of astronomers has discovered a new solar system with a planet that could be habitable, a Spanish astrophysicist who led the research said Thursday.

Scientists unearth 'most bird-like' dinosaur ever found

Paris - Researchers in Germany have unearthed a new species of flying dinosaur that flapped its wings like a raven and could hold vital clues as to how modern-day birds evolved from their reptilian ancestors.

Researchers discover ancient giant 'lion' in Kenya

Paris - A giant lion with enormous fangs that roamed the Kenyan savannah more than 20 million years ago was one of the largest ever meat-eating mammals, researchers said Thursday.

New Universe map unearths 300,000 more galaxies

Paris - The known Universe just got a lot bigger. A new map of the night sky published Tuesday charts hundreds of thousands of previously unknown galaxies discovered using a telescope that can detect light sources optical instruments cannot see.

'Super-Earth' discovered orbiting Sun's nearest star

Paris - A "super-Earth" has been discovered orbiting the closest single star to our Sun, scientists said Wednesday in a breakthrough that could shine a light on Earth's nearest planetary neighbours.

Archaeologists uncover 'little Pompeii' in southeast France

Sainte-colombe - A "little Pompeii" is how French archaeologists are describing an entire ancient Roman neighbourhood uncovered on the outskirts of the southeastern city of Vienne, featuring remarkably preserved remains of luxury homes and public buildings.

Vote for the best invention of all time

London - English Heritage has recently conducted a poll of visitors to its historic places to find out what the greatest invention of all time is. There are some interesting selections, with the Internet and the humble tea bag among them.

First fluorescent frog found in Argentina

Buenos Aires - The first naturally fluorescent frog was discovered recently in Argentina -- almost by chance, a member of the team of researchers told AFP Thursday.

Research lab blunder leads to 4x longer-lasting Li-ion battery

Researchers who accidentally left a batch of anodes to soak in chemicals for hours longer than they were supposed to have stumbled across a method of getting Li-ion batteries to last for four times longer than they ordinarily would.

Spotify will now make you a new playlist to try every Monday

Spotify is launching a new way of discovering music to listen to. The streaming service will be adding a feature that will automatically generate users personalised playlists of tracks that they may like, refreshing the list with new entries each week.

Testing the tech of the 'future' at Toronto's Discovery event Special

Toronto - At Toronto's Discovery conference lies the tech of the near and distant future — from lifelike video game avatars to a headband for stress relief, there's a little bit of everything.

Graphene light bulb headed for shops, cuts energy use by 10%

The first commercially viable consumer product to be built from graphene is to go on sale before the end of the year. The dimmable light bulb will use 10% less energy than other bulbs but will last longer because of graphene's increased conductivity.

Scientists find new way to control light for next gen computing

Scientists have created a device reminiscent of a bee's honeycomb that can twist beams of light around tighter curves than has ever been witnessed before. This could become a powerful way of transmitting data on circuit boards in next gen computers.

Chinese farmer stumbles across 7.85kg of gold on ground

A farmer in a remote region of China has stumbled across a huge gold nugget on the ground on the land. The incredible find has an expected value of at least $250,000.

Stonehenge dig finds 6,000-year-old encampment

Archaeologists are saying that an amazing new discovery near the ancient Stonehenge site in the UK may "rewrite British history."

Video: Paul Rosolie to be 'Eaten Alive' by anaconda on Discovery

A wildlife filmmaker, Paul Rosolie, 26, has announced that he will allow himself to be swallowed alive on camera by an anaconda while dressed in a custom-built, snake-proof suit for protection.

Scientific discovery changes how we view the moon

Most of our readers probably think of the moon as a circle, or perhaps as a "big pizza pie" as one song puts it. Researchers have now found that it is actually shaped like a lemon.

Siberian team finds evidence that most dinosaurs had feathers

According to a paper published by Russian researchers, our understanding of dinosaur tissues is wrong. Feathers may have possibly been a part of many body structures during that era.

Scientists discover massive earth-like planet

A recent news release from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center announced the discovery of a planet similar to but massively larger than the earth. This amazing find is shaking up the scientific world.

Photo essay: Top 10 new species for 2014

An appealing carnivorous mammal, a 12-meter-tall tree that has been hiding in plain sight and a sea anemone that lives under an Antarctic glacier are among the species identified as the most interesting "new finds" discovered last year.

Astronomers ring in startling asteroid find

Paris - Astonished astronomers said Wednesday they had found rings around an asteroid, the smallest object known to have this feature and only the fifth after Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.The twin rings around a rock called Chariklo were spotted in June...

Discovery chairman Hendricks to retire from board

John Hendricks, the founder of Discovery Communications Inc, will retire as the media company's chairman and from its board in May, Discovery announced on Thursday.

Review: ‘Canopy’ is a silent triumph Special

In ‘Canopy,’ an Australian fighter pilot is shot down over Singapore during WWII and unites with a Chinese soldier to survive.

Olinguito, the newest animal discovery

Olinguito has a long tail, orange fur and big eyes and is said to resemble a cross between a domestic cat and a teddy bear. Olingutio happens to be the newest mammal and the first carnivore discovered in the Americas in the last 35 years.

AT&T buys Verizon Wireless spectrum for $1.9 billion

Wireless mobile phone service provider AT&T is making a very big investment, $1.9 billion to be exact. This deal takes place with the biggest network providers by subscriber - Verizon Wireless.

First fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen found

Odense - In something of a fairy tale situation, the handwritten book lost for decades in a dusty box in the Danish National Archives, which experts claim is the writer's "first fairy tale", has been found.

Rarest whale seen for first time ever, but not in the sea

The spade-toothed beaked whale is a marine mammal that has eluded the witness of mankind in the vast, deep waters of the ocean for all of its history. But with the discovery of not one, but two full bodies of these animals more about them will be known.

New Gaga fern genus named after mega pop star

Durham - When a scientist discovered a new genus of ferns, which is described as having a “somewhat fluid definitions of gender", she decided to name her new discovery "Gaga".
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 The new Marble Canyon fossil bed was found by an expedition team from the Royal Ontario Museum who ...
"The new Marble Canyon fossil bed was found by an expedition team from the Royal Ontario Museum who made the trek to the Canadian Rockies."
Michael Streng
The four new elements can be seen in their designated spots on the right-hand side of the periodic t...
The four new elements can be seen in their designated spots on the right-hand side of the periodic table.
Sciencetech Pic
During the STS-131 mission s first spacewalk  which lasted about 6.5 hours  NASA astronaut Rick Mast...
During the STS-131 mission's first spacewalk, which lasted about 6.5 hours, NASA astronaut Rick Mastracchio helped move a new 1,700-pound ammonia tank from space shuttle Discovery's cargo bay to a temporary parking place on the station, retrieved an experiment from the Japanese Kibo Laboratory exposed facility and replaced a Rate Gyro Assembly on one of the truss segments.
Space shuttle Discovery
Space shuttle Discovery
Space shuttle Discovery s liftoff from Launch Pad 39A at NASA s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on a...
Space shuttle Discovery's liftoff from Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on a picturesque, warm, late February afternoon was witnessed by news media representatives near the countdown clock at the Press Site. Launch of the STS-133 mission was at 4:53 p.m. EST on Feb. 24.
Image Credit: NASA/Troy Cryder

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