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Devil News

Op-Ed: Judge: Anti-Planned Parenthood group must turn over the evidence

On Friday, a federal judge said that the anti-abortion group attacking Planned Parenthood with heavily edited videos cannot refuse to turn over pieces of evidence by pleading the Fifth Amendment.

Devil statue with erect penis removed from park in Vancouver

Vancouver - A few days ago a devil statue appeared in a park in Vancouver, Canada, and it was removed. However, now there is a petition to put it back up.

Man accused of burglary claims devil forced him to commit crime

Eloy - An alleged burglar in Arizona claims that the devil forced him to break into a woman's home and steal valuable possessions.

Student allegedly threatened to sacrifice classmates to devil

Sacramento - Parents in South Sacramento are worried, as well as upset, after a sixth grade girl allegedly threatened to kill students.

Exorcism: Russian parents kill daughter to 'save her soul'

Voronezh - A Russian couple Sergei Koshimbetov, 49, a taxi driver, and Elena Antonova, a teacher in the city of Voronezh, are on trial on accusations that they tortured their 26-year-old daughter, beating, disemboweling and trampling her to death in an exorcism.

11 injured in two-storey leap after seeing 'the Devil'

Paris - Eleven people jumped out of a second flat window in La Verriere, a small town west of Paris, after having apparently been terrified by the belief that one of their occupants was the devil.

Pope's Official Exorcist Gives Rare Interview

The devil is alive, and painfully active even within Vatican City according to Father Gabriel Amorth. He has conducted over 70,000 exorcisms in his career, the last quarter-century spent as the Pope's chief exorcist.

The revolution will not be televised

Nearly 40 years after his brilliant song 'The revolution will not be televised', the poet of soul who has been called 'godfather of rap' and 'the black Bob Dylan' is back ... but he clearly says: I'm New Here.

The Devil responds to Pat Robertson

The suggestion by U.S. televangelist Pat Robertson that the devastating earthquake in Haiti on Tuesday was somehow the result of the country swearing a "pact to the devil" continues to attract condemnation and ridicule.

Pat Robertson says Haitian earthquake a pact with the devil

Pastor Pat Robertson has said that the worst disaster in Haiti's history is the result of a "pact with the devil." Robertson is known for blaming God and the devil in times of environmental crises.

'Devil' being filmed in downtown Toronto Special

Lights! Camera! Action! In downtown Toronto on Sunday evening, the production of 'Devil' starring Geoffrey Arend and Matt Craven was occurring at Bay Street and Adelaide Street.

Florida students sent home for wearing 'Islam is the Devil' shirt

Students who came to school wearing a T-shirt that said, "Islam is of the Devil" were told to change their shirt or go home. The shirts were from the Dove World Outreach Church in Gainsville Fl.

Mother claims devil told her to kill baby son

Police called to a home in San Antonio, Texas early yesterday morning made a horrifying discovery: The decapitated body of a 3-week-old baby boy. The infant had also been stabbed.

Charlie Daniels Disappointed over use of Guitar Hero 3 song

The original word is "perverted." Charlie Daniels expresses his dissatisfaction of the way his song, The Devil Went down to Georgia, is used in Guitar Hero 3.

More Americans believe in the Devil than Darwin

A new Harris poll has found that America remains a deeply religious country with more people believing in hell than Darwin's theory of evolution. America's deep level of religiosity sets it apart from the developed world and specifically Europe.

Devil May Cry 4 available on Xbox 360.

Devil May Cry 4 was at first a PS3 exclusive but...

Atlanta Couple Convicted of Murdering Son; their Church was Investigated for Corporal Punishment Ties

An Atlanta couple was convicted of murder in the beating death of their 8-year-old son, a case that prompted authorities to raid the parents' church because it supports corporal punishment.

Man Who Claimed to be Jesus Now Says He's the Antichrist

People thought it was shocking when a local preacher who claimed to be Jesus Christ was introduced, I hope they don't fall off their chair when reading this.

Ubuntu Satanic Edition Released!!

Discover your dark side by installing Ubuntu Satanic Edition!

Chavez Wins By Wide Margin

President Hugo Chavez, an outspoken opponent of the United States who has used Venezuela's oil wealth to give handouts to the poor, won re-election to another six-year term by a wide margin on Sunday, official results showed.

Magic is the work of the "Devil"

Have you ever seen the various magic from David Blaine or any other magician ? Have you ever wondered if a magician is a gift from god or the work of the devil?

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