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Desert News

Op-Ed: 'Emerald Run' is a great film to watch if you're stuck at home

The desert crime thriller "Emerald Run" is great to watch, especially if people are stuck at home while quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Life-saving water holding nanorods invented

Researchers have accidentally created nanorods with incredible water holding potential. These rods could be used to help those who need to work in hot climates or travellers through desert regions.

Ant cooling mechanism avoids desert sun

Ants found in the Sahara have a novel way of keeping cool from the intensity of the sun’s rays. The small, silver-colored hairs on the ant’s body are able to reflect heat back, stopping the insect from becoming too hot.

Geckos found to have self-drying skin

Tiny water-repellent spines on a gecko’s skin help keep the lizard dry in humid conditions. This property, similar to the way rain drops react on a waxed car, was recently found by scientists.

Tickets for this year's Burning Man festival go on sale Wednesday

Gerlach - Individual tickets for this year’s Burning Man event, an annual counterculture art festival that attracts tens of thousands to a temporary city in the Nevada desert, are scheduled to go on sale beginning Wednesday.

Google 'hires' camel for Street View images of Liwa Desert

Abu Dhabi - Although Google typically captures its Street View images by mounting its Trekker on top of a car, Google soon realized they needed to "hire" a camel if they wanted to capture photos of a remote desert area.

Tunisian 'mystery lake' baffles, concerns officials

Gafsa - A lake which has mysteriously appeared in the middle of a Tunisian desert has authorities concerned and searching for an explanation.

Pakistan accelerates jeep rally to boost desert tourism

- In a cloud of dust and diesel fumes, a souped-up 4x4 roars through the silence of Pakistan's Cholistan desert, cheered on by tens of thousands of spectators.

China to flatten 700 mountains for new metropolis in the desert

Lanzhou - The project is being called the largest "mountain-moving project" in Chinese history. One of the country's largest construction firms plans to flatten 700 mountains.

The beauty of Egypt's Western Desert: A Photo Essay Special

Once you leave Cairo and head into the desert it becomes a barren wasteland, nothing to see but the parched earth covered in sand ranging in colour from a golden beige to a dark brown and black with no vegetation visible as far as the eye can see.

Video: Watch desert windstorm lift up parked Boeing 747

Mojave - The hulk of a parked Boeing 747 performed a seeming death dance ritual on Wednesday in an aircraft boneyard in Mojave, California, as desert windstorm blowing at over 70 miles per hour, forced it into a last demonstration of the fluid dynamics of flight.

Op-Ed: The solar energy Lark

Newark - A company has built a solar energy farm near Newark in record time, but the true potential of this wonderful resource is being sadly neglected.

A 1,000-mile trek across Asia's biggest desert — the Gobi Special

A bold team is about trek 1,000 miles across the largest desert in Asia. The expedition called Gobi2011 will see the team walking across the Gobi Desert in Mongolia visiting indigenous people along the route.

Explorer to cross hottest place in the world - Danakil Desert Special

Explorer Jeremy Curl will this summer attempt to cross the Danakil Desert in Ethiopia by foot. If he succeeds he would be the first man alive to do so.

Fish rain down on desert village, UK starlings die in unison

Two locations, a world away from each other, experienced strange animal-related events recently. In Somerset, England about 75 starlings just fell to the ground while a village in northern Australia had fish plummet from the sky.

Saharan solar panels could power Europe

Europe’s electricity needs could be met by solar panels in the Sahara desert, according to a scientist at a major climate change conference in Copenhagen. Thus North Africa could become the main exporter of electricity to Europe.

You Tube Video Artist Review: Sting Desert Rose

One of my favorite pastimes is to surf You Tube and watch videos people make to great songs. Tonight my journey wound its way around the videos made to the song Desert Rose by Sting.

Greening The Desert

How to turn desert into garden.

700-Tonne Nevada Desert Explosion Halted by Pentagon

Pentagon holds off on plans to detonate a 700-tonne explosive charge in the Nevada desert due to environmental protests and lawsuits.

3 endure 4,000-mile run across Sahara

Three ultra-endurance athletes have just done something most would consider insane: They ran the equivalent of two marathons a day for 111 days to become the first modern runners to cross the Sahara Desert's grueling 4,000 miles.

Armed group forces Guard to flee post near Sasabe

National Guard forced to flee after armed group approaches check point

One of the largest river restoration efforts in the West

Los Angeles agreed in December to expand efforts to control toxic dust storms that erupt from what is left of Owens Lake, a 110-square-mile body that emptied when the river was diverted to Los Angeles through an aqueduct opened in 1913.

Buddhist Art Revives Sleepy Silk Road Oasis

DUNHUANG, CHINA (dpa) - Flying asparas, the Buddhist equivalent of angels, are back in vogue in China. They decorate everything from T- shirts to ice-cream wrappers and have even inspired fashion designers and theatre producers. The popularity of th...

Highlights Along The Highway: The Expanse Of Western Australia

PERTH - After the service, the priest sprinkles the boats with holy water - a ritual aimed at ensuring a good catch and a safe return. Only then does the festival begin in Two Rocks, 70 kilometres (43 miles) north of Perth, Western Australia. The ba...

Flying-M-Ranch is where a hotel chain boss cultivates his love for airplanes.

YERINGTON, NEVADA - Barron Hilton, president of the Hilton Hotel Corporation and one of the most successful and wealthiest Americans, has a spectacular hobby. The man who rules over an empire of 2,000 luxury hotels around the world has also, since ...

Remembering Carthage, Under The Stars Of The Tunisian Desert

Tunis (dpa) - The former power enjoyed by its rulers seems to come to life for a few hours when the lights in Tunis illuminate the legendary city of Carthage. The Tunisian capital is the cradle of a 3,000-year-old civilisation which was not only ...

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Desert Image

Camels crossing the desert.
Camels crossing the desert.
Courtesy of Jeremy Curl
The Empty Quarter  Saudi Arabia
The Empty Quarter, Saudi Arabia
The Libyan desert
The Libyan desert
A convoy of Range Rovers took our group through the desert.
A convoy of Range Rovers took our group through the desert.
Holger Reineccius
Pic taken by me  Dubai desert.
Pic taken by me, Dubai desert.
Explorer Jeremy Curl in the desert in Ethiopia.
Explorer Jeremy Curl in the desert in Ethiopia.
Courtesy of Jeremy Curl
ART: Attendees cruise around near the statue to be set afire at the 2013 Burning Man counterculture ...
ART: Attendees cruise around near the statue to be set afire at the 2013 Burning Man counterculture festival in the Nevada desert.
Jennifer Morrow/Wikimedia Commons
Gobi Desert  Mongolia
Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Photo courtesy of Ripley Davenport
Tunisian residents seek relief from the heat in a lake that mysteriously appeared in the middle of t...
Tunisian residents seek relief from the heat in a lake that mysteriously appeared in the middle of the desert.
Screen Capture
Pic taken by me  Dubai desert.
Pic taken by me, Dubai desert.
Wikimedia commons
Strange Sounds/Twitter
When migrants run out of money  human traffickers leave them in desert to die.
When migrants run out of money, human traffickers leave them in desert to die.
Al Jazeera English
Gobi Desert  Mongolia
Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Photo courtesy of Ripley Davenport
Photo courtesy of Ripley Davenport
The Sahara Desert is the world s largest tropical desert  covering well over 9.4 million sq. kilomet...
The Sahara Desert is the world's largest tropical desert, covering well over 9.4 million sq. kilometers.
Florence Devouard (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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