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Bulgaria's ageing medics struggle on virus front line

Shumen - With just one doctor and three nurses for every 55 seriously-ill coronavirus patients, staff in the hospital in the eastern Bulgarian city of Shumen say they are at the end of their tether.

Op-Ed: You're a white male and it's all your fault - Polarization

Sydney - If you‘re a white male, wow, are you unfashionable. You are categorized and sub-categorized by media. Everyone knows what you think about everything, simply because you’re a white male. The mainstream can’t think outside the mainstream.

Greece extends lockdown at migrant camps on World Refugee Day

Athens - Greece announced on Saturday another extension of the coronavirus lockdown on its teeming migrant camps, hours after some 2,000 people protested in central Athens to mark World Refugee Day and denounce the government’s treatment of migrants.

Greece extends lockdown at migrant camps on World Refugee Day

Athens - Greece announced on Saturday another extension of the coronavirus lockdown on its teeming migrant camps, hours after some 2,000 people protested in central Athens to mark World Refugee Day and denounce the government’s treatment of migrants.

In Brazil, COVID-19 hitting young people harder

Rio De Janeiro - More young people are dying of COVID-19 in Brazil than other countries, a trend driven partly by demographics -- the overall population is younger -- but also by poverty and the need to work.

Most overweight and obese cities in the U.S. unveiled

The increasing numbers of people who are overweight and obese is a problem across advanced industrialized countries, and especially with the U.S., as a new study reveals. This brings with it major health implications.

Slovaks remember murdered journalist two years on, as election looms

Bratislava - One week ahead of a decisive general election, thousands of Slovaks rallied nationwide on Friday marking two years since the gangland-style murder of a journalist upended politics in the EU country hounded by corruption.

Russia funds IVF baby boom to battle population slump

Balashikha - For three years, Valeriya Pashko has been trying to get pregnant. Now her last hope is IVF, provided free by Russia's health service as authorities try to avert a new drop in the birthrate."My husband and I are really relieved to be getting reimbursed....

EU presidency comes to Zagreb but Croatians keep leaving

Petrinja - In the eyes of its Balkan neighbours, Croatia is the lucky one, having managed to join the European Union six years ago.Yet its people are still leaving the country in droves -- citing the same problems that haunt the rest of the region.

Nepali climber set for final push in record 14-peak bid

Kathmandu - The current record for climbing the world's 14 tallest peaks is almost eight years. Nepali climber, Nirmal Purja, who served in the British special forces, has a target of seven months.

No cheating: Frenchwoman was world's oldest person, researchers say

Paris - Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who died two decades ago aged 122, should retain the title of the oldest person on record, French researchers said Monday, rejecting claims of fraud.

S. Korea lawmaker grills official nominee for not giving birth

Seoul - A South Korean lawmaker provoked outrage Monday when he berated a female economics professor nominated as the country's antitrust chief for not "fulfilling her duty to the nation" by having a child.

Illiterate to author: ageing S. Koreans embrace written word

Suncheon - Hyper-wired South Korea is the world's 11th-largest economy, one of its most technologically advanced countries, and the first to launch a nationwide 5G network.

Life lessons for S. Korea's octogenarian school pupils

Suncheon - When the tune of "Twinkle twinkle little star" plays in her South Korean classroom octogenarian pupil Nam Yang-soon sings along with classmates more than 70 years her junior.

Voters in 'empty Spain' in focus ahead of election

Teruel - Just kilometres from one of Spain's prettiest towns, Albarracin, where distinctive pink-hued medieval houses act as a tourist magnet, other villages are dead.

With Spain vote looming, 50,000 march over 'emptying' countryside

Madrid - At least 50,000 people took to the streets of Madrid on Sunday to draw attention to the emptying of the countryside, a growing issue for rural voters with less than a month to go before general elections.

Babies wanted: Nordic countries crying for kids

Oslo - "Norway needs more children! I don't think I need to tell anyone how this is done," Norway's prime minister said cheekily, but she was raising a real concern.Too few babies are being born in the Nordic region.

Report claims fraud in Frenchwoman's 'oldest-ever' world record

Moscow - A record held by a Frenchwoman as the world's longest living person could be fraudulent and involve an identity swap, Russian researchers have claimed in a report that has sparked widespread controversy.

'No place for a mother': S. Korea battles to raise birth rate

Seoul - When Ashley Park started her marketing job at a Seoul drugmaker she had a near-perfect college record, flawless English, and got on well with her colleagues -- none of which mattered to her employer once she fell pregnant.

In Pakistan public education suffocates under surging population

- At the Tanjai Cheena school in northwest Pakistan students squeeze into makeshift classrooms where plastic tarps serve as walls and electricity is sparse, as a surging population overstretches the country's fragile education system.

S. Korea working-age population falls for first time

Seoul - The number of people of working age in Asia's fourth-largest economy fell for the first time ever last year, South Korea's official statistics agency said Monday.

No children? Pay a tax, Chinese academics suggest

Bejing - Two Chinese academics have proposed a controversial idea to encourage childbirth as their country faces an ageing population: Make people with no or fewer than two children pay into a "maternity fund".

Teen pregnancy epidemic feeds Mozambique's population boom

- In the tiny maternity ward in Murrupelane, two 16-year-old mothers breast-feed their babies, both born that morning.

Family ties make Faroese women Europe's top baby makers

Hv - Gunnhild Helmsdal's mailbox has six names printed on it and will soon add a seventh: having a big family is nothing unusual in the Faroe Islands where women have the most babies in Europe despite also having the highest rate of employment.

Hundreds of Syria Kurds rally to demand Turkey withdrawal

Kamishli - Hundreds demonstrated in Syria's northeastern city of Qamishli on Saturday, in response to a call by Kurdish authorities for global protests against Turkey's military presence in the flashpoint Afrin region.

War, displacement reshuffle Syria's demographic map

Beirut - Seven years of war and massive displacement have redrawn Syria's demographic map, erecting borders between the country's ethnic, religious, and political communities that will be hard to erase.

US citizenship query could threaten 2020 census: experts

Washington - The United States is gearing up to conduct its next population census in 2020 but a thorny question on citizenship has ignited controversy even before it has begun.

China sees births fall despite push for second child

Bejing - The number of births in China fell last year even though the world's most populous country has relaxed its one-child policy to allow all couples to have two children.The country saw 17.23 million births in 2017, compared to 17.

The woman battling S. Korea's 'birth strike'

Seoul - The woman appointed to try to reverse the world's lowest birth rates knows better than most why billion-dollar campaigns to encourage South Korea's female populace to procreate have failed -- she is among the millions who have chosen to remain childles...

Lithuania hides booze ads from drinkers with stickers

Vilnius - Lithuanian press distributors said Wednesday they had started plastering over alcohol ads in foreign magazines with special stickers under a new advertising ban aimed at curbing some of the world's heaviest drinking.
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Balancing work and life is difficult in  a population where poverty is a way of life.
Balancing work and life is difficult in a population where poverty is a way of life.
 In short  the middle class (as we have known it) has changed   says author and journalist Matt Carm...
"In short, the middle class (as we have known it) has changed," says author and journalist Matt Carmichael. He cites in detail that, "many of these changes have been building for decades and have been hastened and exacerbated by the recession."

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