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Deep Space News

Scientists detect eight mysterious repeating deep space signals

An unprecedented eight repeating radio signals, or fast radio bursts, have been detected emanating from deep space. Astronomers are edging closer to unraveling the mystery.

Study: Protection of astronauts from deep space radiation needed

A new NASA-funded study reveals that exposure to space radiation on long trips, like a voyage to Mars, could permanently harm astronauts' intestines and lead to stomach and colon cancer.

NASA grows human tissue to assess deep space missions

Houston - There are many perils associated with deep space missions. One concern related directly to people is the effect of prolonged time in deep space on the health of the astronauts. NASA has been looking into this issue.

NASA announces next steps on its ARM mission for Journey to Mars

On Wednesday, NASA announced additional details for future human expeditions into deep space, which will include going to Mars. The mission is ARM, or Asteroid Redirect Mission, which will test new astronaut capabilities by the mid-2020s.

Studying worms in space to boost astronaut health

Tokyo - A special study is taking place aboard the International Space Station. Astronauts are studying a roundworm to find out what the effects of being in zero gravity have on muscles.

Forget Mars—NASA ion engine aims for outer planets, deep space

Five years ago NASA began testing an ion engine prototype at the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland—48,000 hours later it’s still running and will set a world record for the longest propulsion test in history when deactivated later this month.

New project allows you to send a message to deep space

A new group made of scientists businessmen, and entrepreneurs have founded a project called the Lone Signal Project that will allow you to send a personal message into deep space for free.

35 years on, is Voyager 1 bidding farewell to the Solar System?

On September 5 1977, NASA’s Voyager 1 left Cape Canaveral. Thirty-five years later, Voyager continues to transmit data back to Earth and may now, finally, have stepped beyond the perimeter of the Solar System.

NASA's latest vehicle makes deep space exploration possible

The Space Launch System (SLS) will give NASA astronauts in deep space a new way to traffic beyond current limits. Could Star Trek reality be just around the corner?

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60 Days before its flyby  a NASA spacecraft takes a picture of its quarry - comet Hartley 2.
60 Days before its flyby, a NASA spacecraft takes a picture of its quarry - comet Hartley 2.
Image credit: NASA/JPL/UM
The heliospheric current sheet results from the influence of the Sun s rotating magnetic field on th...
The heliospheric current sheet results from the influence of the Sun's rotating magnetic field on the plasma in the interplanetary medium (solar wind). The wavy spiral shape has been likened to a ballerina's skirt.
NASA - Werner Heil

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