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Decay News

Red wine could ‘fight tooth cavities’

Want another reason to enjoy a glass of red wine? Try this: a new study has found that red wine could potentially help prevent dental cavities.

How bacteria change as a corpse decays

The composition of bacteria changes as body decays. Some researchers have started to call this altering community the "necrobiome." By studying this community researchers are beginning to piece together the "ecology of death."

Op-Ed: Tooth tattoo could halt serious disease in humans

A new device has been found to help identify tooth decay, serious disease and viruses. It could save thousands of lives.

Op-Ed: The Earth is getting younger

Today, many geologists theorize that radioisotope dating shows the Earth is 4.6 billion years old. New dating techniques could offer the scientific community more accurate dates for the Earth’s age.

Montreal City Chronicles (Part 7)

Montreal - Montreal is in "constructive chaos" mode. Here's an instalment giving you, an overview of some major construction projects in the city's downtown core. Is this a sign of on-going urban decay or "speculative gentrification" and revitalisation?

Green home furnishings decay with time

Home furnishing manufacturers are turning green and using biodegradable materials to build furniture and furnishings. When discarded, they decay into their surroundings.

Cavities & Dentists Soon To Be Thing of Past

It is billed as the "smart bomb," an antimicrobial drug that will kill tooth decay in its tracks.

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