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Dead zone News

Near-record Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone' forecast for this summer

NOAA scientists are forecasting this summer’s Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone or ‘dead zone’ – an area of low to no oxygen that can kill fish and other marine life – to be approximately 7,829 square miles or roughly the size of Massachusetts.

World's largest dead zone in Gulf of Oman is the size of Florida

Researchers studying a massive "dead zone" in the Arabian Sea now reveal the zone of oxygen-starved waters has now expanded far more than expected, raising serious concerns about the future of local fisheries and ecosystems

Gulf of Mexico's 'dead zone' to be biggest on record this year

The oxygen-poor dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to be the third largest ever this year, doubling in size to cover an area of the northern Gulf roughly the size of the state of New Jersey.

Chesapeake Bay's 'dead zone' expected to be smaller this year

A forecast for a slightly below-average "dead zone" in the Chesapeake Bay this summer has been released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The agency sponsored the bay study done by the University of Michigan.

Massive toxic chemical spill off Costa Rica coast sparks alert

Puntarenas - In what may be an ecological disaster in the making, a ship carrying 180 tons of ammonium nitrate capsized and spilled the toxic chemical into the sea just off the coast of Puntarenas last Saturday.

Op-Ed: Earth's giant 'dead zone' in Permian lasted 5 million years

Sydney - The Permian extinction wiped out 97% of species on Earth. Its cause was runaway CO2 levels. A new study has found a dead zone where nothing but shellfish survived. Land temperatures were 50C to 60C. Sea surface temperatures were about 40C.

Biofuel production may harm attempts to reduce Gulf 'Dead Zone'

Researchers report that boosting production of biofuel crops could make it harder to shrink a "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf of Mexico "Dead Zone" Keeps Growing

"Researchers predict that the recurring oxygen-depleted “dead zone” off the Louisiana coast will grow this summer to 8,543 square miles -- its largest in at least 22 years." There have been years when it's shrunk, but on average, it's getting larger.

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Gulf of Mexico dead zone in 2011.
Gulf of Mexico dead zone in 2011.
Released: IOC/UNESCO
Map showing distribution of bottom-water dissolved oxygen from July 28 to August 3  2015  west of th...
Map showing distribution of bottom-water dissolved oxygen from July 28 to August 3, 2015, west of the Mississippi River delta. Black lined areas — areas in red to deep red — have very little dissolved oxygen.
DEad zone in Gulf of Oman
DEad zone in Gulf of Oman
Geophysical Research Letters
Check out the latitudes of the dead zone.
Check out the latitudes of the dead zone.
Science Daily
Pacific dead zone
Pacific dead zone
National Science Foundation

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