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David Duke News

Op-Ed: David Duke and the Jewish pornographers

Having taken on and beaten the banks, the tiny nation of Iceland is now gearing up to take on the porn industry. This action is applauded by David Duke as a blow against Jewish supremacy, but he doesn't see the bigger picture.

Op-Ed: 'Racism' in Israel

Former Auschwitz inmate Zigi Shipper has just lectured the England football team on the evils of racial bigotry. Perhaps his next appointment should be with the Israeli Government?

Op-Ed: Barack Obama needs thick skin dealing with verbal assaults

The recent rant by Ted Nugent against US President Barack Obama has caused waves, but those who aspire to the highest office must necessarily have thick skins.

Op-Ed: Patricia McAllister finds the plot and loses her marbles

Los Angeles - Last year, Patricia McAllister made waves by railing at the Zionist Jews who control the Federal Reserve. After she was fired from her teaching post, she found an unlikely ally in David Duke. This time though, she has probably gone too far even for him.

Op-Ed: David Duke gets it half right on Syria and Iran

David Duke has made another video calling for peace in the Middle East; unfortunately, he can see only the perfidious influence of Zionism at work.

Op-Ed: 'Human rights' group applauds persecution of David Duke

Cologne - The American political activist David Duke was detained by the German legal authorities on November 25. At first, his arrest went unreported, now it is being applauded by people whose professed remit is to fight persecution, hatred and intolerance.

Op-Ed: David Duke and Patricia McAllister — A marriage made in Heaven

White Separatist David Duke has a new admirer whose conversion has caused alarm in the mainstream, but is giving rise to merriment in White Supremacist circles.

Op-Ed: ADL slanders Americans yet again

New York - The Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith has just published its annual survey which shows how bigoted Americans are, or does it show something else, about the ADL itself?

Op-Ed: David Duke's most unlikely supporter

Los Angeles - A black woman who spoke out against the “Zionist Jews” who control Wall Street and the Federal Reserve has found herself out of a job. Is this the hidden hand at work, or something else?

Former Klansman David Duke booted out of Czech Republic

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke was forced out of the Czech Republic on Saturday, according to international news agencies.

Former Klan Wizard David Duke Ordered to Leave Czech Republic

David Duke, former leader of a branch of the KKK has been ordered to leave the Czech Republic. This former Louisiana politician from Metairie and one-time candidate for Governor had been held in detention and is now been asked to leave.

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