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Op-Ed: Turning war into a video game — Happening, but slow with OMT tank

Washington - As old systems are retired, the question becomes what to replace them with. The problem is that the new systems are entering a very vaguely defined new environment. Replacing the M1 Abrams tank is a case in point.

Op-Ed: US A.I.-flown fighters scheduled for 2024 – Major deal incoming

Washington - In one of the biggest changes in military aviation in history, USAF A.I.-flown fighters will be tested against human pilots. This is a major shift in military tech, and it’s likely to be a huge game-changer.

Op-Ed: Space Force, or Xmas for the military industrial complex?

Washington - The announcement of the formation of the US Space Force has met with mixed reactions. No specific roles are outlined, and no clear strategy beyond “maintaining United States dominance” has been flagged. This is barely plausible.

Op-Ed: DARPA’s Squad X A.I. at Grunt level — A new kind of war

Washington - Think for about two seconds on the subject of infantry using A.I. in a firefight, or as tactical data in real time. Interesting, it definitely is. Good idea? Better than none, would be the obvious answer. DARPA's Squad X is a new threshold.

Pentagon's project called 'Insect Allies' - Is it a bioweapon?

A new Pentagon program wants to make insects that spread viruses to food crops to ensure food security, but scientists say the "Insect Allies" program is a biological weapon waiting to happen.

On-orbit satellite servicing and refueling may be on the horizon

A team of researchers and Pentagon contractors was recently selected to organize a space industry consortium that will consider new "rules of the road" for commercial on-orbit satellite repair and refueling.

Op-Ed: Is the VT 5 tank the sign of the end of the old arms market?

Beijing - In a move which is likely to rattle the trillion dollar/any number global arms market, China is pushing its wares, pretty hard. China is building a new profile, and aiming at selling to the world. They might rewrite the arms market, too.

DARPA says it's one step closer to its hypersonic space plane

The Pentagon's research and development shop is moving one step closer toward building a hypersonic space plane that could shuttle satellites or people into space in record time.

DARPA held a contest to find Twitter, Facebook bots

The US military has enlisted academics to fight a new enemy: Twitter bots. The fascinating 4-week competition, called the DARPA Twitter Bot Challenge, was detailed in a paper published this week.

Op-Ed: Technology and the art of modern warfare Special

As we humans have evolved, so has our technology. That's especially true when it comes to modern warfare. We now have DREAD guns, self-tracking bullets, cyborg insects, and laser avengers.

Military decides to abandon robot dog program

Washington - The Legged Squad Support System (LS3) was a project of the Pentagon's research division known as Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Jetpacks help soldiers run at the speed of Olympic athletes

On May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister ran a mile in under four minutes for the first time in recorded history. Since then, other professional runners and world-class athletes have joined him in the sub-four-minute category.

Chikungunya challenge project announced

Washington - A challenge has been laid down for scientists. The contest aims to identify models that accurately forecast outbreaks of the mosquito spread viral disease chikungunya.

Op-Ed: Robotic Reflections

When asked to write an Op-Ed on the subject of robotics, one over-arching thought came to mind: The robots are coming, people — get on board or get left behind.

Op-Ed: Evaluating DARPA's Exacto, a guided .50 cal. sniper bullet

Arlington - The world just got a lot safer, with a guided .50 cal. bullet that can hit targets around corners up to 2 km away. This technology has been under development for several years, and has now just reached the operational stage.

DARPA project allows soldiers to scale walls like Spider-Man

Fans of Spider-Man may be pleased to discover that technology is about to catch up with their favorite wall climbing hero.

New project gathers social media data to estimate suicide risk

Researchers in Boston are using technology to examine social media posts to estimate an individual's suicide risk. The project is currently being developed with help from active duty and veteran military members opting to participate.

Op-Ed: Elysium vs World War Z, setting the agenda and mass mind control

Movies and literature inspire and program the masses to love, to hate, to protect or to kill. If Dennis Kucinich made a movie, it would be "Elysium," a movie which teaches that all people have the right to immigrate, to have health care and to live.

Computer hackers targeting cars to expose vulnerability

London - Two security specialist develop software capable of taking full control of car while being driven. US Government financing the project to root out all possible vulnerabilities.

Watch DARPA's lifelike PETMAN robot test chemical warfare suit

The video shows the PETMAN robot, an eerily lifelike robot created by Boston Dynamics to test the performance of protective clothing designed for hazardous environments. The robot is also designed to test other military equipment.

DARPA-funded scientists 'mind-meld' rats across continents

Scientists have achieved a crude form of "brain link," or "mind meld" across continents. They have been able to send the thoughts of a rat in a lab in Brazil via the Internet to the brain of a rat in the United States.

DARPA aims for long-range 100Gbps wireless network

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is thinking big! Really big - 200 kilometers or about 100 miles to be exact.

Video: DARPA robot can climb stairs, do push ups

A DARPA funded project has tested a robot that can climb stairs and do push ups. The robot, according to its designers, can "balance itself, move freely; walk, do a variety of suit-stressing calisthenics during exposure to chemical warfare agents."

Pentagon dollars flow to military contractor, earns investigaton

Washington - A new series of government investigations has begun over financial dealings of the director of the Pentagon’s chief research agency, after records revealed the agency has been awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracts to her family firm.

DARPA wants to sponsor aircraft that will fly five years non-stop

DARPA will award a contract soon sponsoring a project that will build an unmanned aircraft that is capable of flying non-stop for five years. It will be subsequently used for surveillance, reconnaissance and communication missions.

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Northrop F-5E of NASA modified for sonic boom tests by DARPA. Preserved at the Valiant Air Command M...
Northrop F-5E of NASA modified for sonic boom tests by DARPA. Preserved at the Valiant Air Command Museum, Titusville, Florida.
The X-S1 hypersonic space plane
The X-S1 hypersonic space plane
Scientists with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are looking at introducing gen...
Scientists with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are looking at introducing genetically modified viruses that can edit chromosomes directly, like using insects to transmit genetically modified material into plants.
The DARPA building
The DARPA building
Nelson Pavlosky
Taken at the DARPA National Qualification Event  October 24 - 31  2007. The Google vehicles do not c...
Taken at the DARPA National Qualification Event, October 24 - 31, 2007. The Google vehicles do not carry as much hardware on their roofs as this car does.
The DARKA DEKA robotic prosthetic arm
The DARKA DEKA robotic prosthetic arm
DARPA is using leafhopper  aphids and whiteflies to protect our crops.
DARPA is using leafhopper, aphids and whiteflies to protect our crops.
Gido from The Netherlands (CC BY 2.0)
Note the no-nonsense design on these vehicles.  Someone s been working hard on these designs for qui...
Note the no-nonsense design on these vehicles. Someone's been working hard on these designs for quite a while.
DARPA s computer-enhanced self-guided bullet.
DARPA's computer-enhanced self-guided bullet.
YouTube screen grab GeoBeats News
This bullet can change direction in mid-flight.
This bullet can change direction in mid-flight.
YouTube screen grab defense update

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