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Cursing News

Women use the F-word more than men

Cambridge - Who swears most often? Women or men? When it comes to the expletive "F-word" it seems that women come out on top, using the word most often.

Video: New anchor A.J. Clemente's first words on air, 'f**k**g s**t'

Bismarck - A.J. Clemente's first words on live TV as a new anchor with NBC affiliate KFYR-TV, Bismark, North Dakota were "f*****g s**t." He uttered the words before co-anchor Van Tieu introduced him to viewers as the "new weekend news anchor."

Caught swearing, face $132 fine

Barnsley - As part of a trial during the month of June, people in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, may receive fines of up to £80 ($132) should they be caught swearing in public.

Melissa Leo drops F-bomb during Oscars speech

During last night's telecast of the Oscars, the winner for best supporting actress swore live in the middle of her speech. Melissa Leo later apologized for the accidental swear word.

Canadians swear more than Americans and Brits, study says

Over half of Canadians who responded to an Angus Reid Public Opinion poll said they swear occasionally to frequently when talking to their friends. Other cussing habits were also documented.

Did Mel Gibson call a reporter an 'asshole'?

It was the interview that went awkwardly wrong. Mel Gibson swore at an American reporter live on air in an interview about his new film, Edge of Darkness. Gibson claims he was actually calling his publicist an "asshole."

Study: Cursing improves pain tolerance

Do you ever feel guilty when you curse, especially after you get injured? Well don't. Scientists say you less likely to feel pain by letting out a swear word.

UK viewers battle 'foul-mouthed soup-stirrer Gordon Ramsay'

UK celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay drew thousands of complaints from UK Channel 4 viewers for his constant cursing during his latest TV show 'Gordon’s Great British Nightmare'. Viewers kept count: he said the f-word 240 times, and cursed 312 times.

Potty mouth! Woman cited for cursing at toilet

A Scranton woman was given an citation for disorderly conduct for using profanities at her overflowing toilet after her neighbor, a police officer, complained. She could face up to 90 days in jail and fines up to $300.

1st and 4th Amendments are Upheld in Michigan.

Amendaments upheld by federal Appeals Court

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