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OnePlus sells 30,000 smartphones in just 64 seconds

Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus has announced that it burnt through all of its available stock for its new flagship handset, the OnePlus Two, after just 64 seconds of the phone going on sale in its home country. It packs $600 features into a $329 device.

Apple gives free month of iCloud to Greeks who can't pay renewal

Apple has granted Greek iCloud subscribers a free month of usage after the financial crisis in the country meant that Apple would have been unable to take payment for the subscription service and users would have lost their stored data.

Scientists overcome the major issue of large fibre optic networks

Scientists have discovered a way to keep data moving at high speeds over very long fibre optic networks by preventing the signals from weakening. It removes a key limitation of fibre today and could make future networks faster and significantly cheaper.

Windows 10 is the 'last version of Windows', says Microsoft

A Microsoft developer has revealed that the company is viewing Windows 10 as the last major version of the renowned operating system, confirming many previous rumours of how Microsoft will update Windows over-the-air with incremental feature additions.

University student buys house boat to avoid accomodation costs

Charlotte Tindle was worried about facing living costs of £1,000 a month in Fulham, London, whilst studying at the London University Tech Music School - so instead she renovated a disused houseboat.

Up to $1,000 a day to care for child migrants

Washington - As US lawmakers grapple with ways to slash spending, many were shocked to learn authorities are spending $250 to $1,000 per day to care for each minor apprehended crossing the US border.

Op-Ed: The push towards online grocery is all the rage right now

It’s not hard to find whatever you need online, from electronics to clothes and furniture and now groceries through some companies.

Op-Ed: Average UK house prices rise to £250,000, will the bubble burst?

Government figures show that the average price of a house across the U.K. has hit £250,000 ($420,000) for the first time.

Opposition campaigner attacks Putin over Sochi costs

A leading opponent of President Vladimir Putin on Monday criticized what he said was huge overspending on the Winter Olympics and accused Russian officials and businessmen of making big profits from the Games.

Study: Low-paid fast food workers cost $3.8 billion per year

Low-paid fast-food workers in the United States cost taxpayers about $4 billion a year because of the federal subsidies they receive, according to a new study. A total of 52% of non-management workers in the fast-food receive some type of subsidy.

Trick-or-treat, how much will you spend on Halloween?

Costumes, candy, home decorations, it all adds up when you are budgeting for Halloween. And a new survey has found that Halloween is the third most important retail season of the year, after Christmas and back-to-school.

Ottawa spending $100,000 for flags and pins

The Government has set aside almost $100,000 in funds to purchase promotional materials to celebrate the diamond jubilee (sixth decade of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.)

Welfare drug tests end up costing Florida $46,000

A report finds the cost of drug testing for welfare recipients in Florida was nearly $46,000. That's more than the U.S. state would have paid out to people who failed their drug tests. Proponents say the issue isn't just about money.

2010 natural disasters killed 296,800 people, cost $110 billion

More than 296,800 people died in 373 natural disasters in 2010. In addition, about 208 million people were affected by the disasters. The figures have just been released by the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED).

The price of romance is two friends says study

The cost of falling in love is two close friends, according to a study by researchers at Oxford University. It showed that one family member and one friend are usually distanced in order to accommodate the new lover.

Is College Worth It?

Every year new students race off to college for higher learning, late night cram sessions and keggers. Is the total dollar cost for post-secondary education worth it in the end?

Recession pushing up meat prices

The recession that lowers prices in some areas is pushing them up on dinner tables. Canadians should brace for higher meat prices in the future.

America's Lock-up System Just Too Expensive

Throwing all those criminals in jail may seem like a good idea...but it turns out it's not. A new respected report finds that it's costing the United States an enormous amount of money that could be better spent on other things.

The U.S. Mail 'Must Go Through', But Maybe Not on Saturdays

The U.S. mail 'must go through, rain, sleet, ice or snow'. But it stops short when there's not enough money to keep it going. Postal Officials warn it could hurt the economy in several ways.

Christmas 08 Has Been Banned In Croatia, Says Government

It may be a touch too early to talk about Christmas, but the global credit crunch takes a hold in many countries, also spelling a seasonal disaster in others -- the PM in Croatia says Christmas must be banned this year in order for the country to cope.

In The End How High Will The Final Cost Of The FLDS Be?

The Department of Family and Protective Services removed the children on April 3 from the ranch owned by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was believed that rampant sexual and physical abuses were ongoing.

The Price Of True Love: If Only The Best Things Were Free On St Valentine's Day

A British survey released just before St. Valentine's Day reveals how much we spend on our own true love. For some gift-buyers, spending half of a weekly wage is par for the course.

What is the cost of a snow storm to a snow removal company?

As major snow storms hit the north-east areas of the United States and eastern Canada what does it mean for individuals and also for those companies that do snow plowing? For some it is fun, others an inconvenience and others hours of work.

The cost of 'vampire energy'? 100 Million Tons of Oil

Many people are using more gadgets than ever in homes, and most appliances are left in standby mode and consume energy even when they are not in full use. The amount of energy consumed in standby mode accounts 4 per cent of total energy.

The Cost of Christmas is Rising

The PNC Christmas Price Index, a division of PNC Financial Services, has determined that the cost of Christmas has risen 3.1%, now totaling $19,507. The cost of Christmas is based on the holiday classic, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

Writers strike could cost Hollywood $21.3 million a day

If the writers’ strike continues, it will have a great effect on the Los Angeles economy. The city could lose more than $20 million a day in direct production spending, according to a film group’s estimate.

Social Programs Account for Nearly Half of Federal Spending

The cost of social programs (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid) in America is nearly half the 2005 federal budget according to a recent study released in September by the Census Bureau.

The High Cost Of Buying Produce Grown Away

Want to help the environment and your pocket? Buy local produce. The high cost of importing produce makes its way into the costs. It also takes away from local farmers. Add in the increase of pollution because of the transporting. Local is always best.

The Cost Of War Is Rising. When Will it End?

The cost of war is rising every day and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. What about the people affected? Let's not even go there with the cost of human lives. How much is too much?

The true cost of the Xbox 360

The cost of the 360 is more than you expect.
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New enlisted housing at Fort Belvoir  Virginia. This photo was taken in Oct. 2009  and since that ti...
New enlisted housing at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. This photo was taken in Oct. 2009, and since that time, even though these townhouses have aged, the cost of rent has increased.

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