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Cosmetic surgery News

Dark side of social media: cosmetic procedure boom

London - The influence of social media should never be underestimated. A new study links the prevalence of the digital realm to a rise in young people seeking cosmetic surgery procedures. This relates to increases 'pressure' to match the types of images shared.

Botox parties rising in popularity Special

Although the internet has now moved on to a new cause célèbre, Renee Zellweger’s appearance on the red carpet at an Elle magazine event last month brought Botox back under the spotlight.

Op-Ed: Brazilian Robert Alves blows a fortune on cosmetic surgery

For one Brazilian, what started with unhappiness in a nose has gradually turned into an addiction to look perfect, all over.

Cosmetic surgery infection warning issued

People having 'fillers' injected into their facial tissue to give them 'bee-stung lips' or to smooth out their wrinkles are at risk from bacterial infections due to poor hygiene, according to a new study.

German lawmakers call for ban on cosmetic surgery for children

If German lawmakers have their way, this may be the last year teens in Germany are allowed to put cosmetic surgery on their Christmas wish list.

Tighter restrictions on cosmetic surgery urged in the UK

Results of a public survey on cosmetic surgery show strong support for banning "aggressive" selling, and low-price deals. Among those surveyed were patients, the public, and the industry.

Woman grows bones in her eyes following cosmetic surgery

A woman underwent cosmetic surgery, in a process that uses stem cells to rejuvenate skin. Afterwards the woman grew bone fragments in the flesh around one of her eyes. This caused her considerable pain.

'Chinplants': America's latest must-have plastic surgery

Disillusioned with weak jawlines and longing for strong, confident profiles, Americans are lining up for the hottest trend in plastic surgery: Chinplants.

Teens undergo plastic surgery to avoid bullying

Teens and kids even younger are undergoing cosmetic surgery to stop bullying by peers, U.S. and British surgeons admit. However, some experts fear such interventions by scalpel may bring more problems than fixes.

6 New Jersey women get the wrong kind of butt-enhancing injection

Over the last two months six women from Newark, New Jersey have ended up being hospitalized because of complications after receiving butt-enhancement injections. They were not getting what they expected.

Plastic surgeon redesigns wife

A German plastic surgeon has turned his wife into a sought-after model. Dr. Reza Vossough, whose practice is in Berlin, did a total of eight operations to transform his wife into an F cup model. Opinions of cosmetic surgery however, remain stereotypical.

Ex-husband accuses Belgian mother of selling newborn twins for cosmetic surgery

A Belgian woman was arrested by the police after her ex-husband accused her of selling her newborn twins for $13,000 to pay for her liposuction surgery.

Germany Bans Children From Getting Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has been banned for children and adolescents in Germany. The ban was announced on Wednesday that will stop the tens of thousands of German youth going under the knife in the name of beauty.

Op/Ed: Women Considering Cosmetic Surgery Beware

A few easy precautions could save your life and self- esteem. Lots of women get cosmetic surgery procedures. However, all have not obtained good results. These easy tips could help every American woman thinking about getting any kind of cosmetic surgery.

Designer Vaginas: Are Women Going Too Far?

The latest "trend" in plastic surgery for women is being lambasted (with complete justification as far as I can say) by the prestigious British Medical Journal.

Boob Business Sagging in Michigan

Cosmetic surgery may be booming in other parts of the USA, but in Michigan the economy has forced a decline in these procedures.

Your putting that botox where?

Ok ladies! They are coming up with all kinds of things to help women out, but would you do this?

Dying to Look Good

Unregulated use of botulism injures 4

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