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Convicted News

Teacher claims city fired her for lesson on 1989 park jogger case

New York - A former New York City high school teacher says she was fired for teaching students about the 1989 Central Park jogger case in which five African American and Latino teens were wrongfully imprisoned for years.

Convicted murderer sues state over porn being banned in prison

A convicted murderer in Connecticut is suing the state over a ban on porn in prison, saying it violates his constitutional rights.

Fort Hood shooter asks to join Islamic terror group

Fort Leavenworth - The U.S. Army psychiatrist who murdered 13 people at a Texas military base in a 2009 rampage wants to join ISIS, the Islamic militant group currently terrorizing northern Iraq and western Syria.

Boston bombing suspect's friend convicted of obstructing probe

Boston - A friend of the lone surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect faces up to 20 years in prison after his conviction Monday of obstructing the FBI investigation of the 2013 attack.

Convicted murderer escapes from mental health center in England

A convicted murderer, who was sent to prison for life for stabbing a teenager to death, has escaped from a mental health center in England.

Spanish police nab one of the UK's 'most wanted' (video)

Despite being in a totally hidden, anti-assault "panic room" in his villa in Málaga, the 41-year-old man was arrested on Saturday after being on the run for years. He had received a 24-year prison sentence for drug dealing in the UK, in absentia.

William Koberna is not convicted of felony

Brunswick - A grand jury has decided to indict a Kent University student on less serious charges. William Koberna posted on Twitter that he was going to shoot up the Ohio campus, and was facing a felony charge.

Nine Muslim men found guilty of child sex offences in Rochdale

Rochdale - Muslim, paedophile, child grooming gang is finally brought to justice as police incompetence is highlighted and allegations of a politically correct cover up are made.

The untold story of Amanda Knox

Perugia - The revelations of Amanda Knox's personal accounts of cruel treatment and intimidation while in prison and never seen before footage of her best friends' video diaries.

Knox Compared to Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit or she-devil? Has the court already deemed her as she-devil or is she the loving young woman that her lawyer Giulian Bongiorno portrays?

Convicted prisoners in Britain may be allowed an electoral vote

According to the BBC, the British government is considering allowing prisoners to vote, five years after a European Court of Human Rights law.

Man convicted after graphic dog fighting footage seized

London - A north London man was convicted of dog fighting offences after graphic footage of dog fighting was found in his home by the RSPCA.

Man guilty of selling pirated software receives jail sentence

Syracuse - New York man sentenced to prison for copyright infringement after earning almost $300,000 selling bootleg copies of business and graphic design software for over three years under the business name SoftwareSuite, sold online to unsuspecting buyers.

US Missionary in Haiti convicted, sent home

Port-au-prince - Laura Silsby, originally charged with kidnapping, criminal association along with nine other missionaries was convicted of arranging illegal travel under a 1980 statute restricting movement out of Haiti. She was then set free and put on a plane home.

UK Seller Faces £50,000 Fine For Fake eBay Bids

An eBay seller became the first person convicted in the UK for making fake bids on his own items he listed on the online auction site.

Man convicted of indecent exposure in his own home

They say a man’s home is his castle, but apparently not when he roams nude in front of open windows and can be seen by passers-by.

Alabama Fisherman Convicted in Florida

An Atlanta fisherman mistook a Goliath Grouper for a Warsaw Grouper. The former is a protected species and legal beagles from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission took DNA samples and then laid charges.

Impaired La-Z-Boy Driver Convicted

Dennis LeRoy Anderson was arrested while driving drunk in his motorized lounge chair that was powered by a converted lawnmower and features lights, a stereo and cup holders.

Priest convicted of murder

David Chenery-Wickens, a Minister who lives in East Sussex, United Kingdom has been convicted of murdering his wife. The 52-year-old had previously pleaded his innocence.

Man who took a chainsaw to his neighbor's door lands in prison

Robert S. Kane and his neighbor, Earl Fedrick, had asked his neighbor not to park in front of their homes across the street. When the neighbor's friends parked in front of Kane's house he took matters in his own hands.

Massachusetts Convicts Brazilian Native To Two Life Sentences For Killing His Family

A 32-year-old Brazilian native was found guilty in Massachusetts for murdering his wife and step-son over their involvement in church. Jeremias Bins will serve two consecutive life sentences for first-degree murder without the possibility of parole.

International Teacher And Former Marine Convicted Of Having Sex With Children

Another sex abuse case abroad involving drugging, beating and raping children. This one, however, has an American twist, as a former Marine is found guilty under a federal law that targets those who go overseas for "child sex tourism".

Former Newark mayor convicted

Sharpe James, the former mayor of Newark, N.J., and his ex-mistress has been convicted by a U.S. federal jury for corruption that stemmed from the cut-rate sale of city land.

Robbing From Children To Give To Employees Proves Confining For Texas Administrator

Ex-Brazosport ISD Administrator sentenced to six years in prison, ten years probation and restitution of over $42,000 USD for “kingpin” status, where she robbed from programs intended for students in need and gave the money to herself and her employee

Terrorist leader in Britain convicted

A Tanzanian-born Muslim who called himself "Osama bin London" was found guilty on Tuesday of encouraging his followers to kill nonbelievers and of running terrorist training camps in Britain.

Army sniper convicted of killing Iraqi

Sgt. Evan Vela, 24, was convicted of killing and Iraqi. Vela was found guilty of murder without premeditation, of aiding and abetting in planting an AK-47 on the victim's body and of lying to military investigators about the shooting.

NFL star sentenced

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was sentenced on Monday and he is due to serve 23 months in prison. Vick has dodged a five year prison sentence since he admitted what he did was wrong. He also apologied to the NFL and fans.

Convicted child killer avoids death penalty

A 28 year old male has been convicted and sentenced to life behind bars but he was able to avoid getting the death penalty. He was convicted of killing and raping a 17 month old child.

The Face Of Evil - Michael Mullen Receives 35 Years For Raping And Killing His Niece

One of the most disturbing cases of child rape and murder has finally come to a bitter close. The man found guilty of the rape and murder of his own niece has been given 35 years. The little girl whose life he took was just two years old

Florida Doctor Convicted of supporting al-Qaida

A Florida doctor was accused of providing material support to terrorists by agreeing to treat injured al-Qaida fighters.
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Reo Thompson sentenced to 120 years in prison for murder.
Reo Thompson sentenced to 120 years in prison for murder.
NBC 5 Chicago
CONDEMNED: Convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev stares at a security camera in a holdi...
CONDEMNED: Convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev stares at a security camera in a holding cell at U.S. District Court in Boston in July 2013.
U.S. Marshals Service/Wikimedia Commons
TRAGEDY: The Century 16 theater in Aurora  Colo.  is seen the day after 12 moviegoers were shot and ...
TRAGEDY: The Century 16 theater in Aurora, Colo., is seen the day after 12 moviegoers were shot and killed in 2012 by former graduate student James Holmes, who was convicted Thursday of 24 counts of murder.
Algr/Wikimedia Commons
CONVICTED: Radical Islamic preacher Mustafa Kamel Mustafa of London  also known as Abu Hamza al-Masr...
CONVICTED: Radical Islamic preacher Mustafa Kamel Mustafa of London, also known as Abu Hamza al-Masri was convicted on terrorism charges in New York on Monday.
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