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Contact lenses News

Sleeping wearing contact lenses carries infection risk

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) has highlighted a rise in health incidences associated with people wearing contact lenses while sleeping. This relates to corneal infections.

Trouble with contact lenses? Might be your microbiome

Some people cope well with contact lenses, other suffer with itchy eyes or run into problems. The reason may be due to the microbial composition of the eye, according to a new study.

Eyes differ, risk to contact lens wearers revealed

New York - Researchers, through analysing thousands of eye specimens, have concluded that the risk of infection to contact lens wearers depends on the individual and that the risk can change over time. This is due to the microbes in the eye.

We've seen Google glass, are we ready for Google contact lenses?

Tech giant Google and pharmaceutical company Novartis have announced they are to develop so-called "smart contacts." The technologically-advanced eyewear will monitor blood sugar concentrations in diabetic patients.

Google 'Smart Lenses' can detect biometric data from your eyes

Google will be partnering with Swiss drug and medical technology company Novartis to license "smart lens" technology. This technology will theoretically allow doctors and possibly even companies to know about your body through your tears.

Electronic contact lenses let you view text messages in your eyes

A tech company announced that it is developing electronic contact lenses aimed at improving the vision of the person who uses them and to allow the wearer to view text messages.

Televisions to be fitted into contact lenses

Experts believe that televisions will be fitted into contact lenses within ten years. The television sets would be powered by the viewer’s body heat.

Virtual contact lenses: personal displays, super vision, internet and games

The bionic idea is now turning into consumer-level technology. The University of Washington has come up with contact lenses with imprinted circuitry and LED displays. A lot of uses, including web surfing, have already been thought up for this idea.

What a Drunk Will do to Avoid the Breathalyzer

Police in Walkerton, Ontario, tried to deal in a rational manner with a suspected drunk driver on the holiday weekend when he refused to take a breath test, but the man had other ideas and decided that he'd try to mask the alcohol by eating his socks.

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China: Net imports of contact lenses
China: Net imports of contact lenses

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