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Why buying less is better than buying green

New research looks into what is ultimately better for the planet - buying less or keeping spending at current levels and buying environmentally-friendly commodities. The answer is to buy less items.

Darker side of Black Friday as worker anxiety rises

Black Friday may be the pinnacle of consumerism, with millions of people seeking sought after discounted goods, but for many workers this time of year highlight some of the downsides of precarious forms of employment.

Spending money on experiences better than purchases, says study

If you've found that you are generally happier spending money on experiences than on material purchases, the latest research backs you up.

Employees working holidays to be paid double if CA bill passes

Sacramento - Workers in California who work on Thanksgiving and Christmas may get a bit of financial relief if a California lawmaker has her way. Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez plans to introduce a bill doubling the pay of employees who work on the two holidays.

Op-Ed: When you don't know what you want, that's what you get

Given that things must be produced for a sufficiently broad segment of the population, how can we ever expect to find what it is that we truly want?

Op-Ed: Factory farms have nothing to do with Christian values

Calling factory farming reprehensible from a Christian perspective is ludicrous, especially when we are asked to do everything in our power to undermine the values and social structures that this industry is built on in the first place.

Op-Ed: Cyber Monday pitfalls and pratfalls or avoiding money traps

Hull - Where the US goes the UK often follows. This is especially true of negatives. If the US has extreme weather we usually experience similar a few days later. If violent crime increases across the Pond likewise in the UK. Then there is shopping madness.

Heavy metal at the Brooklyn Museum Special

New York - Ghanaian artist El Anatsui is enjoying his first solo exhibition at a New York Museum. His artwork is constructed from found materials, and offers a thoughtful commentary on his homeland as well as the cultural implications of reclaimed materials.

Op-Ed: We are becoming consumer cattle of virtual goods

As long as we in the West consume we will be looked after by our governments because consuming is our 'purpose'. We are consumer cattle. The method of 'farming' is about to be refined. The new sought after consumer goods are virtual.

Op-Ed: Christmas in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok - Christmas atmosphere in Bangkok, Thailand is extremely lively and colorful: an explosion of Asian kitsch. Nobody knows the reasons why ancient peoples celebrated the day in which the sun god began to beat back the forces of darkness and returned to shine.

Op-Ed: Keep the holiday spirit alive, without losing your head

For retailers, the first two weeks of November are like the quiet calm before the holiday storm hits, as Christmas sends many of us into a maddening rush to shop for friends and loved one's. As if gifts are all that matter.

Op-Ed: Christmas or how I learned to hate it and love to be a recluse

Christmas is coming. Christmas is coming. Christmas is coming. That’s right. Whether you want to admit it or not, jolly old St. Nick is on his way to everyone’s homes delivering gifts we don’t need and items we don’t want.

How BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill belongs to every consumer

Think crude oil, and most people make a logical leap to fuel for vehicles. What we forget, because it's not something we discuss every day, is that petroleum is used to manufacture plastic products.

Soaring Canadian debt credited to consumerism

Canadian household debt has reached a record high and is among the highest in developed countries. Compared to twenty years ago, Canadians now spend two and a half times more on goods and services.

Op/Ed A Hump Day Robot Rant

Happy Hump Day humans.

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