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Exit far left: India's communists face election angst

Kannur - India's once-vibrant communist parties are in danger of falling off the political map in this month's general elections as voters lose their revolutionary fervour.

Russian protesters rally against Kremlin policies

Moscow - Several thousand supporters of Russia's Communist Party rallied in Moscow against government policies, with some attacking President Vladimir Putin who they said was personally responsible for entrenched corruption and rising prices.

Iraq's Sadr and communist sickle join forces for election

Baghdad - Supporters of a black-turbaned Shiite cleric are seeing red in the runup to Iraq's May elections thanks to an unprecedented alliance with the once-powerful communist party.

Rep. Allen West: '81 Congressional Democrats are communists'

Jensen Beach - Florida Republican Allen West, said on Tuesday that as many as 81 Democratic members of Congress are communists. His statement was in response to a question: “What percentage of the American Legislature do you think are card-carrying Marxists?”

Op-Ed: Putin Has Reasons To Ensure Legitimate Elections, If He Sees Them

Vladamir Putin can help insure that the upcoming presidential elections are free and fair. He also has some compelling reasons for doing so.

Op-Ed: The left and the riots – what they said, and what they didn’t

The extreme left in Britain are never shy about accusing governments of censorship, but by the same token, they are quick to self-censor their own publications.

Toronto councillor asked to remove Ford logo from Facebook group

Toronto - A Facebook group supporting Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford is being asked to remove their logo. The page, titled "Save the City...Support the Ford Administration" is currently using the logo of Ford Motor Company of Canada.

Op-Ed: What Poland's old communists and Gov. Scott Walker have in common

Do unions not have a place in a democratic society? The old Soviet Regime did not tolerate independent trade unions that could challenge the edicts of the government. Will unions one day be banished from the U.S.?

Op-Ed: Americans love their villains

Americans love a villain, it doesn't matter who or where; movies, politics, sports you name it there and there is a villain.

Moldova communists lose majority

Parliamentary elections were held in the Republic of Moldova on Wednesday that have resulted in an upset for the nation's communist party.

Serfs' Liberation Day for Tibet, Or Not

2009 is a year of anniversaries for Tibet. Almost 60 years ago, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army invaded and overran the country.

Russian Communists Call For Boycott of Latest Indiana Jones Movie

Members of the Russian Communist Party are calling for a boycott of the latest Indiana Jones movie. They say the filmmakers want a new Cold war.

Eastern European Television Confronts The Communist Past

BUDAPEST (dpa) - For generations television viewers in Central and Eastern Europe were fed with official versions of history, news, and the events of daily life.Today, some regional television broadcasters are taking a critical view of past programming...

Prague show lays bare communist secret service methods

PRAGUE (dpa) - "I'm looking forward to your answer," wrote a Slovak named Karol to his Czech friend Josef on May 21, 1951. But only now, a half a century later, can Josef get a chance to respond. The letter, posted from the town of Banska Bystric...

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China s rulers in the Great Hall of the People at the beginning of the National People s Congress
China's rulers in the Great Hall of the People at the beginning of the National People's Congress
Remko Tanis
Red Square in Moscow  Russia
Red flags on Red Square in Moscow
Photo: barrio dude

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