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Climategate News

Rising sea levels threatens U.S. nuclear waste dump in Pacific

For over a half-century, Enewetak Atoll, a part of the Marshall Islands, has been contaminated by nuclear explosions and waste left over from U.S. nuclear warhead tests. A waste dump on Runit Island is now threatened by rising sea levels.

Al Gore to Launch The Climate Project in China

Washington - The Climate Project supports more than 3,000 diverse and dedicated volunteers worldwide who have been personally trained by former U.S. Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore to educate the public and to raise awareness about climate change.

Popular Hitler, ClimateGate Parody Videos Pulled from YouTube

YouTube recently pulled two highly popular sets of videos from their website after legal threats: the Michael Mann 'Hide the Decline' videos made popular after ClimateGate, and the popular Hitler parody videos excerpted from the German film 'Downfall.'

Climate of hatred for climate change scientists growing stronger

Climate scientists say they had received threats and ugly correspondence in the past from people objecting to the idea of climate change, but since Climategate, the tone has become more abusive and more threatening.

Climategate scientist admits emails were 'awful'

The scientist at the center of the controversy over leaked emails that has become known as 'Climategate' told a committee in the British Parliament yesterday that the contents of some of his emails were "awful".

Op-Ed: Fact-Checking Al Gore

Yesterday, Al Gore emerged from a prolonged silence on Global Warming to rebut critics and skeptics in a three-page New York Times oped. Mr. Gore was as passionate as ever on the subject, but just how substantiated and reliable are his facts and sources?

James Inhofe: Copenhagen conference has failed

Republican Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe said on Thursday that there will be no agreement at the Copenhagen conference and that it "has failed."

Russia Drops ClimateGate Bombshell; Claims Temp Data 'Cooked'

Yesterday, the Institute of Economic Analysis in Moscow issued a report stating that Hadley CRU researchers in the UK's Met Office most likely tampered with Russian temperature data by omitting 40% of all data provided to establish false warming trends.

Op-Ed: Copenhagen, Environmental stewardship or the new green gold rush?

Significant human caused global warming fact, fiction, or just overblow for political expedience and the onset of the green gold rush..

UN officials try to silence journalist on Climategate question

As many people try to find answers to the Climategate scandal, some journalists at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit are being silenced and threatened.

Climategate controversy yields popular Youtube parody video

As the UN's Copenhagen climate summit kicks off and the Obama administration officially declares carbon a danger to public health, a parody emerges on Youtube on the core 'climategate' controversy.

Saudi Arabia wants independent investigation on Climategate

During the 2009 climate summit in Copenhagen, Denmark on Monday, Saudi Arabia officials believe the climate science has been "shaken" and that they want an independent inquiry.

Op-Ed: Bicycles for America?

We need a serious presentation from the President of the United States in Copenhagen next week. We cannot let Afghanistan or Iran distract our governments from the effects of our emissions on global warming.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change refutes 'climategate'

On the cusp of global greenhouse gas emission negotions which begin Monday in Copenhagen, the IPCC has issued a statement backing the science behind findings of climate change.

Climategate is 'elephant in the room' for Obama's carbon plans

President Obama's decision to head to Copenhagen for the final sessions there is a symbolic gesture on the importance of the matter - but the 'climategate' scandal may cast a longer shadow for Democratic strategists.

Hole in ozone layer causes Earth to experience cooling

A group of British scientists from the British Antarctic Survey have discovered this week that the ozone layer hole is cooling down the Earth and protecting Antarctica from melting.

Boxer: Climategate hackers should face criminal prosecution

Senator Boxer reacts to the 'climategate' question on leaked emails that appear to suppress the scientific process of peer review, saying hackers should face criminal prosecution.

Google Blocking 'ClimateGate' Autosuggestion

Despite the fact that the term ClimateGate now generates over 13,000,000 hits on Google, the search engine's autosuggest feature for that term is blocked, and appears to have been since the beginning of the scandal.

Op-Ed: The True Deniers of Global Warming Theory

Skeptics of Global Warming theory have long been branded as deniers. Yet despite the fact that the very science of AGW has been brought into question via ClimateGate, AGW proponents race to Copenhagen to cut trillion-dollar tax deals. Who's in denial now?

Hacked emails lead to Climategate, Congressional investigation

Hacked email strings point to scientific fraud on the question of mankind's impact on global warming, and the Climategate matter is now being elevated in a Congressional investigation.

Climategate: International community responds, Congress may probe

Recently, hijacked e-mails came out showing that scientists and officials withheld information and tried to manipulate data leading to a dubbed "ClimateGate." Alex Jones sat down with Russia Today to discuss the recent news.

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