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Clean water News

International World Water Day and startling global facts

Each year, on March 22, the United Nations marks international world water day where a series of events are held and facts about access to clean water broadcast. This is to highlight just how many people still do not have access to clean water.

U.S. is facing an urgent clean water crisis Special

While there is considerable focus on clean water supply in low income countries, many more prosperous countries also have issues with water quality, according to campaigner Meena Sankaran. She raises some particular issues about water quality in the U.S.

Essential Science: Seed could bring clean water to millions

Shortage of clean water is a major health issue and cause of widespread disease in low income countries. To partly address this, researchers have developed ‘f-sand’ and it has a botanical component.

WaterChain: An ICO to clean up the world’s water

The startup WaterChain is developing a blockchain solution for the water industry. The aim is to help clean up the water industry and reduce the number of deaths globally that occur due to unsanitary water.

Aurora Cannabis to invest in Micron Waste Technologies

Vancouver - Aurora Cannabis Inc. has signed a non-binding deal to make an investment in Micron Waste Technologies Inc., which makes organic waste treatment systems. The move is part of a plan to optimize a digester specifically for the cannabis industry.

Nano device disinfects water using solar power

Washington - In many parts of the world there is limited access to clean water. Different devices exist to clean water but these are rarely portable. In a breakthrough, researchers have developed a nano-sized solar powered device.

Essential Science: Making dirty water drinkable

In many parts of the world water is not fit for people to drink. Technologies to render dirty water drinkable are limited by size and cost. Now a lower cost solution is on the horizon, based on graphene.

Nigeria cholera outbreak infects over 300 and kills 7 people

A cholera outbreak that started over the past weekend in Northwest Kano state has spread to 11 local councils, according to Bello Abubakar of the state ministry of health. The health Minister has stressed the need for people to use clean water only.

$1 million prize for global water solution

The ruler of Dubai and vice president of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoumhas, has offered $1 million USD to the research institute that comes up with an effective solution to the global water shortage problem.

World Toilet Day: The right to have clean water and sanitation

Most people reading this article can go to their kitchen for a glass of water, or use the bathroom without a second thought. But what about the 2.5 billion people in our world today without sanitation or a source of clean drinking water?

Rachel's last birthday wish was safe water for 60,000 Ethiopians

Rachel Beckwith wanted to raise $300 by her ninth birthday on June 12, 2011 for a New York-based non-profit organization charity:water, involved in projects to bring clean drinking water to people in impoverished developing countries.

Israeli teen scientists develop solar method for clean water

It could be a long time before teenagers Avishai Katko and Maya Braun of Israel's Sharett High School gain global notice. However, their prize-winning science design provides clean drinking water by using solar rays in every home across the globe.

Matt Damon – Clean Water for the World

Delivering clean water and sanitation throughout the world needs a revolutionary solution for worldwide access to safe water and a toilet in the 21st century. Why?

Leaders in water meet in Stockholm

A gathering of 2,500 leading water experts are in Stockholm for the 20th annual World Water Week opening today. The experts hope to find better ways to address the challenges of the world's global water crisis.

Breakthrough method to make contaminated water fit to drink

Cape Town - Using nano-fibres, researchers at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, have developed a filter sachet - looking like a tea bag - that costs less than a cent and can clean one litre bottle of the most polluted water.

Beauty Queen changes her world view after humanitarian trip

Bayaguana - When Kristen Dalton, Miss USA 2009, went to Bayaguana, Dominican Republic with Children International in an effort to raise awareness about the lack of clean water she was life changing.

One Billionth Liter Of Clean Water Given By Children's Safe Drinking Water Program

A mile-marker was reached Tuesday, when the Children's Safe Drinking Water Program created their one billionth liter of clean drinking water. Using a packet of clarification and disinfectant developed by Proctor and Gamble, unfit water becomes safe.

Nanotechnology Used to Clean Water

Tiny particles of pure silica coated with an active material could be used to remove toxic chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and other hazardous materials from water much more effectively and at lower cost than conventional water purification methods.

Wave-powered 'ducks' could purify seawater

Nice idea, let's hope someone goes forward with it to help those countries that could use safe drinking water...

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Clean water Image

Clean water means no pathogens  and no disease means the fish lead a drug-free life
Clean water means no pathogens, and no disease means the fish lead a drug-free life
Sustainable Blue
The filter drinking straw can be worn around the neck and enables children and adults to drink clean...
The filter drinking straw can be worn around the neck and enables children and adults to drink clean water.
Water is Life
In Shagra  North Darfur  water is hard to come by.
In Shagra, North Darfur, water is hard to come by.
The Drinkable Book can provide clean drinking water to a user for up to four years.
The Drinkable Book can provide clean drinking water to a user for up to four years.
Water is Life
Photo credit: Fred Stottlemyer  International Action
Photo credit: Fred Stottlemyer, International Action

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