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Circus News

Last performance for 'the greatest show on earth'

Uniondale - Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, America's best-known circus, has staged its final show after 146 years, marking the end of an era brought on by animal rights advocates.

Circus arts help Syrian children make new life

Mardin - Laughter rings out and there is an atmosphere of excitement and joyful chaos. Children are perched on stilts, others spin plates or happily perform aerial dances.

Review: ‘Cirkopolis’ splashes a grey world with imagination and colour Special

‘Cirkopolis’ is a spectacularly entertaining show that earns audience’s applause with an expressive combination of performance, music and video projections.

Russia mourns clowning legend Oleg Popov, dead at 86

Moscow - Russia on Thursday mourned Oleg Popov, a legendary Soviet-era clown who performed until he died of heart failure this week at age 86.

Youngest elephant at famed U.S. circus dies

Miami - Ringling Brothers, America's best-known circus, announced the death of its youngest elephant at a conservation center where it is retiring the animals after criticism from rights groups.

Dolphin circus sparks animal cruelty debate in Central Asia

Bichkek - Inside a travelling aquatic circus in Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek, whoops and cheers go up as a dolphin leaps out of a pool and slam-dunks a ball through a basketball net.

Zebras escape circus, get brief taste of freedom in Philadelphia

Philadelphia - Two zebras hoofed it to Freedom — briefly — on Sunday after escaping from a circus in Philadelphia, where they roamed the city streets for about an hour and brought traffic to a standstill.

Mexico circus truck caught with 4 tonnes of pot

- Call it a big pot seizure at the big top: Mexican authorities found four tonnes of marijuana hidden under a circus truck.

Review: The world’s greatest horse/acrobat show blesses T.O. once again Special

Toronto - How often can you say that a live theatrical show has utterly convinced you that you’ve travelled through time and space? Cavalia’s extravaganza “Odysseo” really is that kind of show. It’s almost like a dream, or an out-of-body experience.

Italy: Circus owner dyed chow puppies to look like pandas

Brescia - A travelling circus in Italy has been sent to the dog-house after Italian state officials found the circus owner to be passing off two chow puppies as pandas, with their coats dyed to look the part.

Review: Cirque du Soleil's Kurios most imaginative show I've ever seen Special

Once again, Cirque du Soleil brought a jaw-dropping visually arresting show to Toronto. Kurios blends steampunk aesthetics with the fascinating athleticism we've come to expect from Cirque performers.

Mexico City bans circus animals

The Mexico City council voted overwhelmingly to ban animals in circus operations. Offenders could be fined the equivalent of $45 thousand to $60 thousand if they keep animals.

U.S. acrobats injured in circus fall

Eleven people have been injured and one is critically ill, after a group of female acrobats fell from an aerial platform at a circus in Rhode Island.

Llamas went on the lam in Oslo, Norway (Video)

Oslo - Three llamas had some fun in central Oslo on Thursday. They escaped from a circus in Tøyenparken and toured the smartest part of town for a while before being recaptured.

Photo Essay: Beijing's Olympic Park and circus Special

Beijing - I remember watching the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics from my California TV. When I visited the site this year, I was surprised to find a thriving tourist hub and live circus.

Circus tiger mauls trainer during act in Madrid (video)

Madrid - Halfway through a circus act in Madrid on Sunday, an animal trainer was viciously attacked by the performing tiger he was working with. He was then rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

Drunk young men take llama on a tram ride in France (video)

Bordeaux - A group of drunken young men in Bordeaux kidnapped a circus llama by the name of Serge and took him for a late-night ride on a tram. Apparently the circus director got so much extra business from the incident, he has "nothing against them."

Catalonia, Spain launches bid to ban animals in circus shows

Barcelona - On Tuesday this week, two years after the animal-loving region of Catalonia in Spain banned bullfighting, they are now lobbying to ban the use of animals in circus shows.

Troupe of 300 circus fleas killed by freezing weather in Germany

Thanks to freezing weather gripping Germany, an entire troupe of three-hundred performing fleas have died, just as they were due to perform at an open-air fair.

Ringling Bros. Circus fined $270,000 for animal cruelty

Feld Entertainment is the parent company of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and they've caught the brunt of the ire of the USDA.

Complaint filed after circus elephant collapses in California

An animal welfare organization has filed a complaint in an effort to have a 54-year-old circus elephant, who was filmed after she collapsed while being loaded onto a train car, taken off of the road.

Circus magic arrives in Baker City Special

Baker City - At the break of dawn on June 28, one man stood alone on the Baker County Fair Grounds in Baker City, Oregon. His mission: to stake out a large area where several large tents will be carefully placed for the famous Carson and Barnes Circus.

Elephant seen being abused in video moves to new home

Anne, the circus elephant who was seen on video being kicked and struck with a pitchfork, has been moved to a new home at a safari park.

Cruelty to elderly circus elephant caught on video

Polebrook - A hidden camera has recorded footage of circus workers in the UK kicking a 57-year-old elephant, and striking her with a metal pitchfork.

Bob Barker aids in rescue of abused Bolivian circus cats

Denver - "Come on Down!" The famous catch phrase coined by the former game-show-host, also a long time vegetarian and animal rights activist, greeted 25 lions as they stepped onto American soil, the last of the animals to be rescued from Bolivian circus acts.

Man spots 'time traveller' in Charlie Chaplin film

A man in Ireland has spotted something which he suggests might be a time traveller in the footage included with the DVD release of Charlie Chaplin's 1928 film, The Circus.

Lion tamer attacked in circus ring and captured on shocking video

Lviv - Several lions have mauled a circus tamer and a number of staff at a circus in Ukraine in front of a shocked crowd of parents and screaming, frightened children. The whole episode was captured on cell phone footage by an American tourist Doug Sheperd.

PETA again going after Ringling Brothers Circus for animal abuse

Circus elephants being pulled and prodded with metal hooks, lions and tigers being beaten. This is what PETA says is regularly going on behind the Ringling Brothers Circus. They will attempt again today to stop it.

Grandmother saves grandson from being crushed by camel

Thyez - When a child's life is thought to be in danger some people don't think twice about trying to protect them, no matter what the consequences might be.

Canadian billionaire to stage 'live concert in space'

A Canadian billionaire who made vast riches by means of circus revealed Wednesday that he will host a live event from orbit on October 9 to promote the importance of clean water globally.
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Circus Image

An officer with one of the zebras.
An officer with one of the zebras.
YouTube Screen Grab CBS Philly
Three llamas escaped from a circus in Oslo and toured the town.
Three llamas escaped from a circus in Oslo and toured the town.
Video screengrab
Animals Asia
Circus from Moncton  NB comes to Lower Sackville  NS
Circus from Moncton, NB comes to Lower Sackville, NS
This little girl danced on her toes atop a man
This little girl danced on her toes atop a man
Acrobats threw themselves through rings
Acrobats threw themselves through rings
Lion tamer
Lion tamer
A key tourist attraction in Lyon - a carousel  located in the main shopping area.
A key tourist attraction in Lyon - a carousel, located in the main shopping area.
Photo was used in protests by PETA against the Ringling Bros. Circus on 15 July 2010.
Photo was used in protests by PETA against the Ringling Bros. Circus on 15 July 2010.
Heather Norwood
Exhibition of Circus Roncalli
Exhibition of Circus Roncalli
Hannes Grobe