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Child soldiers News

Iran allegedly sending child soldiers to Syria Special

The National Council of Resistance of Iran claims the Iranian government is encouraging Iranian children to join the war effort and to fight to save Bashir Assad's regime in Syria.

Harper government trying to stop Omar Khadr from release on bail

Ottawa - The Harper government is trying to stop the release of Omar Khadr on bail after a judge decided to grant bail to the 28-year-old who has been incarcerated since he was 15.

Child soldiers reunited with families

This week 152 child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo were reunited with their families. While a happy start, the violence these children have lived is a hard trial to get over.

'The Phantom Pain' screenshot used in a report on child soldiers

RT featured a screenshot of 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain' during a special news report on child soldiers in Africa.

Ugandan orphanage struggles to cope with war, poverty, and HIV Special

Jinja - War, poverty, and HIV create hundreds of thousands of orphaned children in the small African nation. Digital Journal talks to Mutebe Moses, a native Ugandan, about efforts to cope with the mounting crisis.

Aid for militaries using child soldiers approved by Obama

This month the Obama administration agreed to provide military aid to three nations listed by the U.S. State Department as employing child soldiers after granting waivers to avoid a law prohibiting the aid.

Op-Ed: Obama provides aid to countries with child soldiers

Washington - While US law prohibits the US from providing military aid to countries that use child soldiers, the law contains provisions that allows the US president to waive the application of the law where it is in the US national interest to do so.

Is Seleka using child soldiers in Central African Republic?

Bangui - Alleged use of child soldiers by rebel coalition Seleka in Central African Republic is making the headlines as South African soldiers are reporting what they witnessed in Bangui.

Across the world, people weigh in on the Tragedy of Newtown

The emotional shock of what happened in Newtown, Connecticut resonated with the world. It expanded into the world of sports and celebrities as well.

US admits to imprisoning Afghan children

Geneva - The United States has admitted to imprisoning hundreds of Afghan children as 'enemy combatants' in a report to the United Nations.

A childhood lost in Mali

Stories of children being forced into military service is nothing new. There are many stories about Sudan’s “Lost Boys”, and numerous reports of boys being kidnapped in countries like Somalia, Liberia, and the Congo and being forced into service.

Congolese warlord sentenced for recruiting child soldiers

The Hague - Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for using child soldiers in battle. Taking into account time already served, Lubanga will serve just 8 more years behind bars.

Syrian Opposition may be using child soldiers

According to the United Nations the Syrian opposition fighting President Bashar al Assad's government forces are believed to be using child soldiers.

Op-Ed: Power of the Sudan peace builders

Ethnic cleansing in Sudan has many faces --- the "Arab-African conflict," "the Darfur problem," and the "North-South conflict." The longest running conflict in Africa, its tribal differences and oil related conflicts have compounded Sudan's problems.

Report: U.S. taxpayers helping to pay for Somali child soldiers

Mogadishu - Several human rights groups and United Nations officials say that child soldiers are being used by the government of Somalia to fight against Islamist militants. The report finds that the average United States taxpayer is helping fund this strategy.

Girl child soldiers less likely to be freed in Congo

The United Nations reports that young girls recruited to be soldiers by both rebel and national troops in the Congo are less likely to be freed.

Freedom for Child Soldiers in Nepal

Nearly 400 former child soldiers were on Thursday released from a detention camp in Nepal, the first of some 3,000 former child soldiers with the communist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) who will eventually return to civilian life.

Children of Conflict:The Real Victims

Around the world children are suffering from direct consequences of war. They find themselves alone and vulnerable without their families or being directly recruited as a child soldier.

Former Congo War Lord Pleads Not Guilty

Thomas Lubanga is a former Congolese rebel leader who has pleaded not guilty to charges of using child soldiers to fight bloody ethnic battles.

UN reports rise of child soldiers

According to the new Secretary General’s annual report on Children and Armed Conflict, the number of armed groups and forces identified as using children has climbed from 40 in 2006 to 57 in 2007.

Child Soldiers

Children in the North America play war related video games. Elsewhere in the world children know those games all too well. They are forced onto the battlefield. Children as young as six have been recruited into wars in the modern world.

Stolen kids turned into terrifying killers

Warlords are forcing children in conflicts around the world to become killing machines or nothing more than "cannon fodder."

Aim of Conference is to Help Child Soldiers

A quarter of a million children bear arms in conflicts worldwide.the situation "really is a crime against humanity ... it has to be stopped."

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The rescued children said the recruiters had promised their families they would be taken to Pakistan...
The rescued children said the recruiters had promised their families they would be taken to Pakistan to be educated
Alleged child soldiers in Central African Republic
Alleged child soldiers in Central African Republic
Sia Kambou
A group of demobilized child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
A group of demobilized child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
Children in school in Mali.
Children in school in Mali.
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