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Cheese News

Consuming more wine and cheese may reduce cognitive decline

To what extent can varying your diet affect your overall health? In terms of slowing down the potential for cognitive decline, it appears that food like cheese and liquids like wine could be of benefit.

Swiss cheesed off over Covid threat to fondue conviviality

Geneva - As Switzerland contends with one of the worst coronavirus surges in Europe, the Swiss are gripped by one melting-hot question: is it still safe to share a fondue?

Some cheese smells are actually bacteria communicating

Microbiologists from Tufts University have found that the bacteria involved in the process that ripens cheese have the capability of responding volatile gases produced by cheese fungi. This is key to creating perfect cheese.

Spanish cheesemakers defend Manchego from Mexican 'copy'

Alc - In central Spain, the arid plains of La Mancha are famous for their windmills and Manchego, a cheese made out of ewe's milk that is one of the best-known representatives of the country's gastronomy.

Brexit churns unease for Britain's speciality cheese

London - In the rolling countryside of southwest England, farmer Charles Martell is tending to his rare breed of cattle while two of his dairy workers get to work making Single Gloucester cheese -- a British delicacy.

Watch made from Swiss cheese is selling for $1 million

The company M. Hoser & Cie launched a brand new watch. The watch is called the Swiss Mad Watch, and it was made with cheese.

Oh my Gouda! Dutch cheeses hit by spate of thefts

Den Haag - Dutch cheese makers have been hit by a spate of top-end cheese thefts, prompting a dairy federation to warn farmers Friday to beef up security around their storerooms.

Boy wakes from coma with an addiction to cheese and swearing

Chesterfield - A teenager from England woke up from a nine day coma, but he ended up picking up some bad habits, which included eating blocks of cheese and swearing.

Time to spread butter again? Study questions historic advice

For several decades the fats associated with butter and cheese have been on a list of substances to consume in moderation. This original advice is not evidence-based, according to a new study.

Op-Ed: Vella Cheese of Sonoma is home to a 'dry jack' sealed with cocoa Special

Sonoma - Away from the town square or plaza is the other cheese maker in town, Vella Cheese Company who like the Sonoma Cheese Factory was also founded in 1931. But uniquely Vella has its own signature cheese

Serious Listeria outbreak in the U.S.

Delaware - One person has died and three newborns have become ill in an outbreak of listeria linked to Hispanic-style cheese. Roos Foods, is recalling several varieties of its cheeses because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria.

Kraft removing artificial preservatives from 'Kraft Singles'

Kraft is planning to remove artificial preservatives from its "Kraft Singles," which is the company's most popular individually wrapped cheese slices.

Wisconsin uses cheese to de-ice local roadways

Milwaukee - Wisconsin, a US state is widely known for its cheese production, has found an ingenious way to de-ice many of the state's major roadways by using cheese brine.

Human bacteria used to make cheese that smells like body parts

An exhibit, dubbed 'Selfmade', in Dublin features eleven cheeses that were crafted with bacteria from toes and belly buttons

Man found with $200K worth of stolen cheese

A man is facing criminal charges in the state of New Jersey after detectives found a truck that he was driving with around $200,000 worth of stolen cheese from Wisconsin.

Researchers find evidence of ancient cheese-making

New research has discovered that humans were making cheese several thousands of years ago. According to the study, milk fat remnants have been found in ancient pottery believed to have been used as a sieve.

Denmark to abolish world's first fat tax

Copenhagen - Denmark intends to abolish the world's first fat tax which was introduced just over a year ago. It also intends to scrap plans to introduce a sugar tax.

Bacterial outbreak linked to ricotta salata cheese

A multi-state U.S. outbreak of the bacterial contamination Listeriosis has been linked to imported Frescolina Marte Brand Ricotta Salata Cheese. There have been three fatalities.

The strangest cupcake you'll ever eat

Who doesn't love cupcakes? They are the perfect combination of cake and frosting (sometimes filling) and just the right size to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Canadian cheese recalled due to food poisoning risk

Quebec - A range of cheeses and other dairy products have been recalled in recent days due to a risk of food poisoning. The dairy products were all produced from a manufacturer based in Quebec, Canada.

The rise of Lidia Bastianich's Italian food empire Special

Toronto - Lidia Bastianich is not just the host of a wildly popular TV show on Italian cooking but also joins a long line of celebrity chefs who have launched their own restaurants, pasta sauce and pasta. Bastianich recently spoke about her brand in Toronto.

Op-Ed: The great cheese conspiracy

David Icke believes there is a conspiracy by giant lizards to enslave the world by abolishing cash and implanting microchips in the backs of our necks, but he has overlooked a far more sinister threat: the plot to rig the price of cheese in Britain.

Retail giant threatens legal action after 'price-fixing' fine

Supermarket giant Tesco said it will fight a huge fine imposed by a regulator after it was accused of colluding with other retail outlets to fix prices of dairy products.

UK cheese rolling festival cancelled

Brockworth - The Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling Festival, which has roots going back hundreds of years, has been cancelled for the second consecutive year, following a public backlash over a proposed entrance fee.

Research claims dairy products may help prevent type-2 diabetes

Researchers say a natural ingredient of dairy products – but one that can’t be produced by the human body – may protect against diabetes.

Denny's putting fried cheese in its new grilled cheese sandwich

At a time when we are being told more than ever to watch what we eat and how fatty foods can devastate our health, let alone our weight, Denny's is coming out with a gut-buster sandwich.

Beach Camping and Wine and Cheese Tasting on the Oregon Coast Special

Oregon's coast offers some of the most spectacular vistas in the West with its long beaches, steep cliffs, and old-growth forests. Don't spend all your time observing nature though, make sure to experience some of the coast's culinary treasures too.

French cheeses offer diverse world for food lovers Special

French cheeses are considered to be part of French national patrimony. There are hundreds of them, and this interview, with a Master Cheese Refiner, reveals the secrets of their fabrication. Bon appetit!

Recall Asadero &c Oaxaca Cheeses Possible Listeria Contamination

Torres Hillsdale Country Cheese of Reading, Michigan announces the recall of Asadero and Oaxaca soft Mexican-style cheeses due to potential Listeria contamination.

FDA Warns Consumers About Potentially Contaminated Cheese

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to eat Queso Fresco Fresh Cheese Mexican style soft cheese (two specific lots) or any Queso Cotija Molido Mexican style grated cheese.
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Cheese Image

Original feta cheese made from sheep and goat milk. Feta is a protected name and may not be used for...
Original feta cheese made from sheep and goat milk. Feta is a protected name and may not be used for cheese from cow milk.
A buffet breakfast
A buffet breakfast
Two of the Sargento cheese products affected by this recall.
Two of the Sargento cheese products affected by this recall.
Veronica Toscano was happy to let this reporter sample the cheeses at Vella Cheese company on that M...
Veronica Toscano was happy to let this reporter sample the cheeses at Vella Cheese company on that Monday morning. Vella Cheese is all natural, "you can even eat the casing," said Toscano it is made with cocoa powder and olive oil."
A vegetable kebab with halloumi cheese and a chili sauce.
A vegetable kebab with halloumi cheese and a chili sauce.
The cheese products could be purchased  but not the baby.
The cheese products could be purchased, but not the baby.
Kraft Singles examples
Kraft Singles examples
Via Kraft
Swiss chesse
Swiss chesse
Christian Bauer/Wikipedia
The BBQ Pulled Pork Cupcake from the Bourbon Steak Lounge
The BBQ Pulled Pork Cupcake from the Bourbon Steak Lounge
The Daily What
Alkmaar Cheese Market Sculpture at Madurodam
Alkmaar Cheese Market Sculpture at Madurodam
Buttermilk Parmesan & Asiago Potatoes. Heaven in a dish.
Buttermilk Parmesan & Asiago Potatoes. Heaven in a dish.
Casa Marzu  a Sardinian cheese.
Casa Marzu, a Sardinian cheese.
A serving of Buttermilk Parmesan & Asiago Potatoes.
A serving of Buttermilk Parmesan & Asiago Potatoes.

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