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Chechnya News

Russia opposition demands Chechen leader probe over 'sniper' video

Moscow - A Russian opposition party on Wednesday demanded a formal investigation into Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov after he posted a video of its leader in the cross hairs of a sniper scope.

Chechnya holds mass rally in support of pro-Kremlin leader

Grozny - Tens of thousands of people on Friday staged a state-sponsored rally in the Chechen capital Grozny in support of strongman Ramzan Kadyrov, days after he caused a furore by vowing to destroy critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Chechnya leader calls for war on Putin's critics

Moscow - The strongman leader of Russia's Chechnya region, Ramzan Kadyrov, on Tuesday threatened to eradicate "enemy" opposition in Russia, raising more concerns about the fate of Kremlin critics and independent media in the country.

IS executioner of Chechen 'spy' was Russian: Kadyrov

Moscow - The jihadist who beheaded a Chechen man in an Islamic State video is an ethnic Russian from a far northern city, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said Friday.

Op-Ed: Russia in Syria — Good or bad news for the West?

Sydney - The Russian buildup in Syria has led to the first new tactical development in the Assad regime’s military posture. The move from a defensive continuous fire approach to an actual attack has taken years. The question is whether it’ll work.

In Syria, Russia chasing Chechens once again

Moscow - While Russian President Vladimir Putin's air campaign in Syria may have other aims, one result seems to be that it is hitting Islamists from Russia's Caucasus, say analysts.

Russia puts Ukrainians on trial for Chechnya killings

Moscow - Two Ukrainians went on trial in Russia on Tuesday accused of murdering dozens of Russian soldiers in Chechnya in the 1990s while fighting with separatists in a nationalist hit squad.

Daughter of slain Kremlin critic Nemtsov wants Chechen leader grilled

Moscow - The daughter of slain Russian opposition politician Boris Netmsov has filed a complaint over investigators' refusal to question Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov over her father's murder, her lawyer said on Wednesday.

ISIS recruiters get 'Catfished' by three women for travel money

Three young women in Chechnya are now under investigation, not for trying to join ISIS, but for swindling them out of money. You read it right, the girls wanted some vacation cash and the ISIS recruiters fell for their pleas, hook, line, and sinker.

Belgium charges two linked to Syria jihadist recruitment

Brussels - Belgian authorities on Monday charged two people in connection with a probe into a Chechen extremist group suspected of seeking to recruit jihadists to fight in Syria, federal prosecutors said.

Masked attackers raid rights group's office in Chechnya

Moscow - Masked attackers ransacked the offices of one of the last rights groups active in Russia's Chechnya region on Wednesday as crowds of pro-government demonstrators looked on, activists said.

Chechnya leader gives 'shoot to kill' orders on Russian forces

Moscow - Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov on Thursday ordered his troops to "shoot to kill" if they encountered any unauthorised Russian forces on the territory of the small republic in the volatile North Caucasus region.

Huge anti-Charlie Hebdo rally in Chechnya as global protests rumble on

Grozny - The furious backlash against French magazine Charlie Hebdo's cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed rumbled on Monday with a huge rally in Chechnya, Afghan protesters burning the French flag and Gazans levelling threats against France.

Chechen president offers 'special regiment' to defend Russia

Moscow - Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov on Sunday proposed the creation of a "special regiment" made up from Chechnya's armed forces to help defend Russia from Western aggression.

Attackers torch rights group's office in Chechen capital

Moscow - Members at one of the last human rights groups active in Chechnya said Sunday that their office has been torched after they criticised the Kremlin-installed Chechen leader for calling for collective punishment against families of Islamist insurgents.

Chechnya homes torched after call to punish Islamists

Moscow - Several houses have been torched in Chechnya after the Russian province's leader called for relatives of Islamist insurgents to be punished in the wake of a bloody attack in the capital Grozny, rights activists said Tuesday.

Chechen rebels kill 10 police in brazen raid on Grozny

Grozny - Fighting between heavily-armed Islamists and police in the centre of Chechnya's capital Grozny on Thursday left 19 dead and many injured, the second attack since October, officials said.

Trial of accused marathon bomber could be moved from Boston

Boston - Wednesday's deadline for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to seek a new location for his trial passed without any apparent further efforts to move the case.

Op-Ed: US weapons finding their way into the wrong hands

After being denied a war by popular opinion and being outmaneuvered by Russia, the US began supplying arms and equipment to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) amid protests that those weapons might fall into the wrong hands; namely, those of US enemies.

Boston bombings: Pro-Tsarnaev posters displayed in Chechnya

Grozny - The face of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov dominates Grozny as his image is displayed on billboards across the city. Now another image is added to the city as posters of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have appeared, declaring his innocence.

Op-Ed: The Boston bombing and the unsettled state of mind

In the statements made to the press by Ruslan Tsarni, uncle of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, an important truth was revealed on the nature of the unsettled.

Czech Ambassador stresses Czech Republic is not Chechnya

A sudden interest in the Chechen Republic, coupled with geographical ineptness, has resulted in confusion between the Czech Republic and Chechyna on social media sites.

Livestream: Boston bombers 2 brothers 'from Russian region near Chechnya'

Boston - Police in Boston say one of the suspects in Monday's Boston Marathon bombings identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev has died in custody. His younger brother Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, remains at large after a shoot-out with the police

One suspect dead, another still on the loose in Boston manhunt

Boston - One of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings is still on the loose, causing the Watertown-Boston area to be on a lockdown following a carjacking and firefight with police.

Op-Ed: The terror enigma — Gauging the threat to the 2012 Olympic Games

London - A timely analysis on the terrorist threat and the security challenges it currently poses to the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games.

When does Russian diplomacy reach Old Model expiry date?

Sydney - When Bismarck was told that a Russian diplomat had died, he said, “Really? I wonder what his motive was?”, or words to that effect. Modern Russian diplomacy, particularly over Syria, hasn’t become any more transparent.

Fossilized 'dinosaur eggs' excavated in Chechnya?

Locals in Russia's Republic of Chechnya are excited that 'dinosaur eggs' have been discovered, but scientists remain doubtful.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov plans to leave politics

Ramzan Kadyrov, president of Chechnya, has revealed that he plans to stand down from politics once he has fulfilled his task. He stated that he has no ambition to run for higher office, but would prefer to spend more time with his family.

Actress Hilary Swank apologizes over Chechnya appearance

Two-time Academy Award winning actress Hilary Swank has apologized for taking part in the Oct. 5 birthday celebration of Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Chechen poet Ruslan Akhtakhanov murdered in Moscow

Moscow - The murder of a poet in Moscow has been described by police as a contract killing. Ruslan Akhtakhanov, a well known Chechen anti-separatist, was murdered in cold blood.
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Smoke rises from the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon after two bombs exploded  killing three...
Smoke rises from the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon after two bombs exploded, killing three and injuring more than 250 people.
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Ramzan Kadyrov
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