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AI can now catch 90 percent of essay paper cheats

If you are ever tempted to cheat on a written exam or a submitted assignment, then be careful. New research shows that artificial intelligence is now 90 percent certain to nab you.

Former Cardinals chief scout sentenced to nearly four years

One of the strangest baseball stories in recent memory is coming to a close. Former director of scouting for the St. Louis Cardinals, Christopher Correa, has been sentenced to almost four years in prison.

Hackers upload 20GB more Ashley Madison data, possibly CEO emails

Hackers have released another massive swathe of data gathered from the servers of cheating site The group, known as Impact Team, have followed 9.7GB of customer records with a 20GB data dump that may include emails to CEO Noel Biderman.

ASU professor brings back spotlight on plagiarism

Author and educator Matthew Whitaker is once again accused of plagiarizing. Technology is making plagiarism easier to catch and easier to commit.

India police arrest 1,000 over fresh exam cheating scandal

New Delhi - Police in eastern India have arrested around 1,000 aspiring constables for using "middlemen" to sit their exams for them, in the latest cheating scandal to hit Bihar state, an official said Monday.

Fears of Apple Watch prompt universities to ban watches in exams

A number of British universities have announced that they will be banning all watches from examination halls amid fears of possible cheating once smartwatches come into popularity, expected with the release of the Apple Watch next month.

Survey: Born-again Christians love website for affairs

The site Ashley Madison created a survey to find a connection between religion and cheating. They were not let down by the results.

Scorned wife exposes the mistresses of cheating husbands online

Baltimore - From her suburban Baltimore home a scorned wife uses her website to expose the other women in affairs, saying she's helping jilted wives get revenge.

Video: Lamar Odom freestyle raps, hints at cheating on Khloe

A video has been released of NBA star Lamar Odom and a friend freestyle rapping about various topics such as racial inequality, Bible scripture -- and Lamar admits to cheating on his wife, Khloe Kardashian.

Study: Students who cheat more likely to want government jobs

Bangalore - A new study released by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that people who cheat are more likely to want government jobs.

Snooker player Stephen Lee found guilty of match-fixing

Stephen Lee, the former world number five snooker player, has been found guilty of match fixing by an independent sports resolution tribunal.

Kat Von D Tweets relationship with partner is over

Tattoo artist, Kat Von D, 31, and Joel Zimmerman, known as DJ Deadmau5, 32, will not be getting married, as they both have confirmed this.

Op-Ed: Man gets caught cheating and decides to escape through the window

A man gets caught cheating with another man's wife in Brazil. Instead of facing the consequences, he decides to leave, but not by using the front door of the apartment.

Pat Robertson: Is your husband cheating? Well, he's a man (video)

Pat Robertson has advice for women whose husbands are cheating, "Well, he's a man." According to Robertson men have an inborn tendency to be unfaithful so women should learn to live with it, honor their husbands and be grateful they live in America.

Op-Ed: The Lance Armstrong Joke Book

Lance Armstrong was once a prize winning athlete, now he is the butt of risqué jokes, and his inspiring life story? You can't give it away.

Men who cheat on wives are more likely to die during sex

Florence - A study at the University of Florence says that "sudden coital death" is more likely to occur in older married men who, instead of routine sex with their spouses in familiar environment, cheat on their wives with younger women in unfamiliar surroundings.

Dad sues school after son caught cheating

A California father is suing a local school district after his son was caught cheating in an English class. The lawsuit, which was filed April 18 in San Mateo Superior Court, states that the student's right to due process was violated.

Kat Von D alleges Jesse James cheated on her with 19 women

Celebrity tattoo artist and reality TV star, Kat Von D, has made recent allegations that her ex-fiance, Jesse James, cheated on her with 19 different women over the course of their 1 year relationship.

Op-Ed: Cheating just ain't cricket

London - Two leading Pakistani cricketers have been convicted of cheating. They will be sentenced tomorrow, and can expect anything up to three years imprisonment, perhaps more.

Dan Savage: Monogamy destroys more families than it saves

In an interview in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, advice columnist Dan Savage discusses how monogamy is crippling some marriages, saying infidelity could actually save struggling relationships.

Study: Sexting is cheating

Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner brought sexting into a whole new light recently. A new study finds the practice of sending sexual texts or photos over the Internet a tool for those who want to cheat.

Adulterous Chilean miner offered $100,000 by

Santiago - Yonni Barrios, one of the trapped Chilean miners, wanted both his wife of 28 years and his mistress to be at the site when he was rescued., a website for cheating, is now offering Barrios $100,000 to promote infidelity.

German couple injured after falling from window while having sex

A couple having sex in their second floor flat were injured when they fell from the window. The couple ended up naked on the pavement below.

Developed countries accused of 'carbon cheating'

Some developed countries, including Russia, Australia, and Canada, are seeking new rules under the UN Climate Convention that some say would allow them to gain credit for "business as usual."

Op-Ed: Larry should be king, in control, not his genes

A famous man, Larry King this time, is accused in the press of cheating and the talk starts that it is simply in his nature; He's a man!

UK law firm says Facebook involved in 20% of divorce cases

As a global social network, Facebook is designed to bring people together. More recently, however, it's tearing couples apart. Suspicious spouses are now using the website to find evidence of cheating which can sometimes lead to divorce.

'Tiger's Wood' porn movie mockery already in production

With the announcement of Tiger Woods' reprieve from professional golf in the wake of revelations that he had numerous mistresses, the pornography industry could not resist the temptation for a parody.

Ashley Madison Founder Argues for Extramarital Affairs Special

A Toronto man claims infidelity can save marriages. His concept of "married dating" is at the core of his new book Cheaters Prosper.

Young Nepali girls are sold as 'brides' to aged Koreans

In Nepal, some marriage bureaus are running their unscrupulous business of cheating young girls after luring them for wedding smart and good-looking Korean men, only to discover later that they have been sold to some old fellows.

UK Couple Divorce After Husband's Virtual Love Affair

A woman divorced her husband after finding his avatar engaged in online sex in the game "Second Life." She spied on him with a virtual detective and caught him in the act.
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Screenshot of the Ashley Madison website on 20/08/2015 as hackers uploaded another 20GB of stolen da...
Screenshot of the Ashley Madison website on 20/08/2015 as hackers uploaded another 20GB of stolen data
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