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Outspoken Hong Kong cardinal warns Vatican will 'abandon' Taiwan

Fpo - Hong Kong's firebrand Cardinal Joseph Zen warned Wednesday the Vatican would abandon official ties with Taiwan after sealing a historic accord with China.

Albanian Communist era martyrs beatified

Shkod - Thousands of people gathered on Saturday to celebrate the beatification of 38 Catholics executed or tortured to death in Albania under the regime of communist dictator Enver Hoxha.

Albanian martyrs of Communist era to be beatified

Shkodra - They were tortured to death, fatally strung up by their feet, shot or thrown into quicksand.

Albanian martyrs of Communist era to be beatified

Shkodra - They were tortured to death, strung up by their feet, shot or thrown into quicksand.

Catholic church helps kill California 'right-to-die' bill

Sacramento - Facing fierce opposition from the Catholic church and other religious groups, California lawmakers have abandoned a bill that would have allowed terminally ill patients to legally end their own lives.

Albania's lesson in Muslim-Christian tolerance

- Perched up an Albanian mountain, the mediaeval church of St Nicolas was rebuilt from a crumbling ruin with help from local Muslims after the fall of communism, a symbol of the religious tolerance Pope Francis will be celebrating here on Sunday.

S. Korea: Catholicism's unlikely Asian pillar

Seoul - When Pope Francis visits South Korea this week, he will find a thriving Catholic community with a social and political influence that belies its minority status in one of Christianity's most muscular Asian strongholds.

Op-Ed: Pope John Paul II's canonization and rainbows that circle the sun

Pope Francis has declared Pope John Paul II a Roman Catholic Saint. Having been a local witness to this event, I recalled seeing Pope John Paul II in action when I was a youth participant of the 1993 8th World Youth Day in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Christian anti-nuclear activists sentenced to years behind bars

Knoxville - Three Christian activists, including an elderly nun, arrested for breaking into a US nuclear weapons base in an act of civil disobedience have been sentenced to between three and five years behind bars.

Op-Ed: Jews, Protestants, and Pope Francis

New York - Positions, utterances, and behaviors by religious leaders about other religions are more important than most people think.

Op-Ed: Farewell to Pontiff — U.S. Bishop share his respects

A Pontiff excuses himself from the most revered post in the world drawing questions and speculations while the search for a successor draws candidates from around.

Protesting Pope Benedict XVI, Catholics become 'Un-Catholics'

In response to the message about the gay community made by Pope Benedict XVI at the annual Christmas address, Catholics in the Netherlands are becoming "Un-Catholic."

Muslims & Catholics work hand-in-hand for a local food drive

London - In London - Ontario, Canada, members of both the Catholic and Muslim faiths gathered together for a food drive to help the needy during the holiday season.

Faithful flock to 'Virgin Mary' stain in Malaysia hospital window

Kuala Lumpur - Hundreds of Catholics have flocked to a Malaysian hospital where the faithful claim they can see an image of the Virgin Mary in a window stain.

Catholics treated to steamy Durex ad before live mass on webcam

Dumbarton - Parishioners at a Catholic congregation, St Patrick's, Dumbarton, logged onto the church's webcam expecting to watch a live mass, but instead they were treated to a steamy Durex ad showing couples having hot sex powered by "pleasure enhancing" Durex gel.

Pew: GOP will rally around its nominee

While Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney continue to be political punching bags, a new Pew Research report indicate most people, who consider themselves a member of the GOP, would vote for Romney, if he becomes the nominee.

Christianity is world's largest religion, says Pew Forum survey

Christianity is the world's largest religion, so says a new Pew Forum Survey called "Global Christianity." According to the survey, about half of all the world's Christians are Catholics, with Protestants accounting for 37%, and Orthodox Christians 12%.

Heirs to the British throne may now marry Roman Catholics

London - This should be good news for Catholic spinsters and bachelors. Yesterday, Prime Minister David Cameron proposed reforms which include lifting of a 300-year-old ban on heirs to the British throne marrying Catholics.

Catholics hit art exhibit featuring blasphemous images of Christ

Leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines are protesting an art exhibit by a group of artists which features supposedly "blasphemous" Jesus Christ images at the state-run Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)

Lawsuit against National Day of Prayer dismissed

Chicago - A US Court of Appeals has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation that challenged the annual Presidential proclamation of a National Day of Prayer saying "a feeling of alienation cannot suffice as injury."

Ad featuring gay priest banned in case it offends Catholics

The UK’s advertising watchdog has banned an ad showing two male priests about to kiss, on the grounds that it might offend Catholics. The ad had received only a handful of complaints.

Child abuse: Catholics in UK condemn senior cardinal’s comments

A senior Vatican cardinal’s claim that homosexuality and child sex abuse are connected has met with a firm rebuttal by the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Catholic man beaten to death by Protestant gang

A Catholic community worker was allegedly beaten to death by members of the Ulster Defense Association (UDA). They also attacked his Protestant wife and a pregnant neighbor when they tried to protect him.

The Real IRA threatens Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness

After their recent attack on a British Army post in Northern Ireland, the Real IRA has threatened to kill Martin McGuinness. The group has warned catholics to leave the Police Service of Northern Ireland. London has also been told to expect more attacks.

Cardinal calls Obama invitation an 'extreme embarrassment'

A Catholic leader is upset with the University of Notre Dame, a Catholic institution, for inviting President Barack Obama to speak at the commencement in May.

Catholics & Muslims Create 'Faith Force' To Combat Religious Violence

On an interesting note, leaders representing both the Catholic and the Muslim faith are banding together. They are joining forces to fight those that use God’s name to commit acts of violence.

If You Voted For Obama, You Must Do Penance, Says Catholic Priest

According to Catholic Priest Reverend Jay Scott Newman, those that voted for Democratic nominee Barack Obama of Illinois must do penance before taking Holy Communion.

The Love Guru Is Not Making Fans with Some Religious Groups

The latest movie, The Love Guru out by Mike Myers isn't making friends within the Hindu nor the Catholic community. Two groups have boycott campaigns ongoing.

American Catholic Sex Abuse Extends To Prisons

In the midst of the sexual abuse scandals within the American Catholic clergy, the magnitude of it all has extended towards the US prison system.

Victims of Sex Abuse By Clergy Meet With Pope Benedict XVI

In addressing American Catholic bishops in regards to the sex scandals in the clergy, Pope Benedict XVI had met with those who have been victimized by sexual abuse at the hands of the clergy.
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